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metal finishing cover

27000. Painting HDG steel for use in salt water
27002. Applying color to a laser engraved graphic on a color anodized part
27004. Patchy Hard Coating of 2024
27008. Copper plating
27016. Chemical conversion coating on aluminum alloy
27021. Floating silicon balls for hot water sealing bath
27023. Effect of Temperature on Corrosion
27024. Finding out the weight of US coins
27025. Chemistry Lab help
27026. Stripping away gold tubing from quartz
27027. How to dissolve copper while leaving nickel unchanged
27028. Detecting thin aluminum phosphate coating
27029. Coating a Decorative Sheet Metal Heat Shield
27031. Standards for color fastness to light
27032. EN pits
27034. MIL-C-5541 Class 1A vs Class 3
27035. Electrolytic Passivation
27036. Stainless Finishing
27037. Coating for aluminum heat sink
27042. Refinishing chrome bathroom fixtures to brushed nickel
27043. What is the difference between Chromate and Chromium coatings?
27047. Risk of do not use phosphate?
27048. Adhesion problem. Nickel over stainless steel 430
27050. Shock rod macrocracks in chrome plating
27052. Black spot problem in Zinc Iron Yellow Barrel Plating
27053. Cleaning stainless steam sterilizers
27056. Plating failure of chrome finish on main winch of new sailboat
27057. Thin Dense Chrome Plate vs Chrome Plate
27060. Oxidation-Reduction
27061. Electrospark coating technology or micro welding
27062. Selective etching of aluminum oxide
27068. Chemicals for the Shor Simplicity refining system
27072. Custom trophy gold finish
27073. pH of incoming rinse water
27074. Solderability problem with tin plating
27075. Surface profile of Galvannealed steel
27076. Need process for 108 hours in CASS Test
27077. Can I anodize on top of existing anodic film
27078. Alternative to electropolishing 304 SS
27079. Where can I get items dipped in chrome
27084. Painting a bronze pool fountain
27086. How can I tell if brightener has been used?
27089. Electroplating Hard Material
27090. How to replace the inside coating of a microwave with tape
27099. Best substrate to Spin coat PDMS onto
27102. Help me polish aluminum bike parts
27104. FeCl lack of depth-of-etch on brass plates
27107. Harmonica mouthpiece allergy?
27108. Want to circular scar a stainless steel table top
27109. What things can be chromed?
27110. Getting rid of brass finish on lamps to another finish
27111. Federal Color 11350 (Red) available?
27112. Dichromate Precipitation
27113. Can I do magnetic particle inspection after plating?
27115. Gold stripping with Muriatic Acid
27116. Solderability Failure at heel area
27117. Electroless Nickel in Saltwater Environment
27118. Hard Times In Hard Chrome Plating
27119. I want to remove nitrates from silver cyanide bath
27120. Need to do Invar (Iron,nickel,chrome) alloy plating
27122. Electrical bonding use of Alodine 1200 and 1201
27123. Liquid masking materials?
27130. Need E-coating Service
27134. Effect of temperature on voltage of an electrochemical cell
27135. Anodized parts have ghost-like stain
27137. Dark rhodium plating
27138. How to dispose of used zinc chloride MTL 50%
27139. Teflon Impregnated Anodize
27140. Polymers and defoamers
27145. Zinc plating for 300 - 500 deg F
27146. Yellow Iridite and chromate treatments
27147. Acid Dipping for my 1948 Chevy
27149. Finishing Zamak alloy
27151. CPVC vs. copper to plumb a house
27160. Hard chrome plating - coefficient of friction
27162. Are poly tags flame treated both sides?
27164. Need Alkali Etch information for Aluminum
27165. Passivity vs. corrosion rate
27166. Need chlorine corrosion resistance at 1200 C
27167. Dissimilar metal aluminum/304 stainless galvanic corrosion
27169. CF12 Heat Treatment
27170. Adhering copper sheet/roll to block fence
27171. Best Reflectivity Coating for Headlight Reflectors
27172. PCB Classes
27173. Adhesion testing in PCB manufacture
27174. Compatibility of chrome and powder coat used on the same surface
27175. OEM wants to painting galvannealed electrical enclosures
27176. MIL-C-5541 class 1A
27177. Influence of electrochemical deburring on surface to be anodized
27178. Contamination from mild steel rollers on to stainless steel sheet
27181. Electropolish nitinol (Ni, Ti alloy)
27185. How to electropolish rhenium and ruthenium?
27186. High temp. Ash corrosion
27188. Reduction of an oxidized copper layer (100nm thickness)
27191. Plating for High Strength Steels
27192. Ways to minimize defects in electroplating
27196. How to get rid of calcium deposits from cement
27198. Handgun de-chroming
27199. How do we strip kitchen pulls and hinges?
27200. Stripping rust with alkaline solution
27201. MIL-STD-105E interpretation
27202. Ion Vapor Deposition over Electroless Nickel Plate
27204. High stress strike nickel
27205. Rust spots on drip line
27206. Vibratory tumbler/motor size and load
27207. Transparent Coating Material for Silicon Carbon
27210. How much Zn, Ni and Cu are electroplated annually?
27211. Etching of NiAlMn alloys
27216. Coating aluminum to withstand temperature and vibration changes
27217. Need to find powder water softener
27218. Refinishing musical brass instruments
27219. How to repair scratches in brass finish
27220. Making wood finials look like brass
27221. Hand dip metal roses?
27222. Can waste hydrochloric acid be used for hex chrome reduction
27223. How To De-Anodize?
27229. Acid marking pen
27230. Grams of copper in a penny
27231. Silver Safety Pin Piercing
27232. Galvanized coma
27233. Metal finishing process wastewater treatment regulations
27235. Black Oxide and Surface Finishes
27238. Al 6061T6+Hardcoat anodizing+Saltwater fog= still not working
27240. Magnesium Mated to Printed Circuit Board
27246. What protects nails from rusting best in different solutions?
27249. Upgrading copper/brass statues with a coating
27251. Increased conductivity of DM water generated
27252. Removing nickel and repairing decorative chrome plating
27253. Effect of hydrogen de-embrittlement on plating life
27257. Bright silver finish after anodizing
27258. Chemical Cleaning of New Boilers
27262. Reconditioning of worn out molds
27268. Project on zinc-cobalt plating
27271. Permit requirements for powdercoating
27272. Removing oxidation from aluminum sheets
27274. Electroless Deposition on Graphite Powder
27275. Passivation color
27277. If solder is plated on silver
27278. Bubbled plating?
27280. 316 vs 316L for see water use
27292. Unexpected copper plating effects
27295. Aluminum home radiators versus steel wood-stove boiler - what to do?
27296. MIL-T-10727 vs. ASTM B545
27299. Ni plating on Ni-fe alloy without affecting lead-based glass
27301. Gold plating thickness on high abrasion parts
27302. Cost difference between Polished Solid Brass and US15 Satin Nickel plating
27303. Decorative aluminum etching (eg orange peel texture)
27304. Making an Aluminum Wear Strip
27305. Patches on cold rolled sheet
27307. Stainless Steel Finish
27313. Need a 'clear' metal treatment
27314. Anodizing Aluminum for Artist
27315. Use of Ferric sulphate as a coagulant
27316. Sodium orthophosphate analysis
27317. Standards and Test procedures for checking and acceptance of PTFE coating
27319. Silver plating of Kovar for a high temperature application
27323. Parkerizing touch up
27325. Gold adhesion on work hardened area different
27327. Green spots in silver plating
27328. Any active activator for Pd deposition on stainless steel
27329. Peeling of hot dip galvanizing coils
27332. Mirror polishing of die casted aluminum
27336. How to accelerate rust on steel
27338. Can you powder coat an engine after it's assembled?
27339. Raise pH in Trivalent Chromium
27340. Galvanizing half a built up letter
27342. Troubleshooting Barrel Plating
27343. Masking and Nickel Plating
27344. Aluminum 6082-T6 vs. 6060-T66
27348. Copper oxide on pennies
27355. Repairing a hydraulic cylinder by chrome plating
27356. Silver Cyanide Solution Turning Dark Brown
27357. Joining steel pipe to galvanized pipe
27358. PVD Glow Discharge for In Process Cleaning Uses
27359. Making zinc electroplating bright
27360. Hot D.I. water sealing of aluminum anodizing
27361. Coating anodized aluminum
27362. Hardness vs Thickness
27364. Dissolving just the aluminium, not the anodizing
27365. Black Anodizing an Aluminum 2017
27367. Suggestions for start up of zinc phosphating business
27369. Anodizing Metal for Lasering
27371. Need reflective glass beads as additive for powder coating
27377. Time requirements between plate and post-bake?
27378. Color Changing Paint Due To Current
27379. NEED help POLISHING and ROUNDING stainless steel
27381. Anodizing Question
27382. Architect seeks best finish for exterior hand rails
27383. Problems with stainless steel cut wire media in magnetic tumbler
27387. Rusting of stainless turnstiles
27389. Alodine As per MIL-C-5541, Class 3
27394. Electroless plating to smooth surface finish
27396. Chroming, I'm so confused
27397. Plating cobalt on titanium
27400. Aluminum galling problem
27412. Stainless steel 304 grade details
27414. Spheroidizing annealing of SAE 52100 bearing wires
27415. MgB2 by Sol-Gel technique
27418. Enamel to re-finish Pavoni expresso machine
27423. Wanting to build a electrolytic gold scrap refining machine
27424. Buffing Raw Copper
27425. Removal of rust ring on cast iron wood-burning stove
27427. Polishing and anodizing of casted aluminum
27428. Oversize tap for anodizing
27429. Keep Rinse Waters Neutral
27431. Can you plate brass with Pt without a sub-plating?
27432. Chloride Corrosion in SS 304L piping in Sugar Refinery
27433. PMMA authenticity test
27434. Protection against stress corrosion cracking of H13
27436. Air, Burning and Rusting
27440. Test to reveal oxides on steel surface
27446. Enamel Coating
27447. Rust preventive coatings for horns
27451. Could cadmium contamination be due to airborne zinc breaking down in rinse water
27452. Salt spray test parameters
27453. Etching chrome castings for inspection
27455. 'Dust' on the components in Acid Copper Tank
27457. Fungus Formation on Cast Aluminum
27458. Etchant needed for etching Nylon-11
27459. Electrochemical potential of stainless steel bolts
27461. Can powdercoating be used on exhaust systems?
27462. Anodize Cracking
27465. Electroless Ni-B
27466. Repairing titanium shaft by plating
27468. Electroplating nickel on aluminum
27471. Need rims powder coated
27474. Electroplating thesis
27475. How do I sell iridium?
27476. E-coating vs. galvanizing for security doors
27478. Zinc plating - plating peel off issue
27479. Zinc cobalt plating: alkaline vs acid
27480. Assuring Chrome Plate Integrity
27481. Salt spray test on anodizing coating for 2014
27482. How to clean heated iron
27483. Which sealer and how to obtain a rust finish on metal, which will not rub off
27484. Strip n' spray a mountain bike
27488. Real silver vs. sterling silver
27490. Testing bond strength of HVOF coating
27491. GI sheets uses
27492. Helping poor Filipinos via silver antibiotic
27494. Information request for coatings on cylinders walls?
27498. Re-Chroming Plastic
27508. Need Sermagard on small screws
27509. This is a heat transfer problem for processing composite materials
27511. Looking for an industry workmanship standard for Yellow Chromate
27513. Teflon-Copper reaction
27514. 1st Grade Science Experiment: Removing Rust from Nails
27517. Need plating in tapped holes
27519. Nitriding of steam turbine blades
27520. Test Methods for Heavy Metals (ELV requirement)
27521. Architect needs info on metal stair finishing options
27525. Tin electroplating on nickel coated material
27527. Coloring aluminum like gold
27529. 316L Stainless on Mortar and Grout
27530. Airborne emissions calculations: Emissions factors?
27531. Hydrogen embrittlement bake
27532. Zinc plate/Yellow Chromate appears green in color
27533. Equipment and parameters for hard anodizing
27534. citric acid [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] Passivation rinse waters
27535. Problem in zinc phosphate coating bath
27540. Testing the difference between anodized and Alodined coatings
27542. Aluminum galling situation
27546. How to make 4% Picric solution?
27555. Automotive Paint Finish
27557. Stripping EN from aluminum
27560. Surface defects on powder coated panels
27562. Oxidation of silver nickel electrical contact
27568. Is Core-Ten Steel Used In Large "I Beams"?
27569. Equivalent to QQ-P-35 passivation of stainless steel?
27570. Dissolving Silicon Carbide Scale
27571. Help repairing cement floor in anodize shop
27573. Powder Coat Hooks Lose Conductivity
27574. Determining pH and Orthophosphite level in Electroless Nickel Plating Process
27575. Preparing electroless nickel surface for better adhesion
27578. Dissimilar metals - stainless steel and nickel plated brass
27579. Teflon coating of small parts
27586. Art student needs to print on steel
27587. Different RH at different temperatures
27588. What Is White Brass?
27589. How to dissolve gold potassium cyanide for coating purpose
27590. Chrome Plating Exhaust Systems
27592. Rust to Gunmetal
27593. Mechanical finishing of body jewelry
27596. Removal of copper electroplating
27597. Indium alloy solder adhering to titanium tip
27598. Removing powder coat from aluminum
27602. Difficulty finding tinting ratios for '65 Mini Cooper
27603. Removing gold plating from brass
27604. Gold under Nickel
27612. RVS corrosion due to copper reaction?
27613. Sublimation coating formula and process
27614. Tintillate Process
27615. How hard is "Hard Anodizing"
27616. Low friction coating for solder mask
27620. My pennies are floating
27621. Remove surface oxide of Al-alloy
27622. Chemically stable and highly conductive metal films
27625. Tank material of Electroless Ni Solution
27626. Petrol resistance - 2k PU system
27627. Why nickel/copper coating peeled off aluminum
27628. Fatigue strength loss due to hard anodize treatment
27629. Alodine/Iridite Issues
27630. Seeking Supplier for Phenolic Resin
27635. Reliable method and supplier for painting Zamak 5 component
27636. What is Galvanneal?
27638. Production of silver cyanide from silver nitrate
27643. What salt is formed from iron? Is rust a salt? Does it contain a salt?
27646. I want galvanized bumpers
27647. Choosing anode material for electrocleaning tank
27648. Health effects from an artesian water well cased with galvanized pipe
27649. 17-4ph discolors upon heat treatment
27653. Rate of penny corrosion
27654. How can I test for genuine plating?
27655. Painting Golf Clubs
27656. Surface finish formula
27657. Anodizing MX quad racer in a 5 gallon bucket
27658. Corrosion Protection for Aluminum in Water
27660. Plating
27662. Booster club needs penny clean up help
27663. Problem in Kanigen plating
27664. Best cleaner for brass radiator mfg.
27673. Chrome plating carbon composites
27674. Cylinder bore hard anodizing questions
27675. Powder Coating builds around masked holes
27679. Changing brass to chrome or patina
27680. Spent citric acid [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] Disposal
27686. Wrinkle paint by Sherwin Williams
27688. Quantitative analysis of nitric acid in a mixture of nitric and sulfuric acid
27689. How to seal the edge of a PVC laminate
27690. Out-gassing in aluminum castings
27691. Nickel electroplating on polyaniline (conductive polymer)
27694. Low coefficient of friction paint for pinewood derby car
27695. Titanium plating on steel products like manicure items
27697. Water pipe connectors turning green
27698. Trouble with NADCAP Audits
27701. Zero defects in plating aluminum
27702. Silver corrosion by zinc based additives in lubricants
27706. Need inorganic sealant after HVOF process
27708. Dark spots in nickel and how to lower my ph level in nickel bath
27711. Cyanide for aromatherapy
27713. Is this yellow ring my stolen white gold ring?
27714. Cleaning the "golding effect" on 304 stainless exhaust tips
27720. 303 stainless steel to brass galling
27722. R O deionizer
27723. Silver coating glass with silver nitrate
27724. Clear protective coating for sand cast aluminum
27725. Electroplating wood
27729. Electrophoretic lacquer as gold plate alternative
27731. Nitriding valve springs
27732. Acids and elements
27733. Etching tantalum for metallography
27735. Acid copper plating void holes
27736. Silver plating thickness
27738. Alumina research for underground cables
27739. Black finish for cast iron
27740. Finishing Method for Bright (mirror surface of) Aluminum Sheets
27741. How can I get good adhesion of organic coatings to anodized surfaces
27743. Activator for PCB and PTH not stable
27752. Galvanic action on cooling coils
27755. Electroplating for engine block repair
27756. PVD and Plating Differences
27758. Mirror finish water based chrome paint
27759. Will a clear anodized finish hold up in either / both chromatic and sulfuric acids?
27762. Iron-Chrome Co-Deposition
27764. Anisotropic etching of aluminum
27766. Details on hydrogen embrittlement
27767. HOT DIP
27768. Zinc chrome same as Zinc Ni alloy?
27769. Zinc Plated carbon steel (gr) bolts to 304 stainless steel
27770. Applicable material to be welded on carbon steel
27777. Plating of Engineering Plastics
27779. Aluminum clad cleaning or refinishing
27782. Treatment of 416 SS
27786. Substitution of stainless or aluminum for plated steel grating
27789. Alocrom1200 and Alocrom1000
27793. Remove and prevent rust
27794. Achieving even black patina on zinc
27796. Plating options to avoid cadmium
27797. Composite plating for diamond
27798. Zinc peels off at bending corners
27799. Aluminum H2S
27803. Powdercoat outcasting
27804. Ammonium bifluoride wastewater
27807. Diffuse coating on smooth surface
27812. Determination of silver concentration in ppm levels
27813. How to color aluminum for jewelry purposes
27815. Distilling hydrochloric acid
27816. Dissolving aluminum
27818. Pitting problem in nickel sulfamate bath
27819. Chipped Nickel Plate on Stainless Steel
27820. Titanium Plating
27821. Jagged edge on plating
27822. ID burnishing on Hard coat anodizing, before? or after? to achieve RA of 15 max
27828. Setting up hard anodizing on 7075 aluminum alloys
27830. Casting Material Selection
27832. Need "Spray on chrome coating"
27833. Type of paint for hand art on a vehicle
27841. Chrome failure on '02 Harley V-rod
27842. Nickel coating layer thickness control
27844. Finding a good chrome shop
27845. Want alternative to manual buffing in stainless steel
27848. Compare galvanized to powder coat please
27851. Stainless steel cages for exotic birds are failing
27852. Coating copper to inhibit tarnishing. How?
27856. Creating a homemade plastic coating setup
27858. Porosity Post - machining
27859. Bacteria in Electroclean Rinse
27864. Question on plasma nitriding of steel
27865. Copper Conductivity
27866. Removing scratches from white gold ring
27867. Building a shower stall with liquid vinyl
27868. Standard for black trivalent chromate
27869. Analysis of surfactants by MBAS and CTAS
27870. How to remove pits from stainless steel vessels
27872. Simultaneous plating of two different metals
27875. Powder coating pre treatment process after galvanizing
27877. Can silver plated bus bar be tin plated?
27878. Cyanide copper plating
27879. Need suitable MOC for ammonium chloride at high temp
27882. Aluminum anodized pore diameter
27883. Chrome plating problem- wavy metal
27884. Oxalic acid testing of black oxide
27885. Pre-treatment Problem
27886. User experience with chemical grafting
27887. Durability of plating a brass sink
27888. Stress relieving of magnesium to prevent warpage
27889. Cracks on corners of 316 SS phosphoric solution tank
27892. Is tin a problem in galvanized coatings?
27893. Avoiding waviness on the finished stainless steel surface
27906. Need nickel-free hematite plating process
27908. Aluminum Alloy Plating
27909. Anodizing of aluminum pigeon leg rings
27910. Hardfacing a steel cam
27911. Streaky anodizing
27914. Pin holes in 316SS heat exchanger in amine service
27919. Calibrating pH meter
27922. Yellow vs. blue chromated screws
27923. Preparing copper for patina finish
27936. barbecue kit coating/finishing
27937. Painting aluminum sheet metal
27938. Powder coating on galvanized sheet
27939. Want non-CN diffusion brass plating on wire
27941. Chrome vs. Nickel plating of keychains
27942. Comparing the advantages of different finishes
27943. Copper extraction from copper sulphate
27944. Repair chrome rim
27945. Restore interior of rusting cast iron teapot
27947. Adhesive doesn't stick to Chem-film
27948. What type of tumbling media should I use?
27949. Electrolytic corrosion of dome
27965. Green Stains on Enamel BathTub
27966. Can I faux paint a table top to look like galvanized metal?
27967. Silver nitrate coating
27968. Rate of corrosion to imports and aluminum cars
27970. "Standards Documentation" for Powder Coating
27971. Type of non-conductive media to be used between Stainless Steel and A36 Steel
27973. How to keep copper parts bright and shiny for at least 6 months?
27976. Cost of pickling pipe
27977. Diffusion of oxygen in silver platings during post-plate heating
27978. Which hand tool plating for aerospace
27979. Plating Peel Off
27981. Bright dip for Aluminum
27982. Testing efficacy of passivation of stainless steel parts
27983. Will magnetism in 304L stainless steel cause corrosion?
27984. Removing weather stain from stainless steel
27989. Anodizing Specification UN-D 469 18±2 Micron
27990. Anodizing Flakes Off of 7075 Parts
27992. Advantages of cashew nut sheath as sorbent for de-fluoridation of water
27993. Nickel-Alumina composite coating
27995. Zn removal from wastewater
27996. Lacquer coating over Brass/Copper to avoid tarnish
27997. Pitting nickel plating
27998. 7 Tank process, surface preparation process
27999. Galvanic corrosion of building

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