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Analytical methods for measuring fluoride in water

Q. Hi Chemists
Please tell me how we can measure fluoride in water with an analytical method, I mean I need a titration method for recognizing and for measuring fluoride in water; please help me.
best regard.
Omid D

Omid D
- Tehran, Iran
May 6, 2008

A. I doubt whether you will find an accurate titration method for determining fluoride in water. The concentration will be in parts per million (ppm) and will will be difficult to detect with any reasonable level of accuracy.

Depending on the concentration levels and the level of accuracy required there are plenty of test kits for water on the market which may be more suitable for you.

Brian Terry
Aerospace - Yeovil, Somerset, UK
May 8, 2008

Yes, fluoride can be estimated by titration method; titration with thorium nitrate method is also available.

Faiz Ur Rehamn
research - Faisalabad, Pakistan
January 21, 2011

Q. What about any analytical method such as electrochemistry or...?

Omid D [returning]
sharif - Tehran, IRAN
May 18, 2008

A. It comes down to what levels you are looking for and what sensitivity you require.

Try looking at something like A Textbook of Quantitative and Semi-quantitative Inorganic Analysis by Arthur I Vogel, this has various methods.

Brian Terry
Aerospace - Yeovil, Somerset, UK
May 20, 2008

A. I personally think Ion Chromatography might be useful. Concentrations down to ppb (parts per billion) can be achieved quite easily
Try looking at for assistance

Nigel Gill, BSc MRSC MIMF
- Glasgow, Scotland.
June 29, 2008

A. The best, and most practical way of measuring fluoride in water is an ion selective electrode.

There are colorimetric methods, but they are all interference ridden horrors, as they all rely on the bleaching effect that fluoride ion exerts on the formation of the highly colored "lakes" that result when Alizarin Red S, SPADNS (another dye) or whatever other dye is used interact with aluminium or zirconium. If you must, consult Snell & Snell "Colorimetric Methods of Analysis" for details.

But, if it is in your budget, buy the ISE probe and save yourself a lot of grief.

dave wichern
Dave Wichern
Consultant - The Bronx, New York
July 1, 2008

A. Hi All:

We have used ion chromatography for this issue for years.

Terry Tomt
- Auburn, Washington
July 2, 2008

A. We have used ISE for detecting chloride ion in ppm and concentration down to ppb cannot be a problem. It is not bad idea to contact a supplier and they can help you to install the autotitrator.

Abraham Tsehaye
- Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
July 10, 2008

Q. I am not getting intense colour development in Zirconium-Alizerine test in detection of Fluoride. Please suggest me the Reagent composition for better results.

Dr. R.F.Ankalgi
- Hubli.Karnatak INDIA
October 27, 2012

Q. What is the most new of fluoride analysis methods? Please give me the best answer.

fuoziye Azadi
- IRAN-SHIRAZ-oloom university
July 9, 2014

Hi fuoziye. Sorry I don't know anything about fluoride analysis, but I do know a lot about administration of this forum after 20 years and 250,000 postings :-)

A posting which doesn't describe your situation, so that people know whether you are dealing with a single test tube vs. a 300 MGPD public water supply, or whether you are looking for ppb analysis vs. grams per liter analysis, and gives no information on what interferences might be applicable, usually doesn't get any responses. I would suggest that you please try to include that information, and to phrase your question in terms of the fine responses that have already been offered. Best of luck.


Ted Mooney,
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha - Pine Beach, New Jersey
July 2014

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