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Removing TiN (titanium Nitride) coating


Q. Is there any method to remove Titanium Nitride coating without affecting the base material?

Vasudevan Swaminathan
- Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA


A. Dear Vasudevann:

I posed the same question few months ago and got answers. My substrate was alloy steel and Hydrogen Peroxideamazoninfo mixed with caustic soda worked. You didn't say your base metal, but look into this site. I am sure you also will.


Guillermo Marrufo
Monterrey, NL, Mexico


A. Stripping of Ti Nitride. H202 and EDTA, some of one a slug of the other and moderate heat. Ti-nitride all gone, base metal OK

Jon Quirt
- Fridley, Minnesota


A. Dear sir,

What letter number to reach that formula? Tell me more for a clue.

Best regards.

Prasarn Hutpattanasilp
- Samutsakorn, Center, Thailand

Note to Readers: Search our site for "strip TiN remove nitride" or see letter 5007.

February 14, 2011

Q. I am using Hydrogen Peroxide & caustic soda to remove TiN Coating from M50 tool. Having a recent concern with pitting corrosion in the areas were the TiN has been removed. Any possible root causes?

Ron Rhoads
- Lason, South Carolina

January 13, 2012

Q. I had some piston rings with a 5 mil titanium nitride coating (which I needed to remove in order to remelt the rings and do a ferrous analysis via an Optical Emission Spectrophotometer).

I tried a solution of hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide as suggested. After 10 minutes of active bubbling, I removed the part from the solution and noted no visual change evident. The same observation was made after another 10 minutes, at which point I threw in some EDTA for good luck. Another 10 minutes ... no difference.

Finally, I let the things sit for 3 hours in the solution. The bubbling has calmed down, and there's still no observable change to the titanium nitride layer.

If the H2O2 method truly works, how long should it take?

Kurt Snyder
- Warren, Michigan, USA

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