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metal finishing cover

20001. Hard Chrome On Tungsten
20002. Parts are burning out from alkaline zinc tank
20005. Dark OD green phosphate or chromate conversion coating
20006. Aluminum corrosion by DI water
20007. Cause of Discoloration
20009. Seawater piping corrosion
20010. Need a chemical-resistant black coating for steel or aluminum
20025. Stripping aluminum
20028. Mechanism used to separate Titanium and Nitric Acid
20029. Do you know any websites about chroming?
20032. Achieving patina on a lacquered brass bed
20033. Recovery of fine floating gold
20034. Novice question about metallic coloring of aluminum - how to
20036. Electropolishing book
20037. Mill scale
20038. Water/silica contamination
20039. Ideas on how to cool wastewater and ways to reduce COD
20040. Testing silver plate with sulfurated potash
20041. Nitric acid to strip EN plated stainless steel parts
20042. Hydrogen embrittlement suspicion
20047. Coefficient of Friction for E-coatings
20048. Anodize as dielectric?
20049. 304L Acid Etching Problem not found in the Archives
20050. SPI surface chart
20051. Titanium watch finishing porosity, etc.
20052. Machined surface roughness of aluminum for brushing
20053. Rz measurements to RMS measurements
20054. CLEANING SS304
20055. Does carbon contamination harm the integrity of stainless steel piping
20064. You sent me 18k white?
20069. Questions about curing ovens
20070. Low temperature electroless nickel
20074. Inhibitors for hydrochloric acid
20075. 7 tank hot phosphating process
20078. Auto restoration, restoring original plating
20079. Prepping aluminum swingarm before polishing
20081. EN Plating Issues with Low Cost Country
20082. Cleaning sheet metal for EN plating
20083. Nickel Hydroxide
20084. Anodizing Aluminum Castings
20086. Which alloy for stack gas sampling?
20093. Hexavalent Chromium Level in Passivation after Bleaching
20094. Is RH meter necessary for a treatment plant treating CR6+
20095. Electroless Nickel Disposal
20101. Brushed Chrome Finish
20102. Manufacturing process
20103. Gold Alodine Color Variance
20105. Removing black mold from limestone house
20106. Blisters on the galvanized surface
20110. Electro plating silver from silver nitrate
20111. Deposit electroless nickel on silicon substrate
20112. Reducing cycle time on galvanization line
20115. Mixing Rule for Resistivity of Water
20117. Using anodized titanium surface as a building skin
20118. Deburring and polishing of forged brass plates
20120. Lacquer and optical properties of black oxide copper
20121. Metals Treatment in Liquid and Solid Waste
20123. Loss of brightness in nickel sulfamate bath
20127. Eyeglass Frames - repainted
20131. Cleaning burned-on oil from high strength titanium, SS, and alloy steels
20135. Preserving bright copper using benzotriazole solution
20137. Need idea for science project
20138. Roll scraper
20150. Fineness of gold is lower after smelting
20151. Copper sheeting question
20153. Zinc plated and clear chromate rinse
20156. Selective removal of Ca from wastewater
20158. Coating a SS weigh hopper to overcome material sticking problem
20159. What is the best finishing quality for galvanized sheets used in chillers
20160. Electroless Nickel on Aluminum Castings
20162. RZ to RA equivalent
20168. Proving platinum plating on gold
20170. Rust build up on table legs
20171. Chrome wheel rusting
20172. How tough is galvanneal steel? Will it rust if the coating is penetrated?
20173. copper sulphate Test Method
20174. Alodine 600 specs and composition
20175. CHEM-FILM with steel hardware in place?
20179. Al, Pt metal adhesion
20180. Outside lights in salt air
20185. How to soak clean and electroclean
20186. Improve Hard Chrome Corrosion Resistance
20187. Acid copper peeling/Dummying of chrome?
20191. Firebox construction-- Boiler plate or Stainless?
20192. Electrolytic cleaning of aluminium
20194. Repainting formica kitchen cabinets
20195. Clear Chromate Coating
20196. At what temperature F does EN become liquidous?
20197. How to increase the conductivity of organic solvent
20201. Poor wettability of PCB gold finishing
20210. Metal and plastic sanding and painting
20211. Shipwrecks - conservation and restoration
20212. Picture of triple chrome products
20215. Keeping the Classic Lionel Super O track running clean
20217. Not sure what kind of wheel I should get, based on material it's made from
20218. Hexavalent chromium free treatment on ZAMAC
20219. Decontamination
20220. Lack of chromic fill in the anodizing process
20221. Material difference
20223. 7075 aluminum in salt environment
20237. Electroplating Project
20239. How can I restore faded polyethylene?
20240. 1995 non-copper penny
20242. I need a product that can . . .
20243. Polished aluminum motorcycle frame
20244. Natural look for a motorcycle gas tank
20246. Removing plating from gun barrel
20247. IS Code for Al alloy
20252. Metal preparation prior to applying power coat paint
20253. Electroless nickel-PTFE
20256. Counterflow and conductivity water reduction
20263. Aluminum finishing
20264. Tin Plate
20265. Leveler and Brightener in zinc electroplating
20267. Fastener for Copper
20269. How do you dispose of spent glass beads in blasting operation
20270. MEK rub test
20271. Determination of Cadmium Plating on Aluminum Bronze or Beryllium Copper
20272. Hydrogen Embrittlement
20273. Electro-lac difficulties
20275. Help for cyanide bath formula
20276. Reduction of fatigue strength caused by conventional anodizing of aluminum
20278. Pickling without hydrofluoric acid
20279. Exhausting system for chrome plating
20283. Chrome plate a Boat Sink
20286. Baseball bats
20288. To get rid of nickel/gold coated on glass
20290. Phosphating procedure
20291. Stainless steel aerosol paint
20292. How do you refinish brushed stainless steel?
20293. How can I remove iridium coating from a helmet face shield?
20295. Gold Recovery, Cyanide, Electrowinning, details needed
20296. Practically possible to 100% eliminate pinholes?
20297. Speed up the natural patina process on hot dipped galvanized metal
20298. Aging / Heat treat of copper
20299. Problem of electropolishing (on the 316 L)
20300. High temperature of SS alloys
20302. Plating of Bimetallic Stainless Steel and Copper
20303. Plating (clear, yellow, green) passivation differences
20304. MIL-C-5541 treatment
20305. Plating differences?
20306. Possible contamination of nickel strike stainless steel with sulfuric acid
20314. Bronze and Copper statues - Anodization method (for aesthetic/artistic appeal)
20320. Zinc carbonates structural formula
20322. Polypropylene and Sonic Welding Help Needed
20323. Brass Finisher in 1800's
20324. Painting Aluminum Boat
20325. 4 categorizations of ring alloy types
20327. Quality of wedding ring/rhodium plating
20328. Marine Drum Winch Resurfacing / Plating
20329. Changing mounting from yellow to white gold
20330. Easily removable paint for a car
20333. Copper plates and Bus bar
20334. Electropolishing
20337. Corrosion resistance of Bright Zinc and Yellow Zinc plating
20340. Lifetime brass finish
20342. Hard-anodized aluminum cookware coating
20343. Paint that looks like stainless steel
20344. Dacro: D2008 Grade 1, what is it and how is it applied?
20345. How to compare ASTM B117 Salt Spray and ASTM B368 CASS?
20346. Cadmium Coating Weight
20353. Why do alloy wheels get plated with copper before being nickel plated?
20355. How Do I Refinish Brass
20356. Chroming
20357. How quickly can steel rust?
20358. Paint or powder for outside use
20359. Cad alternative
20361. Spot anodizing
20364. Plumber needs small brass plating job
20374. Electroplating Formula Alert
20378. Etching of Hastelloy C
20379. Coating aluminum with copper base bronze
20380. Low voltage and gas pipes
20381. How to electroplate jewelry?
20382. Stripping coating
20383. Is spray painting my wheels chrome a good idea?
20384. Getting paint off old brass
20386. Removing powder coating and leaving the chrome underlay intact
20387. Mixing bottle water, with another brand of bottle water. Is it safe?
20390. Degreasing laminations
20391. Inspection criteria for powder coatings
20392. Can powder coatings survive 10 years immersion?
20393. Nickel Sulphate differences and Nickel Plating
20394. Problem with acid tin bath brightener
20395. Plating/rhodium plating foes
20396. Hard anodic coating on magnesium alloys
20398. Silver Coating Mirror vs Aluminum Coating Mirror
20403. Non steel bathtub painting
20404. Deburr stainless steel sharp edges
20405. Information on setting up silver plating
20411. How to rust wrought iron?
20412. Antique Bayonet - Plated or Simply in GREAT Condition
20413. Anodized aluminum
20414. Knowledge to sharpen my edge and save my time
20415. Mercruiser Bravo iii stern-drive, layman's idea for corrosion abatement
20417. Best finish for bronze handrails
20419. Electroplating Silver - Formulas
20420. Sterling silver causing finger discoloration
20421. Polishing steel
20423. Blistered Plating on Beryllium Substrate
20428. Strip PVD CrN layer
20429. Primer Application over Anodize
20430. General-Purpose Plating for Industrial Fasteners?
20431. Rust preventive for I.D. of nickel plated steel tubing
20432. What concentration of H2S is needed to tarnish silver?
20440. Al-Si coating vs Galvanizing
20443. Difference between silver and sterling silver
20445. Is rochelle salt edible?
20446. Blueing for the novice?
20447. Damaged clear coating on aluminum wheels
20448. Sources for Liver of Sulfur
20450. How to polish a motorcycle frame?
20453. Prep of electroless nickel for soldering
20454. Bubbling zinc on machined surface
20455. Anodized castings came out kelly green
20456. Going without a rinse between cleaner and etch
20457. Coloring Manganese Parkerized Finishes
20459. Mechanical polishing of aluminum alloy sheets/plates
20460. Galling problem in type 302SS T-bolts
20465. Gold Electroplating Silver Coins
20468. A spray or light painting system to cover the inner surface of a plastic tube
20475. Manganese Phosphate pits question
20476. How to explain item magnetic on only ONE side
20478. Cleaning gold emblems on my car
20479. How to make new silver look old
20480. CANDO system vs. the 5s concept
20483. Reducing the stress in cobalt alloy plating
20484. Hydrogen sulfide attack on tin or silver plated electrical equipment
20485. Grease causing bleed in black anodized part
20486. Brightening Etch for Stainless Steel
20488. Alkaline Cleaner compatibility with Electropolished 316L Stainless Steel
20490. Surface Finish Cross Reference Chart
20492. Galling of Stainless
20493. Colored anodized aluminum wire-18+ gauge need to buy for craft projects
20501. Aluminum lost wax like process with nickel plating
20503. Colored metals: properties
20504. Stamped metal roof caulking or crack filler
20505. Refinishing for brass hinges
20506. How to remove chrome(nickel?) plating for a hobbyist
20507. Safety working with Muriatic Acid
20511. Stopping Ca contamination of E-Ni plated surface
20512. Titanium Anodize (color - material removal)
20514. Acid/caustic drippage onto anodized parts
20519. Greasy aluminum flooring plates
20523. Warner Electric Brush ElectroPlater
20527. Grinding a tight corner on motorcycle frame
20528. Tin Electroplating
20532. Zinc plating copper coated steel
20533. Reducing required dip time for black chromate
20535. Aluminum finish, hard anodized, Lukon 24
20538. How can I determine what this metal medallion is?
20540. Fume danger from galvannealed Bar-B-Q grill
20541. DI Water versus Purified Water, USP
20542. Galvanized Edge Protection G-90 Flat Sheet
20543. Finish material going through automotive e-coat
20545. High-viz yellow repaint of ABS plastic cycle fairings
20550. Electroconductive paints
20553. How do you make a decorative sword
20554. Energy to extract elements in the form of electrolysis
20555. How to remove chemicals from wastewater
20556. Etching Aluminum for Artistic Purposes Question
20558. Can't find the LEL and UEL for Hexamethyldisiloxane
20559. Nickel Coating on Carbon Fibres
20561. What type of media for sandblasting aluminum prior to powdercoating
20562. Matte White Anodizing- Is it possible?
20563. How to remove paint from tiny fins of copper-brass radiator?
20565. Determination of nitric acid in the concentrated acid
20566. Aluminum Soda Can Paint Removal
20567. Wear of hard chrome against hard chrome
20568. Copper Gold Plating
20571. Scale inhibition of PAPEMP and Poly Phosphonates
20580. Help me chrome my bumper
20582. Cutting down tables with table top resin on them
20591. Concentration of chloride in semi bright nickel
20595. Help on refinishing doorknobs
20596. Changing the color of an asphalt roof
20597. Phosphating that not remove galvanization?
20598. Galvannealed finish doesn't look like we expected?
20599. Ni sulfamate vs. E-Ni for fasteners
20601. Seeking source for stan-seal finish for zinc parts
20602. Stainless steel questions for school research
20603. Seeking silver plating of my white gold rings
20604. Chromate conversion coatings
20605. Stan Seal zinc finish
20606. Plating on Polyester Resin Casts
20607. Stainless Steel Corrosion in Ozone Contact Basin
20610. Electroplating
20612. Extraction of gold in seawater
20614. How to rust metal easily
20616. Electro Cleaner problem or what?
20620. Nickel plating on wire
20621. Start-up information
20624. Understanding Duplex Nickel Process
20625. Standard for 17-4PH S/S finish: MIL-10
20626. Electroless plating
20627. Silver Nitride Discoloration Problems
20629. Chemical coloring
20630. Increased differential pressure at Ion Exchangers
20631. Hardcoat aluminum for galling resistance
20632. Discoloration of Aluminum Boats
20633. Gas Turbine Blade Refurbishing. Etching Question
20634. Grit Size and Related Surface Roughness Values
20637. How to start an electroplating works
20639. Request for documentation
20640. Metal is TOO glossy
20644. Need primer/paint that meets TACOM specification
20650. How Does This Homemade Silver Cleaner Work?
20652. General rust rates
20653. Conductive coating options for aluminum
20654. Hampene 220 info please!
20655. Black Coating for Copper Bus
20659. Improving Piston Ring Life
20661. Metal spraying touch-up of galvanised steel
20662. Diamond electroplating
20670. How do you measure the rate of rust?
20673. About galvanization of steel
20675. Wing nuts used on racks and splines
20682. Decorative Chrome on a partially Epoxy Coated Part
20683. Chromating and anodizing defects
20684. citric acid Passivation of Coffee Brewing Water Tanks
20696. Treating copper sulphate waste as school project
20697. Ajuda e orientação para construção de um sitema a vácuo para aluminização de espelhos para telescópios
20700. Blackening with Potassium sulfide
20702. Re-anodize of cast aluminum cookware
20705. Electroplating plastic model parts
20706. Tanks for home anodizing
20708. Hazards of eating off of rusted flatware
20713. Baking after plating Nylon Insert Lock Nuts?
20715. Paint Drying versus Curing - 3 hours for Water Based Paint
20717. Is 440C Stainless plate-able?
20722. Glass bead blasting of stainless steel mill plate
20723. Galvanic action between HDG & SS
20729. School project on auto polishing compound
20730. Stopping Silver tarnish on solar cells
20731. How much CCP will occur in 304 at 1100 °F in 3 hours?
20735. Stripping solder from components - Help!
20736. Brite annealing 17-4PH
20741. 316 Passivation
20749. Molecular weight and equivalent weight of the following magnesium alloys
20764. Anhydrous nickel(2)chloride in nickel sulfamate bath
20766. Coating stainless steel with molybdenum
20767. Copper tarnishing and coloring
20768. Substitution of chemicals for cyanide analysis
20772. Antique or paint a polished brass chandelier
20773. SPI A-3 Spec
20779. Shelf life of PCB
20786. Science Project: Model of Zinc
20787. Recovering Cu from Cyanide Complex
20788. Removal of silica from effluent
20791. Nickel-free belt buckle wanted
20793. How do you obtain a "Brushed Chrome" Finish?
20794. Painting metal cabinets stainless steel paint
20799. What kind of refractory metals can stand Hydrofluoric Acid?
20800. Electroplating Options Vis a Vis Hot Dip Process
20801. Blacked vodoo copper
20802. Coatings for aluminum mountain bike disk rotors
20806. Steel etching by ferric chloride
20808. Kettle construction
20809. High carbon steel contacting stainless steel
20811. How can I "refinish" stainless steel fittings?
20812. Really need help with surface prep for anodized parts
20813. Powder coating aircraft application
20814. Electroless nickel as an equivalent for powder coating
20824. Metal roof re-paint
20825. Cold blue removal
20826. Which is the best low friction metal material for iron applications
20827. Aluminum platings for marine application
20833. Observable Effects of Cyanide Consumption
20834. Why Boric Acid in Nickel Plating?
20836. Novice trying to polish bike frame
20837. Painting aluminum windows
20838. Unable to meet Boron discharge level
20839. Difference between Alodine 1200 and 1201
20840. 303 Stainless Steel Passivation
20847. Liver of sulfur supplies
20852. Properties of various alloys
20855. Coating ironing machine with Teflon
20856. How should a wheel look like when it is dipped?
20860. How to chrome a wooden guitar?
20861. Tarnish aluminium
20862. Question about parawood
20867. Tin plating - retain finish
20868. Rotational molding mold release
20871. Dry sliding of Electroless Nickel + Ptfe for a precision sliding-block
20872. Our copper anodes are turning black
20873. Health risks in using plated steel material
20876. How to reduce dross when laser cutting nitinol?
20877. Ask for help Regarding Corrosion to sulfuric Acid 98 %- 300 C
20883. Precipitation of hexavalent chromium
20884. Copper is depositing on steel without current imposed!
20885. Restoring Stainless Steel Rifle
20887. Anodized aluminum
20888. Making nickel plating solution
20889. Paint peel off in pre-painted sheet
20890. Can we change electroplating to vacuum coating?
20891. Formulas for silver plating solution
20902. WHY do nails rust?
20906. Titanium stain on porcelain sink
20910. SPE / SPI Finishes
20911. Welding thin polypropylene sheets
20912. Does ion-exchange resin deteriorate in storage?
20913. Trouble Shooting of Nickel Baths
20915. Thermal de-burring of aluminum parts with hardcoat
20916. Wire EDM recast removal (M-4 tool steel)
20918. Copper buckling
20919. High temp / low wear coatings for oil-free pistons
20929. Researching Faraday's Law
20930. Etching solution for Nickel on PET
20931. Corrosion Resistance Of Plated Bolts
20946. Galvanized metal question
20950. Old white gold is better, new becomes yellowish
20951. Forlorn female fevers to find formica, fast!
20952. MSDS for Clepo 131W
20956. Passivation problem
20957. Copper plate with a steel backing
20962. Finishes for mild steel metalworking school project
20963. Direct Silver Plating onto 304 Stainless Steel
20965. Designer wants to oxidize steel for interior decoration
20966. Niobium plating
20967. Gold/Silver plating natural objects -- e.g., skeletonized leaf
20968. How do I remove a light rust from chrome on my motorcycle?
20969. Specifying Everslik coating
20972. Plastic chrome plating
20973. ENIG Skip plating issue
20974. Clean gold coating formulation
20975. Barrel plating process standards for Silver plating
20976. Pitting Defect on Bright Finished Aluminium Extrusion
20978. Abrasive Resistant, FDA approved Aluminum Coating Needed
20986. Improvement of the edge radius of the flapper type suction valve
20988. Silver damaged by peroxide?
20989. To remove old paint on a porcelain painted lamp
20990. Cor-ten steel tube
20991. Quality Test Standard for Eye Wear Industry
20993. Steel etching in caustic chromium strip solutions
20994. How to get 10B finish ?
20996. Glue for pp
20997. About Nickel Anodes and Cathodes
20998. Anodized Aluminum in Caustic Washes
20999. Chrome coat on S/S420?

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