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58242. If zinc is more reactive than steel, why does it corrode slower? (January 14)
60283. Cosmetic finish for a brazed Brass/Aluminum part (January 7)
38265. Why must Copper Bus Bar be Tin Plated? open Q. (January 2)
57147. Making a galvanized bolt non-conductive (January 2)
  3284. Mold coating to prevent Polyethersulfone adhesion (January 2)
32579. Black zinc chromate plated on stainless steel (January 2)
19266. Corrosion of Zinc blue passivated screws assembled to sulphuric anodised Aluminium Component (January 2)
28801. Need options to color steel red (January 2)
27089. Tungsten plating isn't as hard as it should be open Q. (January 1)
47205. 430 stainless steel use in bath shower area (December 20)
27848. Galvanize or powder coat a trailer hitch? (December 17)
  1686. Corrosion resistance of Hard Chrome vs. HVOF? open Q. (December 13)
16063. Best finish for fasteners in heavy truck applications, when trucks are acid washed (December 7)
40621. What process can create a scratch proof stainless steel surface? (December 5)
27167. Coating stainless steel with inorganic zinc silicate (November 16)
59450. Stainless steel finishes for 1000-hour salt spray (November 15)
60225. HD Galvanized steel vs Aluminum 5052 H32, Resistance to salt Spray Test (November 15)
24160. Tarnishing of Stainless Enclosures camera (November 2)
  7605. Black Oxide vs. Phosphate for Automotive Chisels & Punches open Q. (October 25)
14325. Silver's Corrosion Protection Properties (October 21)



12526. If the blast profile is higher than required, what is the remedy? open Q. (January 2)
15011. Does blasting only clean, or does it increase surface area? (December 19)
14468. How does the grease content of Polishing Compound effect finishing? open Q. (December 7)
  5629. Vibratory finishing of Stainless Steel to a mirror finish (December 2)
33098. Cleaning and Polishing Brass Cartridge Cases for Reloading Ammunition open Q. (November 23)
12581. Burnished areas on polished airplane wing camera open Q. (November 16)
  6434. How to do Satin Finish on Stainless Steel open Q. (November 1)
  6927. Copper polishing for optical use open Q. (October 26)


7862. Best way to remove all trace oils from stainless steel tubing? (January 16)
45662. Can we skip cleaning and de-rusting before phosphatizing if the parts are blasted? open Q. (January 8)
14221. Surface Activation for Phosphating. Grain Size Issues open Q. (January 8)
52624. Zinc phosphating for rubber to metal bonding (January 7)
  4160. Remedial action if ss material blasted with steel shot (January 2)
41404. Rust on zinc phosphated parts camera (January 2)
46618. Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Passivation of Stainless Steel open Q. (December 23)
10704. Why is the optimum temperature for degreasing agents between 80-85 °C? (December 22)
47682. Electropolishing and Chemical Etching Processes for Cobalt Chromium (December 14)
14083. Electropolishing interior of a 1000 gal SS tank (December 7)
43530. Passivation, but not per AMS2700E suggested type (December 2)
58533. Wasteless one step phosphating open Q. (November 15)
12028. How many times can you pickle steel (November 8)
16827. How to maintain the Total acid and Free acid ratio in Phosphating process? (October 31)
37409. Zinc phosphate sludge formation rate? (October 31)
28681. 17-4PH Passivation Problems (October 26)
54869. Passivating Cobalt Chrome implants ... nitric vs. citric acid camera (October 26)
52693. Passivated parts Per ASTM A967 show signs of rust open Q. (October 13)
18495. Electropolishing open Q. (October 12)


13023. Powder Coating in Lieu of Plastisol for Anodizing Racks open Q. (September 20)



34822. Alodine 1200S lowest service temperature (January 4)
36240. Can't color anodize type 7075 T651 Aluminum (December 13)
22258. Arcing around plugged holes during chromic acid anodize camera (December 13)
  6733. Can 2-year-old chemical polishing bath for aluminum be used? open Q. (December 8)
  3678. Anodised Aluminum Journal Bearing open Q. (December 2)
42711. Is it possible to hard anodize 2219 with a coating thickness of .001"? open Q. (November 30)
60331. Extending corrosion durability beyond 'normal' hard coat anodizing? open Q. (November 25)
60325. Clear type II anodize over masked black type III anodize (November 22)
43432. Peeling off of anodized surface on aluminum castings open Q. (November 16)
60242. How to do matte anodize and mirror surface on one sheet (like iPhone 5) open Q. (November 15)
60312. Will press fit into plastic rub anodizing off? (November 13)
60309. Polished Aluminum vs Undercoated Aluminum (November 5)
17285. Type 3003-H14 Perforated Anodized Aluminum open Q. (November 1)
  1819. Q&As on Teflon (PTFE) impregnated Hard Anodizing of Aluminum open Q. (November 1)
32137. Burning problem in Hard Anodizing of Aluminum camera open Q. (October 26)
60302. Runs streaks in type III black dye camera (October 26)
15825. Uneven color in black anodizing (October 21)
42251. Chromate Conversion vs Anodizing (October 18)
45267. Hard Anodizing - Recommended Thickness (October 18)
60295. Anodizing on Threads open Q. (October 17)
  3357. Hard wear resistant Coating for Aluminium (October 17)
  6237. Tacky 2024 Anodized Parts (October 12)
26660. Anodizing Automotive Brightwork Q&A's camera open Q. (October 7)
17772. Polishing anodized aluminum open Q. (October 7)
  3428. Bending anodized aluminum pipe open Q. (October 5)
28623. Want black anodizing on one side and brigh plating on other side of aluminum heatsink open Q. (October 5)


60352. Acid vs Cyanide gold plating solutions open Q. (January 16)
28851. Some problems with Process of Zinc-Nickel Plating (January 13)
49875. Ni-Cr Plating on Shock Absorber Spring fails CASS Test and also Peels (January 13)
12412. Brighteners for silver plating (January 11)
38877. Some problems in alkaline zinc plating open Q. (January 8)
30106. Zinc plating thickness vs. salt spray resistance (January 6)
56270. Discoloration of Zinc Plating with Yellow Chromate Treatment camera open Q. (January 5)
35361. Pyrophosphate and non-cyanide copper strike/plating process open Q. (December 28)
40492. Shade variation after bright & satin nickel plating open Q. (December 28)
12486. Lacquer and zinc plating open Q. (December 28)
54125. Fabricating a diamond polishing scaife by plating open Q. (December 25)
60342. Magnetism due to nickel plating open Q. (December 23)
22709. What stones are hurt and unhurt by plating? open Q. (December 20)
40943. Abrasion resistance of black zinc plating (December 17)
28863. Cyanide copper plating pits in low current density areas (December 16)
23686. Gold Bath Calculation for Alumina Substrate Plating (December 14)
29746. Chrome plating of zinc die castings -- Problems and Solutions open Q. (December 13)
10392. Poor coverage on interior of nickel plated Aluminum Casting camera open Q. (December 10)
60339. How to get a lighter color gold plate (11 karat?) on vintage musical instrument? camera open Q. (December 2)
35480. Zinc plating and rust (November 30)
23301. Formulas for brush plating solutions for gold plating open Q. (November 27)
23685. Trouble with rose gold plating (November 27)
16467. Nickel strike plating on stainless steel open Q. (November 26)
29622. Nickel/Cobalt plating as alternative to Nickel/Hexavalent Chrome open Q. vip (November 18)
  3795. How to overcome non uniform thickness in nickel electroplating camera (November 17)
33930. Is it possible to electroplate gold onto a carbon electrode? (November 17)
60286. Micro Holes in Nickel Plating on Tungsten Rhenium Wire camera (November 15)
  7281. Low friction texture chrome plating (November 7)
51293. Can't get Zinc electroplating and chromate into threaded hole (November 5)
31938. How to separate cadmium and tin anodes open Q. (November 4)
  5694. Tarnish on tin plating (November 4)
  2215. Cadmium Plating thickness distribution problem (November 4)
26438. Gold anodes for a gold plating bath open Q. (October 31)
  8297. Plating is dissolving in alkaline non-cyanide zinc tank (October 27)
35258. Alternate Hard Chrome Mixed Catalyst open Q. (October 26)
60301. Nickel plating before Acid Copper Plating on Steel open Q. (October 24)
18493. Silver Plating Discoloration -- turning pink (October 18)
16894. 6% Sb HEEF anode corrosion in work area open Q. (October 18)
55289. LHE CAD plating solution turns white when current is on open Q. (October 18)
36290. Nickel-chrome plating of stainless steel camera (October 16)
60284. Electrical effect on adhesion in plating tank (October 8)
28003. Silver Flashing vs Tin Plating of Switchgear Bus Bar open Q. (October 6)
  5106. Tin plated parts are black open Q. (October 2)


60350. Electroless satin nickel plating too sensitive to fingerprinting open Q. (December 29)
20973. Problems and Solutions in ENIG (Electroless nickel / immersion gold)open Q. (December 13)
60315. Alternative to Woods strike on SST before Electroless Nickel plate (November 15)
41906. Dummying" an electroless nickel plating bath open Q. (November 9)
32382. Electrical contact resistance with electroless nickel plating (November 5)
55101. Plating of 3-D Printed Plastic Parts? open Q. (October 16)
60285. Why no electroless chrome platings available commercially? open Q. (October 7)


  7846. PVD coatings: color control (January 4)
60307. PVD Coatings for Erosion and Corrosion Resistance (November 10)


54105. Aluminium additions to Galvanizing Kettle open Q. (January 15)
57322. Want 200 µm galvanizing -- what thickness steel is needed? (January 13)
60351. Big Galvanizing $$ Savings by REDUCING DRY SKIMS (MZR, NIFTY, BETTER FLUX) by Dr. Thomas H. Cook (January 6)
45719. Hot dip galvanizing: what is reasonable dross & ash material loss? (January 2)
43365. Hot dip galvanizing flux Q & A's, Problems and Solutions open Q. (January 2)
59756. Need DARK galvanising alloy. What is black galvanizing? camera (December 29)
54149. How many zinc ingots will be consumed in galvanizing 605 MT and drossing? (December 23)
23142. How to Coat galvanized screen black for solar heat applications (December 9)
22164. Difference between Electrogalvanized Steel and Hot Dip Galvanized Steel open Q. (November 27)
60311. When removing solidified tin, substrate becomes exposed open Q. (November 5)


    982. A fast way to get "slow rust finish" open Q. (November 29)
60337. Caustic black oxide without tank immersion - could it work? open Q. vip (November 29)
38738. Black Oxide finish for iron "Bower-Barff" finish (November 22)
52408. Best Alternative to Black Oxide Plating (November 17)
60313. Surface issues with blackened steel rods open Q. (November 9)
45705. Is Passivation or Black Oxide Finish better for Stainless Steel? (October 25)
42163. Is black oxide (Ebonol C) suitable for cleanroom use? open Q. (October 18)

    2g. OTHER INORGANIC FINISHING: Mechanical Plating, QPQ, Metal Spray, etc.

60294. What metals can be electrolytically chromated? (December 26)
41952. Dacromet coating questions open Q. (December 19)



49724. Problems at corners/edges on e-coated part open Q. (January 16)
39698. CED Paint conductivity is dropping (November 30)
60321. CED coated metal is it wear resistant? (November 14)
11694. New E-coating Questions open Q. (October 31)


  5753. PPE for Powder Coating (January 14)
52691. Powder coating dissolving during solvent test (November 22)
38745. Need powder to meet Ford WSS-M2P180-A / WSS-M2P90 powder coating spec open Q. (November 4)
16565. Powder coating on small machined parts is thin on chamfers (November 1)


56727. Gold Plating Iphones and mobile phones, Q & A's camera (January 2)
30273. Lacquer for gold plating camera open Q. (November 15)
60320. How to obtain a PUD [Polyurethane Dispersion?] open Q. (November 14)


37471. How to get paint to adhere to anodized cast iron (January 16)
22874. Painting Stainless Steel (January 2)
29692. Teflon recoating of pots & pans and kitchen utensils open Q. (November 30)
16257. Painting new galvanized gate open Q. (November 21)
35573. Salt spray test of epoxy coated rebar open Q. (November 21)
13089. Is nickel or cadmium better in water based adhesive (November 13)
60314. Smudging of black ink during sublimation heat transfer process open Q. (November 9)
18779. Teflon coating of stainless steel open Q. (November 5)
  4016. What coating to protect clear plastic from abrasion/wear? open Q. (October 17)
60287. Contamination from Additives (PVC) in Wire Insulation Influences the Contact Resistance? open Q. (October 16)
16388. Putting Acrylic Paint on top of Nitro Cellulose Lacquer (October 11)



58797. How to achieve Brown Zinc Chromate finish? camera (January 11)
15330. Cold blackening of copper is coming out red open Q. (January 10)
  2046. Yellow Dichromate inconsistent color shade (December 2)


34791. Soldering Nickel plated components open Q. (December 13)
60330. Indium soldering over chromate conversion coating on copper (November 29)


  2076. Removing anodizing from aluminum open Q. (January 11)
21422. How to Strip nickel plating from iron or steel open Q. (December 29)
36816. Proper solution ratio for stripping bronze plating off racks open Q. (December 20)
34072. Can a plating be professionally removed? (December 17)
  4884. How to remove 12µm Aluminum oxide on Aluminium alloy (December 16)
40345. Stripping peeling chrome rims camera (November 15)
60300. Removing Yellow Chromate color from a zinc plated part (November 15)
29778. HCl won't strip Chrome from Ceramic (October 27)
11442. Removal (stripping) of zinc phosphate from steel open Q. (October 23)



11573. How to measure efficiency of cleaning of metal? open Q. (January 15)
46657. Process/Procedure for Cross Hatch Test - Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test open Q. (January 8)
  7652. XRF method for plating thickness measurement open Q. (January 4)
12323. Chromate drop test to verify absence of hexavalent chromium (December 19)
10549. Testing/analyzing Baths for Passivation of Stainless Steel open Q. (December 16)
10807. Corrosion tests for anodized aluminum quality open Q. (December 12)
12044. Testing if there is nickel plating under the chrome (December 7)
40095. Calculating / Analyzing Potassium Chloride in Acid Zinc Plating Bath open Q. (November 25)
14488. Salt Spray Standards - What do they really indicate? (November 22)
50132. Adjustable angle panel racks for salt fog cabinets open Q. (November 16)
  3999. How to distinguish between zinc and cadmium metals? open Q. (November 13)
34271. How to identify plating on antique police badges camera open Q. (November 13)
57020. Criteria to decide if component passed or failed Salt Spray Test open Q. (October 17)
41654. Determine % Nitric Acid by Titration? (October 14)
  1285. Can't Measure Thin Silver Coating on Copper with Mb-tube XRF open Q. (October 5)
60279. How to repeatably generate corrosion at an accelerated rate on brass components? (October 2)


  7245. Reducing COD in waste water (January 16)
51446. Ferric chloride or sulphate vs. ferrous chloride/sulphate (January 8)
14022. Recovering gold from plating waste water open Q. (January 7)
41896. High TDS problem at effluent treatment plant open Q. (January 4)
  3948. Characteristics of wastewater from electroplating industry open Q. (December 19)
60341. Reduction of ethylene glycol COD in effluent water open Q. (December 16)
20156. Removal of Calcium from wastewater open Q. (December 16)
41130. Re-use of high TDS waste from RO system? open Q. (December 13)
55252. How to separate cation resin from anion in a mixed bed (December 12)
32633. Tube module settler vs. lamella plate clarifier open Q. (December 7)
12891. Reduce sodium hydroxide consumption for neutralisation of spent acid (December 1)
33660. How to improve pH for DM water (November 15)
35032. Urgently need to know about regeneration of cation, anion, mixed beds, and regenerant preparation open Q. (October 24)
60288. Beef plant effluent sedimentation (October 13)


  3606. Black Chrome Plating of a Still (January 11)
34726. Can I use galvanized metal for kitchen tabletop? (January 7)
22092. Ruthenium Plating Process (January 6)
  7164. Is galvanised steel poisonous? open Q. (December 28)
33758. Gold turns skin black open Q. (November 30)
16433. We lied to Health & Safety of Ontario to save our jobs (November 17)
22201. Killing roots with copper sulphate. What happens in drain/sewer pipe? (November 13)
  5052. Environmental impact from chrome plating process open Q. (November 10)
11722. Are 24k Electroplated Pots & Pans Safe? open Q. (October 12)
21703. Is zinc chambered toaster oven safe? open Q. (October 12)


60316. Solar Powered battery rack as Electroplating Power Source? vip (January 1)
51573. Hard anodizing chiller sizing open Q. (December 19)
32578. Chrome plating mist /fume control (November 16)
60323. Carbon Fiber Anodes? open Q. (November 15) vip
60308. Cost $$$ (cap-ex) to open a small commercial gold plating shop? open Q. (November 4)
34366. Caustic tank liner material (October 24)
  8925. Longevity of Polypropylene (October 24)
39416. Sulphuric Acid Resistance (for Concrete Walls?) (October 5)


    097. Plating training in Malaysia or Singapore? open Q. (January 15)
    645. Need books about plating open Q. (January 8)
57091. Ban of Cadmium plating in India? open Q. (November 15)
42063. Using MIL-DTL-53030 Spec in lieu of MIL-P-23377?open Q. (November 7)
39060. AMS 2404, 2405 Specs & Testing (October 25)
  5396. Dwg. says Ra6.3; we did Ra1.6 -- is it okay? open Q. (October 22)
47674. Difference between MIL-C-5541 Class 1a and MIL-DTL-5541 Type 2 Class 1a (October 13)


  2788. What is "BUFF#200" finish, presumably Japanese? open Q. (November 9)
60304. What is "Emulsion Passivation"? (November 7)

    5g. REACH, RoHS, EOL Directive; Cd, Pb, Cr+6, Nitric Acid & Phosphate Replacements

57850. Is ASTM B633 Zinc Electroplating RoHS Compliant? open Q. (December 12)
10089. Is cadmium plating always RoHS incompatible? (November 16)
35470. Hexavalent Chromium Content and RoHS (October 22)
  4600. Cleaning flux residue from Aluminum without nitric acid open Q. (October 14)
14207. RoHS Chromate Conversion of Mg Alloys? open Q. (October 7)
60281. Is MIL-P-18317 Plating RoHS Compatible open Q. (October 5)


55257. How to anneal barbells to bend shaft into circles open Q. (January 16)
12132. Protecting weld areas on 316L stainless steel from hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid (January 2)
46234. Effect of Sulphur in AISI 303 open Q. (November 6)
60305. Black patches when continuously casting copper open Q. (October 27)
60296. Nitrided sheet metal parts warp after pickling open Q. (October 18)
32129. How to anneal brass camera (October 5)


19035. Hydrogen peroxide used for tile cleaning turned my stainless steel brown (January 16)
13388. Galvanized roofing for bathroom walls (January 16)
43464. Gold is turning my skin green open Q. (January 15)
35320. Costume Jewelry for Photo Jewelry open Q. (January 13)
  5048. How to Extract Gold from Computer Circuit Boards? (January 11)
  6773. Q&As about Gold Plated Flatware (January 11)
42765. Testing Red Gold open Q. (January 8)
  6082. Difference Between Chrome and Nickel Plating open Q. (January 7)
    085. Problems and solutions for copper electroforming camera open Q. (January 7)
  7077. Does black nickel plating need lacquering? open Q. (January 7)
  7897. Aluminum saildrive is pitting; is copper bottom paint the problem? camera (January 4)
41408. Artist made me a steel fountain but it's rusting away immediately open Q. (January 4)
22798. Removing bright gold colored finish from Japanese pot metal replicas camera (January 2)
33531. Non-cyanide silver plating for jewelry items open Q. (January 1)
24233. How to age or rust galvanized steel open Q. (December 29)
33078. Strip Brass Plating from low carbon steel substrate open Q. (December 28)
60340. How to gold plate rough stone surface open Q. (December 23)
11972. Preparation of Rokusho patina (December 20)
21693. Sealing Aluminum to prevent oxidation? open Q. (December 20)
60344. Want to give glass a frosted, pitted look open Q. (December 19)
28788. What is electroplated gold? (December 19)
25366. Inside of Cast Iron Tea Kettle is Rusting (December 18)
60343. Brown mold (growth) in acid copper plating tank open Q. (December 18)
53795. Want a chemical that heats up when mixed with water open Q. (December 18)
53424. Gold plating brass ammunition (December 13)
14061. Power supply requirements for anodizing (December 12)
52522. Grout cleaner stains on my chrome fixtures (December 9)
16945. 1001 Q&As on Corten rusted steel open Q. (December 7)
37255. Zinc Plating a Cast Iron Carburetor (December 5)
21436. Cleaning headstone Bronze Markers (December 5)
25532. How to Rust corrugated Galvalume steel open Q. (December 4)
26801. Solving an electrolysis problem in home plumbing open Q. (December 2)
45494. Jewelry ruined by water (December 1)
29192. Tell me how to reline/re-tin copper pots & pans (December 1)
17571. Painting Bathroom Faucets / Fixtures (November 30)
30442. What paint do I use on a metal mailbox? (November 30)
43983. Have I found Platinum? (November 26)
28963. What could be causing the pitting and corroding (November 23)
60326. Allergic to Silver -- will Rhodium Plating It Help? (November 22)
29724. Can I plate cupronickel from mix of copper sulfate and nickel sulfate? (November 21)
27423. Electrolysis separation of copper/silver/gold (November 18)
30306. Nickel sulfamate formula for D-I-Y plating (November 15)
39975. How do I paint on plastic mesh camera (November 13)
48843. Which acid makes the color of gold orange? open Q. (November 11)
43465. Distressing a mirror which is fixed to the wall and can't be taken down camera open Q. (November 10)
  9404. Baking soda lightened by gold ring (November 7)
41517. How to make gold plating last longer? (November 2)
19891. Remove chrome from new solid brass Chicago Faucet open Q. (November 1)
51933. Rare 1935 magnesium Bugatti needs Bright, Silvery Finish! camera (October 31)
38657. Architect needs to mimic mill-scale finish open Q. (October 26)
15006. Will 18kt gold plating tarnish? (October 26)
23300. Magnetic Levitation (October 25)
55324. Contamination Stains on Gold Plated Brass open Q. (October 25)
41124. Q&A's Replating of Silver Rings open Q. (October 24)
  7485. Nickel + palladium barrier layer for silver plating on brass is peeling open Q. (October 24)
58797. Where or how to get brown zinc chromate finish open Q. (October 23)
37106. Trying to find a powder form of Sodium Hypochlorite to make 12%-15% bleach open Q. (October 21)
11428. Is my wood stove insulation asbestos? (October 18)
41930. Aluminium shade battens screwed to hot dipped galvanised steel frame open Q. (October 18)
40929. Need re-nickeling of copper pots (October 17)
34318. Cast iron Claw-foot Bathtubs (October 16)
  3338. How do I stop copper oxidation? open Q. (October 14)
60290. Can I plate over zinc phosphate? (October 14)
60291. Green Dust on the car chrome camera open Q. (October 13)
57431. Preparing a Pewter Surface to be Oil Painted open Q. (October 7)
21483. Cleaning, Polishing & Refinishing Bronze Cymbals (October 5)


60353. Pickle Inhibitors for 300 series Austenic Stainless open Q. (January 16)
34692. Why not electroplate a gold look with iron pyrite? (January 14)
14623. Science project on electrolytic cleaning plates (January 10)
35289. Anode for pulse reverse plating of chromium (January 4)
60310. Thermal effects of drilling steel (January 1)
60228. PVDF coating PVC coated fibers (January 1)
60231. More metal was electrodeposited at low flow rate than at high flow rate (January 1)
13255. Stainless steel pipe for sea water (January 1)
60274. Gold coating on PVDF (January 1)
29312. Formaldelhyde leaks into boiler at shutdown (January 1)
60348. How can Tungsten, Tantalum, and Iridium be plated to Aluminum (December 29)
56947. Voltages and rectifier selection for chrome plating process (December 23)
15559. Silver extraction from x-ray testing open Q. (December 17)
39340. What dissolves gold nano-particles? (December 12)
43283. Palladium over silver for electrodes in salt water? (December 5)
34579. Gold, Silver, Copper -- which is the better for EEG electrodes open Q. (November 27)


26203. Fruits making electricity? (January 16)
11675. Understanding and converting resistance, resistivity, conductance, and conductivity (January 11)
13443. Why do citric acids clean pennies best (January 6)
33608. Why does soda dissolve a penny (December 9)
  8159. Pennies in apple cider vinegar turned black (December 2)
14038. How much copper sulphate would you consume before you die (December 2)
11608. Science project: Gold Quarter Coin (November 2)
18683. Science project: paints to prevent rust (October 29)
  7801. Science Fair Project on Conductive Metals open Q. (October 12)


34676. Best and Easiest way to refine gold open Q. (January 16)
10153. Sedgwick Residential Elevators open Q. (January 16)
29544. Washing machine drain line backs up open Q. (January 11)
23016. Removing thrown egg -- now frozen -- from car (January 10)
20150. Permissable gold losses in refining (January 3)
29294. 18/10 vs. 18/8 and 18/0 stainless steel for pots & pans open Q. (January 2)
52856. Muriatic Acid for fiberglass shower/ tub (December 31)
10275. How to remove water stains / white rings from wood tables open Q. (December 30)
31079. How to Make Artificial Sweat and Conduct Testing (December 29)
37685. How to Refine Rhodium and Separate from Gold open Q. (November 22)

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