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"Cast Iron Cook Stoves: restoration hints and where to find parts & info, p.2 of 3"

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Please see Introduction on page 1

Q. I found a cast iron wood burning stove in Montana, it was in very bad condition (rust) and I wanted to bring it home with plans to clean it up. I want it back in working order. On the way back to California the part that holds on the front legs broke, Can Cast iron be welded at all, and if so how? I don't know anything about this stove except it is a 2 burner with a swinging front door and was made in Holland. It is in very bad condition, if anyone knows anything about the stove or helpful tips on re-finishing please help!

Katie Miller
hobbyist - El Dorado, California
October 14, 2008


Q. I just bought an Imperial Beaver Wood Stove at an auction; it is in fairly good condition. I'm questioning how do I take it apart? It was used for heat back in the 60's but hasn't been used since then. It is still attached to the pipe in the basement. Does it come apart in pieces or is it one piece?

Christine [last name deleted for privacy by Editor]
- Watsontown Pennsylvania
October 28, 2012

Imperial Stoves are also mentioned in thread 48125


Q. I just purchased a Sun 50 pot belly stove. The outside is not badly rusted; however, the inside is all rust. I can't even imagine how to clean it with a wire brush or mineral oil. The stove is very heavy, but it is hard to get into the middle cavity. I don't see a place on the inside that isn't rusted. How or what should I do to stop the rust and restore the stove. Again, the stove seems solid except this orange rust on the inside.

pammy sunter
hobbyist - South Bend Indiana
October 24, 2010


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A. Hi, Pammy. The extensive red rust is probably because it was wet. I'd make sure there is no water left in it, then put a tub of desiccant in it for several days with the door and any other openings closed off. Then, wearing a painter's mask, gloves, goggles, and wearing a very old and disposable sweatshirt, spray a can of rust converter (Rust Reformer [affil link]) at whatever surfaces you can see in there.

For more detail, please see thread 11428 "Restoring a cast iron wood stove completely covered in rust".Good luck.


Ted Mooney, finishing.com
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey

A. If I were you, I'd just try to scrub as good as you can. Maybe one of those round bristle brushes you can find in the auto parts stores. They have them made in wire as well with a detachable long handle that looks like a screwdriver. Then rinse it with the hose.
As soon as you're able, start a fire in it, let it get really hot, then dowse the entire outer portion with lard or a tallow.
Let it bake on for a long time while continuing to baste it with the render. Do this until it is a shiny black. Then for the inside put a thin coating all over the inside every time your done using it. Eventually the rust will be gone. Use a tiny paint brush for crevices it'll melt into areas too. Don't worry the lard will season the stove to perfection. Please don't use paint or paste. Season it properly like you would your pan. You don't have to get all the rust off to start seasoning it. Just get off flakes and the surface is smooth. Hope you love it.

L Henson [caution: fictitious]
- Arizona [caution: fictitious]
April 21, 2023
[caution: fictitious]

Q. Hello, I have a small wood burning stove/heater, very old, I can't find anything like it on line, I need parts for it and I'm hoping one of you could help me identify and help me find a place with parts for it....It says number 115 Duro Oak....

Thanks for the opportunity

Beverly Sessegolo
hobbyist - Easton Pennsylvania USA
January 12, 2011

Ed. note: A list of possible sources for parts is now maintained in the Introduction

Q. I just purchased a #15 Sun Oak round wood burner. It has white paint on it and I was going to power wash and burn some wood in it. Some of the pins (to the doors) are broke and some are corroded and seized together. I would really appreciate all suggestions, thanks EMJ

Edward James
- Mansfield, Louisiana, USA
November 4, 2012

Q. I have a Round Oak kitchen cook stove that burns 16 inch wood. I need new wood box grates, not the shaker grates in the bottom. Looks like there are 4. The inner or fire exiting side is warped and broken. I have the model and serial info. and would like to find a foundry or company that could help me. Thanks.

Darrell Jones
personal, retired - Crystal, Maine, USA

December 6, 2013

Round Oak stoves are also mentioned on thread 11428


Q. We have an Enterprise oak #215 we can't find any like it on the net to see if we are missing any parts and how old it might be ... any help is appreciated.

19039-elizA-1  19039-elizA-2  19039-elizA-3


Elizabeth Authement
- sulphur, Louisiana usa
April 4, 2014

Q. I am looking for parts for a Jewel Enterprise wood burning cook stove. Where can I find parts??

Edwin Dixon
UAB - Cullman, Alabama USA
December 19, 2016

Q. I'm looking for parts for a Jewel Enterprise insulated stove. Mfg. by P&B In Nashville. Does anyone have a source for parts?
Thank you!

David Thomas
- Fayetteville Tennessee
February 12, 2021

A. Hi David, hi readers.
A list of current sources for parts is now maintained in the Introduction

What seems lacking is feedback. Dozens of people have asked the same questions here and been given the same answers, but so far only one has taken the time to offer feedback after attempted contact with the possible sources :-) Several people have commented that parts are quite unavailable because such sources want to sell complete stoves for big money, not cannibalize. But there have been suggestions about how to get parts made at a foundry; how to get broken parts properly welded, etc.

Luck & Regards,

pic of Ted Mooney
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey

A. Excellent download free old book(1914.):

The Bible in Iron -- The pictured stoves and stove plates of the Pennsylvania Germans ; with notes on colonial fire-backs in the United States, the ten-plate stove, Franklin's fireplace and the tile stoves of the Moravians in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, together with a list of colonial furnaces in the United States and Canada.
by Mercer, Henry Chapman, 1856-1930


Hope it helps and good luck!

Goran Budija
- Zagreb Croatia
February 17, 2021

thumbs up sign Thank you for the response. I will begin looking at these sites and will absolutely provide my humble opinion.

David Thomas [returning]
- Fayetteville Tennessee

A. Hello, unfortunately it looks like www.antiquecookstove.com and www.homesteadstove.com no longer exist. The website for www.goodtimestove.com says that they do not sell parts - looks like they only do restorations or sell stoves, not assist with private restorations.

Terri Meyer
- Grapevine Texas
January 22, 2023

A. Thanks for the update, Terry.
Yes, it appears that www.antiquecookstove.com is gone. But there was a typo on www.homesteadstove.com (it is singular, not plural) so we have now corrected it throughout the thread (they claim to have many hard to find parts).

Luck & Regards,

pic of Ted Mooney
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey

Q. I am trying to find out what this is and what does this do on the back for my Enterprise wood coal cook stove? It's a spring looking thing with a wing nut on a threaded shaft that can be adjusted and I'm just trying to learn about the stove and any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

19039-13a   19039-13b  

Brent cohick
- Mount holly springs Pennsylvania
December 4, 2019

A. It is the spring hinge for the oven door of your cook stove

Kathleen Ford
- Ontario, Canada
January 5, 2023

Q. Looking for parts for my Enterprise Bristol. Any recommendation where I can find parts?

Derek Batstone
- Nova Scotia
October 19, 2020

Ed. note: A list of current sources for parts is now maintained in the Introduction


Q. Need a Picture of the Original Muscogee Wood/Coal Cook Stove No. 86-16. I bought a Muscogee Wood cook stove and need information about it I can find it on the net .. It's missing a door just under the oven ..and I would like to replace it with something that looks like the original.
Thanks for any help!

Janet Stuart
bought an old stove - Colville Washington
April 25, 2009

Q. Need more info on this Muscogee cook stove, looking at one that is up for sale. Looks to be in good complete condition (and how to post a picture of it).

Jan Kiker
Welding & Fabrication - Midland, Texas
September 28, 2009

Ed. note: e-mail the pic to mooney@finishing.com, referencing thread 19039, please

Q. I am in desperate need of finding information on a Muscogee stove. I have searched the web with no results. Could someone please please please help me!

Mindi Pittman
- Aiken, South Carolina, United States of America
June 20, 2013


Q. I have a Eureka wood burning kitchen cook stove. It was made by the -Eureka, steel range co. in O Fallon Ill. I think the model number is E8-4N. It need the slide part to the air regulator that mounts on the side. I think the stove is 80 to 100 years old. Help please?

September 13, 2009

Q. Hello, my name is Katherine. We recently got an old parlor stove from someone's field. It is in fairly good shape, but the double fold doors on one side will not open. They have a turn lock that is froze shut. We believe we can get the door off, but we will need to replace them. Any idea where to start looking for doors?

Katherine Brumley
accountant - Springfield, Missouri
December 3, 2009

Ed. note: A list of current sources for parts is now maintained in the Introduction


Q. Have an old Canopy Fair wood cook stove (may have been coal). Two questions:
1. There is an elbow coming out the back of the fire box that has a thin oval metal plate that appears to have been blown out. Hence think it was used for coal and coal gas built up one time and exploded. If I intend on using just wood can I just weld a new plate over it?

2. Does anyone have any information on these stoves? Think that it was made in Royersford PA sometime in the late 1800 or early 1900's.


Tom in TN

Tom Cook
hobbyist, amateur blacksmith - Jonesborough, Tennessee
December 9, 2009


Q. I just bought an Antique Miniature BELANGER Barge 1906 Cast Iron Stove and with a copper metal brush (with a handle) and a jar of Vaseline amply applied, I was able to remove all the Rust spots and dirt/dust. I simply rubbed the vaseline off with a cloth after and it looks fabulous. Since its only a show piece, I don't have to worry about fumes/odors, not that there would be much anyway. I use Vaseline on any Cast Iron surfaces like Oil Lamp bases.etc... RER

- Ottawa, Canada
April 10, 2010


Q. Thank you for advising the antique wood stove conservation family.

My Eclipse 1894, wood stove is so unusual. It is covered with raised lilies or daffodils. I was afraid the sand blasting would damage the flowers that incircle the stove.

Beverly M. [last name deleted for privacy by Editor]
- Albany, Oregon
June 29, 2010

A. Hi Beverly. You're very welcome, but we're actually offering a public forum, not a consulting service. Iron is much much harder than rust, so with reasonable care it is actually rather easy to blast the rust without damaging the cast iron bas relief. It may not be necessary to use sand, something softer like dry ice, baking soda, plastic beads, etc. can also be used.


Ted Mooney, finishing.com
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey

Eclipse Stoves are also mentioned in thread 57533.


Q. This past summer we purchased an insert for our upstairs living room fireplace. We didn't have to do anything, but put it in. It works wonderfully!

We also purchased a Country Comfort CC815 freestanding woodburning stove/fireplace which is in our garage. We are unable to find any information on this product because it is so old.

My husband contacted Country Comfort and they didn't have any information on it. Everyone else just tells my husband that they don't have any information on it and that he needs to buy a new one!? We don't have any intentions of getting a different one. This is one 'solid' stove. It probably weighs around 800 lbs and we know that it will do the job, if set up correctly.

Our issue is that we need to know what the inside originally looked like. We are unable to find any pictures. The stove doesn't seem to be heating properly. Something seems to be amiss inside. The bottom, sides and back are all brick lined, the walls are all solid steel. Is there any where to go to find information or pictures or something on old models? Anything at all would be helpful... I can provide pictures of the stove if anyone thinks they may be able to help.

Any help at all in this matter would be so appreciated!

Thank you.

Jeanie Kiser
- Stow, Ohio USA
October 12, 2010


Q. I have an old Odom cookstove and would like to restore. Underneath the cookplates I found disintegrating layers of asbestos.

Do I need to remove? How can I do this safely?

Bonnie Morgan
homeowner - Topanga, California
November 22, 2010

A. Hi, Bonnie.

Obviously, the proper way is to hire an asbestos remediation specialist because asbestos is dangerous! Realistically, some people are not going to do that -- so here are some thoughts that struck me.

Asbestos must be kept wet if you are doing any scraping or any working with it, and you should wear a painter's mask -- but I don't want to imply that a painter's mask is real protection! Put anything you capture into a plastic bag taped shut.

After that, if you have a vacuum that has a hose, you could put the vacuum outside; when finished, and wearing a painter's mask, put the vacuum cleaner bag inside a plastic bag, tape it closed. If you are sure that your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter, you may be able to operate it inside, but then you need to use great care in cleaning it out. But I mean absolutely sure about the HEPA filter, because blowing asbestos through your vacuum's filter and all over the house would be an incredibly bad idea. Check with your county about whether you are supposed to bring the asbestos to a collection site or put the sealed plastic bags in the trash. These are just "another homeowner's ideas" and should not be considered expert guidance :-)


Ted Mooney, finishing.com
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey

Q. Wow, I'm gratified to get a response. Thanks for taking the time.

My followup question is: will it be harmful to just leave it undisturbed? Does it circulate when the stove is heated up high do you think? We use it regularly throughout the cold months to heat the kitchen and act as a food warmer, even sometimes for cooking.

I purchased this 6-burner cookstove from an old family friend for $3000. I'm wondering if that is a mite bit high; can't seem to find much pricing on the web. What do you think?

Bonnie Morgan [returning]
- Topanga, California
November 23, 2010

A. Hi, Bonnie.

Yes, leaving the asbestos undisturbed (if that's possible) is the best plan. But if you see that it is deteriorating, it's obviously going somewhere, which is bad regardless of where it's going.

sidebar There are sites that will do an evaluation for you -- they claim for as little as $25. Sorry, but we can't post valuation Q&As on this free site because as my partner Tom Pullizzi noted at the dawn of the internet age --
"Internet price/demand curve: Infinite demand at zero cost; zero demand at infinitesimal cost."

If you only knew how many hundreds of people each month ask for free valuations of the coins, jewelry, antiques, silver service, rocks, and stuff found in grandma's attic or basement no matter how many times we say we can't do it :-)

Good luck.


Ted Mooney, finishing.com
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey

A. Bonnie, I bought a 6 burner wood cook stove at a local antique shop 2 years ago for $350. It's in perfect shape.

Deborah Lacy
Hobbyist - Salem
March 27, 2022

Q. I just purchased an old wood cookstove that I plan on restoring and using to heat and cook with. It is in pretty good shape and was used up until 10 years ago. It was well cared for. How do I know if there is asbestos? That is my only concern. And what do I use for insulation? Where do I purchase it? There are spots in the insulation that is damaged, need to apply more.

Andrea Ricke
- Bagley, Minnesota, USA
June 13, 2012

A. Hi Brenda; hi Andrea. Some if not all such rope gasketing today is fiberglass and graphite/carbon rather than asbestos. See next inquiry please.


Ted Mooney, finishing.com
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey

Q. I am trying to locate a source for rope gasket used between plates on a decorative cast iron wood burning stove I acquired some years ago. The stove is rectangular in shape with a forest scene on its sides. I do not know the manufacturer. Any suggestions on locating a source or the application of the gasket material once it is located?

Carolyn Desmond
- El Dorado, Kansas

"Stove Gasket"

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A. Hi Carolyn. The rope gasket is usually a pretty "standard" item, rather than specific to the manufacturer. You can follow the link.

for one source, but it should be widely available. Good luck.


Ted Mooney, finishing.com
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey


Q. Hello all! I am looking for information on a Cribben & Sexton Herald model #8-17. I believe that I have the majority of the parts, however I am not sure as I have been unable to find a photo of one. The scroll work on it is over the top for what one would expect. I was hoping to find some info. and rebuild it. The parts that I have are far too ornate to simply scrap! Any help would be muchly appreciated. Photos, mfg. date, replacement parts availability. Thank you good folks and have a great day!

Cribben & Sexton Herald wood stove parts -6  wood stove parts -7  wood stove parts -8  wood stove parts -9  wood stove parts -10  wood stove parts -11  wood stove parts -12  wood stove parts -13

Robert Backes
Hobbyist - Central Point Oregon U.S.A
March 13, 2011

Ed. note: A list of current sources for parts is now maintained in the Introduction

RFQ: I have a Herald No 222 stove and I am missing the rear leg. Would anyone have one?

TL Robinson
- Tucson Arizona
May 2, 2023
    privately respond to this RFQ   ^
Ed. note: As always, gentle readers: technical replies in public and commercial replies in private please (huh? why?)

Cribben & Sexton is also mentioned in thread 11428


Q. I'm trying to restore a Estate 6 burner stove. My problem is the cast iron that the round plates sit on is warped, and I need to find someplace to purchase 3 of them. Anyone know where I can find reproduction parts or what I can do to fix this.

Theressa Tinnin
- Caliente, Nevada
April 21, 2011

Ed. note: A list of current sources for parts is now maintained in the Introduction


Q. I have an old wood burning stove, trying to find info on it; it is a Spencer made by Spencer Foundation Co. Ltd. in Ontario.
The piece that holds the little door closed is broken off, and there is a very small crack in door, can this be fixed? Does anyone know approx. year of this stove, on the front is a number it is 105A or 705A, it is very clear but not sure if first no is a 7 or a 1. Would like to find more info on the stove, can't seem to find anything on the company?

George Lister
had stove for 30 years, - Calgary, AB, Canada
September 2, 2011


Q. I have a 1911 Barstow wood burning cook stove. Mfg. in Providence, R.I. I need to replace the rounded edged fire brick.
Where can I find this brick??

Paul Dumas
stove user - Woodland, Washington, USA
September 13, 2011

A. Hi, Paul.

I doubt that anyone sells firebrick pre-cut to fit a 1911 stove, but a concrete saw makes short work of shaping fire brick. I don't see why it can't be cut with a tile saw as well if it fits in the saw. Good luck.


Ted Mooney, finishing.com
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey
September 14, 2011

Antique Pot Belly Stove

Q. Hello, I have an Antique Pot Belly Stove. However, it's painted shut. Can this be undone? Also, the handle for the top of the stove is missing. Can that piece be found somewhere? Thank You.

Kenny Stedman
consignment - Glen Cove, New York, U.S.A
October 29, 2011

A. Hi Kenny
Although the door may well be painted shut, based on my own experience, and other reports on the thread, I'm going to guess that a bigger impediment to opening the door(s) is that the hinge pins are frozen. Lots of WD-40 [affil link] or Liquid Wrench and patience may allow you to remove them or get them loosened up.
Luck & Regards,

Ted Mooney, finishing.com
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey


Railroad Potbelly Stove 15

Q. I have already restored my pot belly wood burning stove and it was no big deal. The most frustrating part was finding out that wood burning stove parts, pipes, etc., are not interchangeable or universal. What I AM having trouble with is replacement parts! I need one little part that I can't seem to find. It's the ash door. It's for a PB65XL Railroad Potbelly stove, listed as part #65-16. Have not been able to find it anywhere. Would anyone happen to know where I can get one? I have improvised for now but really need to correct one. Live in a very rural area that hasn't even heard of an iron worker, per se, to have one custom made.

Railroad Potbelly Stove 16

Thanks for any help,

Allyson Newell
- Chandler, Arizona, USA
December 24, 2011

Ed. note: A list of current sources for parts is now maintained in the Introduction

Q. I have an antique cast iron cook stove that belonged to my grandmother that I am wanting to restore. My family used to use the stove for heat and for cooking on a regular basis. On 3rd January of this year we had a house fire that destroyed everything except my grandmother's cast iron stove and her cast iron cookware. Once I get more settled I'm wanting to restore the stove and cookware.

Can I use the same suggestions that have already been given here on this stove or should I proceed with extra caution with both the stove and cookware since they've been through the house fire? I haven't gotten a chance to inspect the stove up close yet but the cookware was completely stripped of the seasoning (except one skillet that was sitting in another and the side of it was protected by the one it was sitting in) and I'm assuming the stove has as well. The stove has gone through a couple of good rain storms and a snow since the fire so I'm also assuming I will have to deal with rust in the restoration process.

Any tips and suggestions would be most appreciated as I really want to preserve this stove and the cookware as they all have great sentimental value to me.

Jennifer Gibson
- Murray, Kentucky, United States
January 17, 2012

Q. I have a very old pot belly wood stove that it in good condition other than the back, which appears to be sheet metal. What type of material should I use to replace it? Also on the front/bottom door there are several little windows 2x2 that have some type of material in them. It's not glass. I would also like to know where I could purchase these items.
thank you

Dan Tanis
Hobbyist - Muskegon, Michigan, USA
February 9, 2012

A. Hi, Dan. Hot rolled steel is probably what you are looking for for the back. A local weld shop probably stocks enough to complete the job to avoid the complexity of going to a steel warehouse.

If you don't describe these 2 x 2 items, I don't think anyone can hazard a guess as to what they are made of :-)
But if they are in fact "windows", then they are probably a glass-like transparent ceramic that goes by trade names like Pyroceram or Neoceram. My local glass shop stocks it and cuts replacement "glass" for woodburning stoves, and I think many glass shops will have it and be able to cut it.. Best of luck.


Ted Mooney, finishing.com
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey

Q. My husband and I have tackled the task of refinishing an old wood cook stove to use. He completely disassembled the stove and is in the process of putting it back together. My question is, what to do to the actual cooking surface. Paint or not to paint? Condition it as you would a cast iron pan?

Brenda Rude
retired from health care - Marquette, Michigan US
February 17, 2012

A. Hi Brenda. There may a bit of a semantics issue here since I don't think people would fry bacon or eggs directly on this, without a pan, as if it were a griddle. If there actually is a griddle section, yes, it would need to be seasoned like a cast iron frying pan. But if the surface is one that you put a pan onto, then stove paint or stove polish is probably fine.

Good luck.


Ted Mooney, finishing.com
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey


Q. Hello, I need to know where to find a copy of the assembly guide for parts for a 1900 Eagle wood stove.

Mario Thompson
- Due West, South Carolina, USA
April 22, 2012


Q. Am thinking about restoring my wood burning stove and have some questions. What is the best method to protect a wood burning stove -- high temperature paint or stove polish? [Ed. note: for this question please see thread 11428, "Restoring a cast iron wood stove completely covered in rust"]

Also does anyone have any information on a Atlanta 828 Challenger wood burning stove (such as manuals or parts)? Where can you find firebox grates for wood burning stoves? Are there any type of bolts that are better when replacing them? How are trivets used on wood burning stoves? Thanks for any help.

John Smedley
- Mission, Texas, USA
June 10, 2012

An Atlanta Stove is also mentioned in thread 11428


Q. I am beginning research and work on a Washington Stove Works Olympic stove. I am looking for an owner's manual and information regarding paint/sealer as I am removing surface rust.

Brett Martin
- Topeka, Kansas, USA
January 6, 2013

Q. As with others, I too am looking for parts for Washington Stove Works Parlor Stove No. 42.
To start with I need a foot/leg.
Thank you for this site as well; has helped me a lot.
There has to be a stove boneyard someplace in this wonderful country of ours with lots of parts. Please help me.

Rick Brower
So. Lake Tahoe, California
April 2, 2015

Ed. note: A list of current sources for parts is now maintained in the Introduction

thumbs up signI want to thank you for the great response on where to get stove parts. I think the idea of posting ALL the places and bone yards of stove parts is a great idea and would answer about half the questions on this site, maybe it could be posted on a header page for this blog so lazy folks like me who don't read all the other posts can, most likely, have their question answered from the git go.
Of course no recommendations or the references.
Thanks again,

Rick Brower [returning]
- So. Lake Tahoe, California USA
May 7, 2015

Thanks Rick. I've now listed the known info about parts in the Introduction. If anyone wants to prepare a longer list, or offer feedback on the current list, we'd be happy to get it :-)


pic of Ted Mooney
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey
May 2015

Q. What is the best method of preserving a cook stove being left outside in a covered area. Our climate can get very damp in the winter. This is for namaste and not for use. Thinking about wiping with some type of oil. Thanks for your time. Grant

Grant Lange
- Port Alberni, BC, Canada
March 2, 2013

A. Hi Grant. Bare steel or cast iron will rust quickly outdoors. I think you'd be better off with a high quality paint job than with oil. Good luck.


Ted Mooney, finishing.com
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey


Q. Magee Grand 1901 Cookstove. Does anyone know where I can find parts for this beautiful stove
I need a grate, damper and side car...anything that would pertain to this stove

Rusti Wolny
- Equality, Alabama, USA
October 19, 2013

Ed. note: A list of current sources for parts is now maintained in the Introduction

A. I purchased a wood stove from my uncle in Wisconsin; it was in pieces. He told me to go to a welding shop and have them replace the belly of the stove with black metal. Then I got a roll of asbestos that I put in the seams to make it air tight. I used a spray can of paint black 5000 °F to paint the metal before I put it together.

If you have cracks in cast iron you can weld it with a stick welder using welding rods for cast iron.

I am not sure but perhaps rustoleum has black metal paint in a spray can you can paint your stove.

Also, on my stove all the cast iron has a nickel finish and I just wire brushed it and it looks just like new.


William Smith
- Big Spring, Texas


Q. We purchased a Premier dual gas/wood cook stove; we need help finding some missing parts and I haven't been able to find anything so far.
The enamel is great on the stove, but I think it is missing a piece that holds up the plates on the wood burning side.

19039-10a  19039-10b  19039-10c  19039-10d

I would appreciate any help or information at all.

Gina Collins
- Winthrop, Maine
January 9, 2015


Replacement fire bricks for Prizer coal cook stove - Senate model

Q. We have a Prizer Senate coal cook stove that we use in our basement for heat. It really could use new fire bricks - all else is in fairly good shape - want to have these bricks to do a change over after the winter months. Where can I find them?


Sandra J Rittenhouse
owner - Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania USA
January 29, 2016

"Firebrick, pack of 6"

Affil. Link
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A. Hi Sandra. Hopefully another reader will correct me, but I don't think custom size firebrick packages will be available for old stoves considering the hundreds of brands and thousands of models. I believe what you must do is buy standard size firebricks (they're about the size of concrete pavers) and saw them to shape with a concrete saw as I did for my old woodstove (actually my son ran the concrete saw). If you don't have a friend with a concrete saw and the muscles, the brick can probably be cut by a homeowner with a large enough tile saw. Good luck.


pic of Ted Mooney
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
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Q. I just picked up a Prizer stove trying to figure out year and model, and if parts are available for it.

19039-12c   19039-12b   19039-12a  

Andrew Kuch
- NEW EAGLE Pennsylvania
September 18, 2018

Ed. note: A list of current sources for parts is now maintained in the Introduction

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