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My 14kt yellow gold turned orange, did I get ripped?

May 21, 2008

Q. I had a ring made a few months age, nightmare! I used the shop because it was supposed to be a reputable one.

I took the several rings pendants and other stuff 14 dwts of gold and misc diamonds. They said my diamonds where bad quality and they couldn't use them but would trade 7 dwts of my gold for better diamonds and use 7 dwts of my gold for my wedding set. I also left a 1 1/4 carat vvs white princess sapphire.

I was supposed to get back all my stones, except for the white sapphire. It was supposed to take 2 weeks. It took a month, I paid $240 for labor, I did not get my stones back but a little package of tiny diamonds. I know they were not mine because there was no colored stones like I left; and there was princess stones in there which I did not have any of those. They lost my sapphire and replaced it with one that 3 days later had a huge crack in it.

I took the ring back 2 weeks after I got it from them for them to replace it, when I took it out of my safe I notice my gold was orange. They told me it was from my lotion. Just like they said I touched a heating element and broke my stone (I have a propane stove, no heating element!) They keep it for 2 days and said they fixed it, put an even worse stone in it and said they would promise to replace it and gave me a note that says so, but would not warranty my gold. They said it wasn't finished properly, but gave their word it would not do it again, but not on paper.

I picked it up Friday. Sunday morning, Mothers Day, I look down at my ring and it is orange again! So now they are telling me it was something wrong with the gold I brought them. I have asked for my appraisal 5 different times and they tell me they mailed it. Now they want papers on the stone they lost or they don't want to replace it or give me an appraisal. As many problems I am having with everything else, does it sound like with the gold turning orange they may have ripped me off as well on my gold, because I sure do feel like it at this point? I filed with the bbb, and am considering a small claims. They won't even buy the ring back, I asked them to make me an offer they said they are not interested.

Violet F [last name deleted for privacy by Editor]
buyer - Mabank, Texas, USA

May 21, 2008

? Hi, Violet. Good luck with this, and we feel for your hardship, but this was programmed to be an absolute disaster before you set foot in the door of the store. You bring in a pile of old stuff, to have it melted into a half-size pile of different stuff for you, with the jeweler to be paid $240 plus half the pile, after intermediate trades of your scrap gold for his stones, and your stones for his labor. Nobody can possibly advise whether sapphires were changed or diamonds were changed, or your diamonds were low quality as claimed, or what the karat was of the pile of stuff you brought in, or when the jewel cracked, or when the alloy changed color, or what will appraise for what. I am not even sure what your question is. Are you implying that your new ring is copper rather than gold and they just put a thin plating of gold on the copper? I can well appreciate that you are venting, and why, but I don't even know what are you asking or how anybody could help. Thanks.


Ted Mooney,
Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

Which acid makes the color of gold orange?

November 2, 2016 -- this entry appended to this thread by editor in lieu of spawning a duplicative thread

Q. Hello
I have a problem with the color of gold pieces, really I want to Know that which acid can make the color of gold orange?

Shirin Vardak
- Tehran, Iran

November 2016

? Hi Shirin. Please introduce yourself and explain your situation. We don't know if you are a buyer unhappy with a ring that turned orange and the seller says it was your fault for exposing it to a bad environment, or you are a plating shop who has made a bad addition to your plating tank and the plating is now coming out orange, or whatever. I am lost, sorry.


pic of Ted Mooney
Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey
Striving to live "Aloha"

November 11, 2016

Q. Dear Ted,
As a matter of fact I am a researcher and work in an institute. I have a client that is a goldsmith and asked me to represent him on a special method to make the color of their 18k gold bracelets orange-ish like Indian ornaments. For the final step they use sulphuric acid that make their bracelets shiny and more yellow, but it doesn't make them orange. Is there any chemical substance that give them orange color like nitric acid?

Shirin vadak [returning]
- Tehran, Iran

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