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How to start a simple, low investment galvanizing plant

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I am a US citizen living in Honduras, Central America. I want to start a hot dipping galvanizing small plant to use it for my wrought iron components and furniture factory, and further improve the quality of these for outdoors use. This would be a good sales point, having galvanized wrought iron forged components and furniture to use in home and buildings in the outdoors. Capable of tolerating environmental conditions. The questions is: how do I get started with a simple and low investment galvanizing plant, do I need special machines, what would be the process and test methods recommended. There are not much regulations here in terms of environmental issues in comparison to the US.

Thank you for you reading and helping with your answers.

Sergio Borjas
- Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS


I would recommend that you set up a powder booth for outdoor furniture Vs hot dip or electro-galvanizing.

Jack Lofstrom
- Glenview, Illinois, USA


The Galvanizing process hasn't radically changed over the past 100 years. The process simply consists of a number of pre treatment baths followed by the Zinc Kettle and finally a dichromate quench, which helps minimize the effects of white rusting. Do you opt for galvanizing or do you choose powder coating? To answer this you must first ask yourself the following questions.

1. To what level do you want your product protected?
2. What are your current levels of production?
3. What will be the largest item you will want protecting?
4. How much room do you have? If galvanizing is the option for you then the setup is very simple, the largest asset being the cost of the zinc itself.

Happy investigating..

Ash Arya
- Auckland, New Zealand

July 21, 2011

To: Ash Arya

Can you kindly explain those simple setups for starting a small hot dip galvanizing plant, because I need to start one. please,please!!!

Thabisa Nkosiyane
manufacturing washers - South Africa
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