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48000. Galvanizing ash or flux contamination of work
48002. Titanium Racks for small parts
48004. Aluminium-tin electroplating on copper base alloy bonded with steel strip
48007. How smooth before chrome, how much must be finished?
48009. Tests for adhesion of galvanizing
48016. How to make metal polish
48017. Electroplating silver onto copper
48018. "Microns" -- what about it?
48019. Hard chromium on brass
48020. Hot-dip aluminisation
48023. Copper contamination in domestic rainwater collection system
48024. Floor wax and acid wash marks
48025. Corrugated roofing as interior garage wall covering
48027. Recovering scrap gold and platinum plated tweezers
48029. Fixing crater problem in paint due to defoamer
48030. Stainless steel coloring
48031. Heat Treat Differences between MIL-C-26074C and Subsequent Revisions
48032. Nickel anodes for Nickel free plating?
48033. Problem in cyanide zinc plating
48034. Type 3 Anodizing for 6061-T6 Automotive Wheels?
48036. Sludge in phosphating line (difference between of galvanized sheet and normal sheet)
48042. Stainless steel and aluminium
48043. Fan nozzles versus cone for resist stripper
48044. Removal of copper plating from zinc and/or lead
48045. Pinholes in powdercoating
48046. Problems in welding galvanneal
48047. Worse adhesion of EN after chemical polishing C75 (high carbon steel)
48048. Can't get mirror finish on hard chrome for dies used in manufacture of toys
48049. Watermarks (line) on plated components
48052. Can stainless steel be chrome plated in a high quality manner?
48053. Passivate stainless medical instruments before or after TiN coatings?
48054. Cleaning Nickel Silver Tubing
48055. What is the difference between anodizing and e-coating?
48057. Zinc plated passivated and sealed zinc oundry parts
48061. Is carbon plate used for cathodes a special type?
48062. Molybdate
48068. How to catalyze electroless nickel plating on copper substrate
48069. HS Art Teacher needs bronze casting help
48071. Where to get spec Mil-A-6375A?
48072. Chromic anodise analysis problem
48073. Cost of Recalibration of Standards Is Killing Me!
48074. Hard chrome plating problems
48075. Rusty found on SS 420 material with Heat Treatment
48076. Stainless steel vs. Zinc plated
48081. Vinegar+bleach+salt to Pit Pennies Rapidly
48082. Can a Fishing Reel be bronzed like baby shoes?
48084. Multi-million dollar vintage autos raw metal finishes
48085. Cyanide spot-test reagents
48087. Gold plating of aluminum advice needed
48088. Must we do MPI/FPI on surface treated fasteners?
48097. Any difference between Dichromate and Trichromate?
48098. Compatibility of sulphonic acid with plastic and FRP
48099. Post treatment for electroless nickel
48100. Concentration and temperatures?
48101. How to clean rustiness from carbon steel pipes of gas turbine?
48103. Removing epoxy paint from clear acrylic plastic?
48104. Selecting strainer material and teflon coating of it
48105. Recommendations for Corrosion-Resistant plating on Case Hardened Parts?
48107. Oversize bores after pickling
48108. Removal of white layer of a silver plated object
48109. Difficulty Electropolishing 17-4 SS parts
48112. How to finish carbon fiber?
48113. Hot blueing products and equipment
48114. Heat treatment scaling problem
48115. How to remove hard chrome stains from hands and arms?
48116. Testing of powder coated CRCA strip
48118. Failure modes of chrome plated wheel corrosion: Peeling? White Rust? Red Rust?
48119. Usage of SS316 material in purified water distribution loop
48120. Galvanized -vs- Stainless
48122. Project on which nail is more resistant to rust
48123. How can mild steel be electroplated by copper
48124. Coastal oxidizing on galvanised painted surface
48125. Restoring an enameled cast iron stove top surface (porcelain?)
48126. Powder coating pigment problems
48127. Chromium Free Pretreat For Polymers
48136. Electroplating and Voltage
48138. Refurbishing porcelain panels
48139. Extracting gold from decorative ceramic plates
48140. Aluminum tubing on whitewater raft stains clothes
48141. Zinc green RoHS compliant
48142. HCl Acid Fume Production in Pickle Line
48143. Why pH of drinking water remains 7 after demineralizing?
48144. How to neutralize the waste sludge from cleaning chrome plating tank
48145. Testing virgin ferric chloride etching grade
48147. Explain the relationship between coating thickness and gloss on powder coated parts
48149. Blistering of silver plating caused by lapping process- 6061 base metal/100-200 microinch electroless nickel/100-200 ui silver
48150. Problems with Color of Hardcoat Anodize
48151. Coating on Jig Racks
48152. Etching stainless tubing to reduce wall thickness
48153. Non conductive coating for screw heads
48154. What can I do with 9 lbs of old Silver Nitrate
48155. Baking Confusion regarding Yellow Zinc Plating
48156. Specific gravity - powder coating
48157. Cracked hard chrome
48158. Why black anodized aluminum would turn gold from sun exposure
48161. Hard chromium plating is gray and rough
48164. Anodizing causes pitting?
48166. Electroplating to simulate aged (sunken ship) metal
48167. Kettle height above floor level
48168. Pot Metal Nightmares!
48169. Non-chrome pretreatment for aluminium
48174. What metal would be best for electroplating with copper?
48175. copper sulphate and vinegar
48176. Brass plating over die-cast zinc
48177. Chrome flaking off nickel
48179. What to do with the Body
48180. Paint for galvanized scuba tanks
48184. Painting 24 gallon above deck aluminum fuel tank
48185. Two Dimensional Steel Bluing
48186. How to get gold and copper out of computer parts?
48187. Aluminum in rinse water
48188. Blackening steel for shopfitting items
48189. How to differentiate between galvanized steel and the usual cold rolled after powder painting?
48190. Post Problems in Zinc Plated Components
48194. About screen pretreatment
48197. A difficult sentence
48198. Is it possible to galvanize a Plastic Frisbee?
48199. Scratches on oven dial panel of Kenmore oven range
48205. Solderability of Galvannealed Steel
48207. Need assistance finding an effect reagent or other methods of detection of potential contaminants.
48211. I need a chemical reason...
48213. Titanium anodize thickness
48214. Heat of reaction: Hess's Law
48215. Fluxes for traditional tinning (wipe tinning)
48216. New copper main line
48217. Readying antique copper door plates for oil rubbed bronze finish
48221. What is the difference between MIL-C-5541E and MIL-DTL-541F?
48223. E/C Question about the need for using a Thermo Incinerator
48224. Tin plate or Lead-Tin plate
48226. Blistering of Silver Plating
48229. Electroless Nickel Plating for Go/NoGo Gauge
48231. Separating silver nitrate from iron and sulfur
48232. Electroplating
48234. An acid free pickling solution
48236. Painting aluminum boat
48237. Finishing small metal sculptures
48238. ROHS compliance insisting on trivalent
48239. Olive green passivation as substitute to yellow passivation
48241. Poly-ond vs. Armoloy
48244. How may I soften stainless steel
48245. How toxic is chrome
48246. How do I paint my metal roof
48247. How to Tarnish Brass
48249. Flooring in Pickle Area
48251. Rust in Threaded Holes Caused By Zinc Plating Process
48252. White hazy finish after descaling Titanium
48256. Hexavalent / Trivalent coatings
48263. Zinc Mat Coating
48264. Choosing the right powder coating gun
48265. How to repair the coating of hard anodization per MIL-A-8625 type III class 1?
48269. It's "Clear" It's all I can hope for
48270. Orange peel on second coat applications during powder coat process
48271. How do I electroplate items at home?
48272. How to demagnetise 410 stainless steel?
48273. sulfuric Acid Regeneration
48274. What is the perfect instrument to measure exact micron tin plating over brass
48275. Niquel wood a tambor
48276. Rinsing time before electroplating
48277. Acid copper
48280. Sealing leaky rivets in aluminum boat
48281. Plating zinc die casting without copper cyanide strike.
48286. Micro positive features on Au plated surface
48289. Are there "Mini Clean Room" Spray Booths?
48290. Can control panel problems be attributed to powder finish?
48292. Brazing sheet metal formed as a bell.
48293. Problems with grinding thin wall hard chromed parts.
48295. Passive film formation and passivation
48298. Aluminum cleaner hazed up my polished engine
48299. Stainless Steel Cookware for induction cooking?
48300. Coloring galvanized water taps
48301. Why my silver bracelet does not tarnish?
48302. Do transparent, electrically conductive plastics exist?
48303. Buffed brass has silver colored areas
48304. What type of paint will cover a zinc plated rack
48305. Removing oxidation from a copper lantern
48306. Lead paint-coated wrought iron fence
48307. Copper Patina Finish, but NOT Green Finish
48308. Water borne paint spraying - electrostatic?
48309. Color matching powder to paint
48311. Electroform defect on nickel sulfamate
48312. Removal of Organic contaminants from activated carbon powder
48313. Skipping Phosphatizing Process for Aluminum Painting
48314. Cadmium plated CRES vs passivated CRES
48318. FDA aluminum coating for caustic wash-down
48324. Titration Chemicals for Copper Electroforming Bath
48326. Anodized Aluminum colored black electrolytically and hot sealed
48327. citric acid passivation gel?
48328. Does camphor *really* prevent rust?
48332. Where can you find Japanese Urushi lacquers?
48333. Lead Cathodes vs ELV/RoHS
48334. Purpose of Topcoat?
48339. De-nickeling from dead weights
48340. Distortion of Geometrical Dimension at Nitriding Process
48341. What can be done with nickel phonograph matrix masters
48342. Nickel plating not bright enough
48343. Can shotblast magnetize steel?
48350. Does Acid/Alkalinity exposure to galvanized surface simulate flooding exposure?
48351. Etching Titanium with Hydrofluoric Acid
48352. I am getting cracks in the clear coat in my aluminum rims and they are corroding under it
48353. Resin regeneration
48354. H measurement techniques
48358. Coating Alternatives to Reduce Sharp Edges for Automotive Interior Stampings
48363. Selling Excess Chemicals?
48364. Need to find Hawes Lemon Oil being sold in my area, Windsor Ontario Canada.
48365. Dissolved Ni Removal
48367. Trivalent chrome plating
48368. Engineering hard anodizing of welded assembly
48370. Commercial coating for 2024 aluminium fasteners
48371. Re-dyeing Laser Marked Anodized Areas
48372. Effect of sulfur oxide on MIL-C-5541, class 3 conversion coating
48374. How to polish 3/4" plates economically
48378. Silver plating on nickel
48380. What is "carbon cost" of bronze?
48381. How to maintain the pH of water in industry?
48383. Bowing of thin aluminum roll formed parts during the e-coat process before the ovens
48385. Galvanizing is powdering off of part
48386. EN plating on zinc diecast part without copper flash
48387. Passivating NiTi for a medical implant
48389. When to stop pickling?
48390. Citric Passivation of 440C stainless steel
48391. Compatibility of aluminum and galvanized steel
48392. Plating/Coating for impact/corrosion resistance on small metal part
48395. Hard Coat Thickness of .03"
48396. Fuzzy Copper Electroforming
48397. Surface treatment details required: PH AU MN/HE
48398. Exceeding TKN limits
48400. Welding Materials (Welding Rods) that are incompatible for Anodizing
48404. !Urgent ! I need expert chemist advice, please, not much time left!
48405. Electricity from water
48409. Effects of oxidation of silver for conductivity
48412. Looking to either chrome, anodize or other for aluminum
48413. To remove ferric ammonium ferrocyanide from wastewater
48414. Compatibility of Deionized Water and Aluminum
48416. Best product to strip Nickel from Copper
48417. Al coating, application advise and life cycle prediction
48418. Black hardware solutions?
48419. Anodizing questions I need to ask
48423. De-lacquering new hardware
48425. Difference SS304 and SS17-4ph
48427. Chrome Plating -- how to determine required thickness
48428. Strange formation of zinc ash on galvanizing bath and in recycling unit
48429. PVD Coating of Nickel Nitride
48430. "Worming" in chrome plated ABS - likely causes?
48431. Trivalent chromium(TriMacIII Supplied by Macdermid) give the parts a uneven color----Yellow somewhere
48433. Formulation Required about the Zinc Phosphate for MS
48434. Corrosion resistance : passivation vs electropolishing
48436. Metal on Metal - Zinc Phosphate
48437. Metal Choice and Coating and for short outdoor durability
48445. Nickel electroplating on Copper electrode in a nickel sulfamate + boric acid heat bath
48447. Corroding Chrome Wheels on a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
48449. Specification Needed
48450. What equipment can analyze plating solution?
48451. Problems of painting on aluminium gravity die cast items
48452. Problem occurring in silver plating
48454. Anodize tank cathodes gassing
48460. Formation of manganese oxides
48462. Sulfuric acid fume control standards
48463. Marble or wood finish powder coating
48464. Welding pin holes
48465. Ni-Plating Compatible Aluminum Die-Casting Alloys
48466. Henkel Spectrocolor
48467. Silane primer or phosphating as an alternative to grit blasting?
48468. Machining range for 3.2 Ra
48469. Blade corrosion when the aluminum spacer between two blades(stainless steel )
48473. Need product to remove light oxidation from anodized aluminum
48474. Testing of FRP Tank
48476. Show Quality Chrome Specs
48477. Anodize Dye Releases After Bake
48478. I need high quality colored titanium
48479. Compatibility of stainless steel with zinc nickel plating
48482. Nickel plating on brass train models -- restoration
48483. How to turn sandblasted copper sculpture orange again?
48487. How can rust be avoided after Ni-Cd plating process?
48488. General purpose specification to replace ASTM B633
48489. Pitting problems with 316L SST parts for filtering chloride solutions
48491. Is Hydrogen Embrittlement a Concern in Mild Steel
48495. Alkaline zinc plating
48497. 316L stainless steel is rusting in boiling water
48498. Stainless steel grading device
48501. Can I clear coat over bare aluminum?
48505. Spotting on the nickel tank
48506. Road rash on front bumper
48512. Surface preparation of stainless steel before painting
48513. How does one stop plating on a part/portion of an ABS enclosure?
48514. HELP! Satin nickel finish doesn't match what we did last year
48515. Passivated parts came back melted
48519. Cooling Coils for Acid Tin Bath
48520. Recycling used aluminium printing sheets
48521. Is Cathode-only plating possible for metal recovery
48522. What is the best metal to do a cell for electrolysis
48523. Test method for gluconate in caustic etch baths
48524. Powder Coating - fail impact test (160 in-lbs) and Salt Fog Test 500 hrs
48525. Additional test failed of powder coating zinc-plated material
48526. Disposal of galvanizing flux
48527. Spots, pinpoints and blackish color in nickel plating
48528. Establishing maintenance schedules for de-rouging and passivation
48530. Zinc phosphating - Process flow, requirements and specification
48531. Getting etching marks in my electropolished SS pipes
48532. Matte black hard coating
48534. White Copper Jewelry
48535. Getting galvanize to look rustic
48537. Refinish Vintage Tanker Desk - Exposed Metal - Polish, Burnish, Wax, or Clear Coat?
48538. Teflon Coated Blots versus Lubricant
48539. Discoloration on clear coat anodizing after shelving a while
48540. How to prevent mirror polished steel from scratch?
48543. Seeking very slow wet etching of Ti
48544. Alternative to Chemical Milling
48545. Want to refinish rifle, but not let chemicals into the barrel
48546. Painting plexiglass translucently
48548. Testing for Fluoboric Acid in Pickle Using Phenolphthalein Indicator
48551. Colorfastness Issues with Red Anodized Aluminum Flashlight Bodies
48552. Painting metal trim on shower door
48554. Plating on Titanium
48556. Removing rust from cast iron toy elephant
48557. Treatments for firearm slides
48558. Calcium aluminum treatment
48559. EN Plating, and choosing 7075 vs 6061
48560. Using Alocrom aluminum in oil and gas industry platforms
48561. Laser etch coming off after nitric passivation
48564. Pt16 surface finish parameter conversion
48565. Stress relieve between stripping and cadmium plating?
48566. Cloudy and easily marred powder coated finish
48572. Restoration of the magnesium on 1934 race car
48574. Rust is appearing on the I.D. of parts after zinc rack plating
48577. What exactly is Nanoplating?
48581. Welding Cor ten Steel
48582. Stains in julep cups
48583. Slick proofing my jon boat
48584. Brittle brake washer after zinc plating
48588. Galvanizing A153 Class B-1 vs. B-2
48589. Nickel chemical plating
48591. Sticky finish on hard coated part
48595. How good is the PVD process for "chrome plating" wheels
48597. Contamination of flux
48598. Ni Plating thickness on Aluminum for solderability?
48599. Specs for adding a copper layer to chrome plating process?
48600. How can I dissolve zinc oxide in phosphoric acid?
48601. Insulation coating for CRCA steel
48603. Feasibility report in metal finishing
48604. Painting an old trailer
48605. Copper/Galvalume Roof
48606. Dock hardware; Galvanized or Stainless Steel?
48607. Exposure to silver
48610. Need corrosion resistant agent against heated inconel
48613. Poor covering power in zinc plating process
48614. Can Customer Prohibit Cyanide in Zinc Plating?
48615. White rust on zinc plated parts with a trivalent chromate seal
48616. Wear Resistance in Hard Chrome Plating
48617. Will Chem Film damage brass hardware
48619. Procedure for polishing aluminum wheels
48623. Coating palladium on black chromium for solar collectors
48624. Accidentally blackened the aluminum hub of stainless spoked wheels on 1981 BMW 750
48626. Zinc hurts welders, so what is the weld performance of organically sealed steel?
48627. PVD or other treatment to improve the scratch resistance of stainless steel
48628. What type of plating is best for wire bonding?
48629. Chlorinated cleaners are ruining ruin our customers' nickel-chrome fixtures
48630. Parameters for nitric acid passivation of piping by circulation
48631. Alternative process to chemical milling for aerospace
48635. Black Anodize IAW Mil-A-8625, Type ll, Class 2 .0002 Max Film Thickness
48636. Compatibility of Plastic, Resin and Rodine
48639. Artist's paints won't adhere to prepainted metal
48640. Electroplating Cr / Sludge evaporation / Cr emissions?
48641. Hexavalent nickel chrome plating peel off on SS 409
48642. Anodized aluminum vs. galvanized steel for Asbury Park Boardwalk
48645. Cleaning polished steel curio cabinet
48646. Nickel sulphate Calculation Problems
48648. Any ways of de-waxing other than trichlorethylene?
48652. Plating zinc onto stainless steel?
48653. The effects of cyanide, specifically on the organelles
48656. What is difference between Zeolite and Resin?
48660. How to dye stainless steel
48661. Does chlorine from insulation attack stainless steel at 450 C?
48663. Copper recovery from scrap
48664. Chromating on aluminum - mil spec - must we do paint test, if we don't paint?
48668. How to restore finish on turn of century black cast iron drafting table base
48671. Material of Construction for Passivate Tank
48673. Trivalent vs Hexavalent passivation
48674. Tell me about Blackodising Process
48675. Black anodized aluminum discoloration at high temperatures
48677. Where to buy galvanized tin rolls
48678. Best Suited Non-electric Heater for Galvanising
48681. Electro etching lead foil
48684. Tanker Desk and Vintage Office Furniture - Polished Exposed Steel?
48687. Jeweler's rhodium plating starts coming out black?
48688. Bronze artist wants a rich black patina
48691. What is the color and finish of hot dip galvanising as per Standards
48693. Effect of high conc. of aluminium sulphate in hardcoat bath
48694. How to achieve polished finish #7 on 316L stainless sheet?
48702. Can I electropolish my Delorean SS car body?
48703. Removing rust from sheet metal auto parts by immersion
48704. Artist can't achieve good green patina on Tiffany lamp shades?
48705. Want to make my own vibratory plating system
48706. Two-color anodizing by sandblasting
48707. DM water leaves black stain on aluminum machined jobs
48708. Analytical methods for measuring fluoride in water
48711. How to make nitric acid?
48712. What shower head won't rust or corrode quickly
48714. Accelerated test failures of plating on Zamak 3
48715. Ni-Cad coatings problems
48716. Grit blasting SA 2.5
48722. Etchant for Revealing Flowlines of Aluminum
48725. Coating of forming tooling
48728. How do flow rate, amp-hours and pH relate to the thickness of the Ni on a stamper?
48729. My GM dealer says the peeling chrome wheels on my G6 are MY FAULT!
48731. Stainless Steel 316L Discoloration
48732. Hydrogen de-embrittlement
48734. The effect on HDG of sulfur in the steel
48735. Electroless Cu Plating and Electrolytic Nickel Plating resistance
48736. Passivating stainless steel to prevent EN plating from depositing on it
48737. Salt Spray standard for Satin Nickel
48738. Jet Black Passivation turns brown
48739. Need Nickel free and Cobalt free anthracite black on copper
48740. Passivation of 304L stainless tank in the field.
48741. Passivate Titanium per ASTM F86-04
48742. Anyone heard of a process of converting Hex chrome to Tri chrome plating
48746. Bright tin plates well on aluminum, but not on copper
48747. Copper high temperature oxidation protection
48751. Iridium coating my helmet face shield
48752. Low temp. black oxide line setup
48756. Electroplated copper wipes off of nickel?
48760. Final Visual Finish After Sulfuric Anodize and Dichromate Seal Type 2, Class 1
48761. Zirconium in place of zinc phosphate for powder coat preparation?
48765. Dissolving nickel/chrome leaving stainless steel/brass unchanged
48766. Mint needs to remove magnetism from iron
48768. What is (Zinc) plating that is Hexavalent Chrome free
48769. Coating to protect concrete tank that contains Aluminium Sulphate or Poly Aluminium Chloride
48774. Nickel plate, blistering when chromed
48777. Chrome plating vs. plastic coating for supermarket shelving?
48780. Need help identifying finish on religious artifact
48783. Method of putting boric acid into nickel sulphamate bath
48786. Carbon smut problem before chrome plating
48787. Compressive stress in sulfamate Ni plating tank
48790. Optimal Chromate Bath Dip Time
48791. 10 mils Silver Plate
48792. Is there a good substitute for Chromic Anodizing?
48795. Powder coating and infra red curing time
48796. Silver plating on cobalt alloy
48797. Material displacement of roller burnish
48799. Difference between Electrostatic coating and E coating
48806. Porosity of Silver Plate over Nickel/Brass
48808. Choosing the right type of process for miniature bright nickel finishing
48809. Die banking and corrosion issues: Semiconductors
48811. What is the best finish for high-end high-relief decorative aluminum tiles (price/thickness control/availability)
48812. Use of sulfuric acid for pickling mild steel components
48814. DuPont 226s conversion coating does not turn golden on a 6061-T6 spar
48816. Etching a Mac laptop to personalise
48817. Chrome line life expectancy
48818. Can DM water be used in Cooling Towers?
48819. Need to do zinc plating inside the pipe, what process to follow?
48821. CFCs at upper atmosphere, where do carbon and fluorine atoms go?
48823. Painting cheap plastic kitchen sinks
48824. Is rhodium plated sterling silver ring good or not?
48826. Powder Coating Wood
48827. 7075 Al pitting problem
48830. Silver Plating PCB Tracks
48832. Ring Test for Wetter Content
48834. Etching 316L Stainless Steel
48839. How corrosion resistant is 304 for pond or lake water?
48840. Equipment for home vacuum metallizing?
48842. What do you use for chrome plated plastic materials?
48843. My 14kt yellow gold turned orange, did I get ripped?
48846. Stainless steel 316 vs. 304 testing?
48848. Cleaning steel prior to paint
48850. Taper Locks of mold cracked after chrome plating
48851. Plating Copper on Titanium
48852. Best Corrosion Protective Coating for Mild Steel Plate
48853. Want black nickel/chrome on Fish Hooks, jewelry like finish
48854. Decorative finishing of corrugated sheet metal panels
48859. Zinc roof fails in 18 months!
48860. Protective coating for aluminum exposed to high pressure oxygen
48862. Possible to gold flash then hard chrome?
48866. How to reach HRC38 for SS410
48867. Recovery of rhodium from waste rhodium plating equipment?
48869. Salt Spray Temperature and Pressure
48870. Titration phosphoric acid concentration and aluminum in phosphoric acid anodising
48871. Electroless nickel and dull nickel fail salt spray test
48872. Hard chromed calender rolls scratched in 30 minutes!
48873. To replace rhodium and use palladium instead?
48874. Nickel sulphamate plating is brittle and grows trees
48875. What equipment do we need for Chrome Plating plastic?
48878. Galvanic corrosion: aluminium fastened with galvanized steel bolts
48879. Re-enamelling a bathroom basin
48880. Why does Zn-Ni black plating becomes brownish
48882. Is 420 stainless steel equivalent to 18/10 stainless steel
48883. Need complete equipment for high security number plate for car and bike
48885. Where do I purchase or get De-Ionized Water?
48892. "Micro-Track" Miniature Lighting Apparatus electrical contact issues
48893. Bright Tin Thickness for Solder Parts
48894. Trying to eliminate chromate in zinc plating line
48895. Formulation for Bondal dip
48896. Scratches when polishing aluminium pots
48897. Bright, reflective, inexpensive and easily applied finish over copper?
48904. Plasma spray coatings
48905. How does zinc plate with chromate or bright chrome finish perform in hydrogen sulfide?
48907. Chromic anodizing and fatigue
48908. Chromic acid anodize ramp-up time
48909. Residues from Mechanical Polishing Hastelloy
48911. NEED HELP! another science project kid.
48912. Platinum plating for high voltage (~1000V) electrophoresis
48914. Setting up a small workshop chroming tank
48916. Treatment of electroless nickel waste
48917. Metal spray stripping via hydrochloric acid
48918. Need information on the silvering process for lacquer master recordings
48920. Setting up small e-coat line
48921. Spray and fuse of Colmonoy 5 ( a Ni-Cr-B composition) on 4130 HSLA steel
48922. Can we do Nickel Chrome Plating on Nylon GF (60%)
48923. Silver plating over silver inlay material
48924. Contamination of watts nickel system by fluoborate?
48926. Proper racking procedure for small springs
48928. Disposing the sealing solution
48929. Avoiding hydrogen embrittlement by non-aqueous plating
48930. Oil rig tools became copper plated!
48932. Racking large rings for sulfuric Acid Anodising
48934. Corrosion between anodized aluminium sheet and galvanised steel frame.
48937. Cyanide concentration in electroplating industries waste
48938. Clean black gunk from pitting on bowie knife
48939. Stripping copper from silver
48941. Brand New 12v / 100Amps Digital Rectifier is not working?
48943. Post baking E-Ni on Alum. for adhesion -per specifications
48947. Ultraseal vs Zinc Chromate
48952. Acid washing brick over brand new copper roofs
48953. Plastic wrap poisoning in microwaves
48954. Oil rubbed bronze look from pewter
48959. How does pH affect rust
48960. How to electropolish H13 steel
48963. Needing to know what CRONAK is?
48964. Testing requirement for BRUSH ON chemfilming per MIL C 5541
48966. How to lower sodium carbonate in alkaline zinc
48967. Color and Glossiness standards for decorative plating
48968. Minimum nickel electroplate thickness for bright finish
48969. We want our Hard Anodizing to be blacker
48971. Corrosion resistant, RoHS Compliant, Black Coating, Conductive
48975. Re dipping engraved ring
48977. High Temperature 316L Stainless Steel Deterioration Problem
48978. Plating Zinc Die-Cast without Copper
48979. Gold plating adhesion
48982. How to sell surplus Rhodium, other plating electrolytes and equipment?
48984. Grout removal problem
48985. Platinized anodes or stainless steel for cyanide plating?
48986. Effects of acid etching on different 2024 tempers
48987. Thinnest brown-black finish for bronze cymbals?
48991. Can gold be electro refined using iodine?
48993. Clear zinc plating develops brown stains with time!
48994. Duplex nickel passes STEP test but not salt spray test
48995. Aluminum pulleys seize on SS prop shafts at Mystic Aquarium
48996. Stripping hardcoat anodized coating on 6061-t6 aluminium

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