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Barber Chair Restoration Problems & Solutions

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A discussion started in 2001 but continuing through 2020

July 10, 2015

Q. I need to find two sets of Short Arms for 1950s Belmonts. Does anyone know where I can get them?

George Monroe
- North Carolina

August 23, 2015

Q. I have a Koken Chair from 1920 , a Belmont Chairfrom 1900's, which need some hydronic fluid and basic referbusing. I need to know the approximate value of each chair that's in good working condition. I am having basic restorations done on the chairs because the silver at the base needed silver coating to improve the quality . I am a NY State Licensed Master Barber in retrospect of about fifty years , and these chairs are part of an inventory that was twenty plus chairs . Anyone interested , and can offer advice , I would deeply appreciate it,


Joseph M Jones
- Hempstead LongIsland New York USA

September 16, 2015

Q. I have a Koken Premier Barber Chair (I believe manufactured in 1962) were the Chair Recline Mechanism is not allowing the chair to recline. The Pump/Recline handle of the chair does not seem to be engaging the Recline mechanism. I need instructions on the procedure to correct this problem.

Does anyone have any technical data that would cover this problem?

Any help would be appreciated.

W Wilson
- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US

October 14, 2015

Q. My question is how to remove a Emil J. Padar 1930's pump handle. The chair pumps up and holds. The handle will not pull out to release the mechanism to lay it back. And I want to disassemble to rechrome.

Morris Hensley
- DUNEDIN, Florida USA

January 9, 2016

Q. Hi, I'm looking for a (HEADREST). For a yr. 1950 BELMONT model no.5 it has two posts 1-3/4" in. center to center any assistance please?

Michael P Murphy
- Pleasant Hill California U.S.A.

January 10, 2016

Q. I have an old barber chair I bought about 25 years ago, took it apart most of the bolts & screws I cut to remove. How can I find out what year it is or where to find the serial # it's a Koken with the chrome ends on the armrests, where can I order all the screws & bolts for a chair like that??

Ely De Hoyos
- Laredo, Texas USA

May 23, 2016

A. If chair is locked, remove seat, remove jack arm assembly, get a inch and half piece of PVC pipe that will slide down piston arm and rest on top of piston, take hammer and strike pipe, piston should drop down. Be sure to remove most of the oil. Brake has it locked or piston has come up too high and is catching.

mickey taylor
barber - clintwood Virginia us

March 15, 2016

Q. Hello, I need the brackets, that connects the two footplate together. For Koch's barber chair. Thanks Roy.

Roy Zitek
- Redmond Oregon usa

October 6, 2016

Q. I have a mid-50's (I think) Belmont barber chair. I can't lock it to stop it from rotating. It always wants to rotate away from the direction I want to face. Am I correct that rotating the pump up handle should stop the chair from rotating? Can someone point me in the right direction to fix it?

Thanks in advance

Terry Lyle
- Gainesville, Florida

October 13, 2016

Q. Can you figure out a manufacture date be serial number?
Near as I can get is by patent number, and that would put my Koken chair 1903-1911, which is kind of a wide range.

Kirt Davis
- Roy, Utah

November 10, 2016

Q. Hi, I just bought an old Belmont chair and it seems to be missing the break valve or stopper with a 3 in O-ring around it does anyone know where to buy parts or to have them made?

mike connell
- ontario canada

February 27, 2017

Q. I have what I believe is a Berninghaus chair. My issues...
1.The chair back has no porcelain. It has a large headrest groove/saddle in the top. It has a single post headrest.
2. The area where your calves would lay is completely wood covered in Naugahyde. There is no metal framework around the pad. All of this appears to be original.

I am wanting to know what model this is and what is correct and not correct prior to restoring. Any info helps.

Rich Dolsen
- Ft Wayne, Indiana, USA

March 20, 2017

Q. I have a 1931 Emil J Paidar barber chair but it's missing the calf rest and headrest. Other than Ebay and Amazon are there any other sites that I can look to for missing parts for my chair?

Adrian Calderon
- Brigham city utah

April 7, 2017

Q. I just recently acquired an 1920's Theo A Kochs barbers chair that needed some work. I have taken off the cast iron and it is in a finishing shop as I speak to be re plated in nickel. Now, the huge question, the upholstery needs to be redone. The color appears to be a "tanish" color. What I would like to have done is have all the upholstery redone in a red color. Is there a specific red color used? If so, would anyone know the name of that red color? Many thanks in advance.

mark simo
- Bartlett, Illinois,USA

May 3, 2017

Q. I have my Grandfather's 1920 something Koken barber chair. I plan on restoring it as much as my budget will allow. My question is, other than new leather, what restoration details really make a chair pop? I know I will need leather redone as it is old and torn in spots...what is the next best and or cheapest/easiest thing to restore? Also, anyone near the upstate of South Carolina that knows where to find Koken parts? Thanks.

Stephen Allen
- Boiling Springs, South Carolina USA

August 17, 2017

Q. Hello, I'm restoring a 1950's Tamara Belmont chair and need the hydraulic pump arm and mechanism. I'm willing to purchase the bottom half of the chair if I have to. Or if anyone might know or have used a machinist to build parts. If I could get a name or number that would be awesome! No one in my area is interested in helping a girl.

Thank you for your time.

Merina Shearing
Stache Barber Shop Trim & Shaving Co. - Dawson Creek, BC. Canada

September 1, 2017

Q. Are Berninghaus Hercules chair parts interchangeable with Koken of similar model?

darryl brooks
- romeo Michigan

September 3, 2017

Q. What's a good way to clean & polish white porcelain? Just finished working on a Theo-A-Kochs barbers chair. Did what I could afford, few pieces of the cast iron redone (couldn't afford to do all of them however) and had it reupholstered. Just need to work on the porcelain now.

24359-23a   24359-23b  

Mark Simo [returning]
- Bartlett, Illinois, USA

Folks, we've received WAY MORE questions than answers -- please try your best to answer one of the many open questions before posting your own!

It's YOUR hobby, not the editor's, and there's little point in posting endless strings of unanswered questions, and no one actually engaging in conversation with their peers :-)


October 25, 2017

Q. I am repairing a Koken barber chair about 1920's is there any other reason why the piston pump will not pull out other than being rusted in? I am under the impression it should just pull out, but it is stuck firm.
Help. Regards Tom.

Tom Eshman
N/A - Shortland NSW Australia

November 2, 2017

Q. Hello,

I am writing from a production company in London. We are making a show about antique restorations and I wanted to ask some questions about an antique 19th century barbers chair we have. We want to know how the head rest may have been contracted as we are missing an element. It is currently a bare shell showing some springs. I have photos and more information if you need.

If you think you could help it would be wonderful if you could email me to discuss further. If not, do you have any contacts who might specialise in this sort of thing?

Many thanks,

Katie Garner<katiegarner@curvemedia.com>
Curve Media - London, united kingdom

January 29, 2018

Q. What can be used as a replacement for the handle knob on the pump handle of a Paidar Cahaie^Chair?

Eric Stoneburner
- Richland, Michigan

February 13, 2018

Q. I have just bought a 1920/40s antique Koken barber chair. The chair pumps up and down, swivels all around, and reclines, but it does not lock in place when it reclines. So when you're siting in it, it slowly will tilt back. There is a screw in the middle on the bottom to tighten it and it does falls back as much, but once you push it back to recline it becomes loose again. So there is no set position for the arm pump to be in, you just push the chair back to recline, but then it won't lock, any help?

tim beard
- austin, Texas, USA

July 5, 2018

Q. What oil does the hydraulic cylinder take. And how do I install it?

Adolph Gallegos
- Questa New Mexico US

July 2018
Hydraulic Fluid

A. Hi Adolf. Power steering fluid is probably fine if you can't find anything more specific. Hydraulic cylinders will have a plug you unscrew to add fluid. There are lots of youtube videos on how to add oil and how to rebuild them. Good luck.


pic of Ted Mooney
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey
Aloha -- an idea worth spreading

October 18, 2018

Q. A while back I came across a site that makes aftermarket footrest supports. They fit perfectly into the triangular impressions. I cannot seem to find the site any longer. Has anyone else seen what I am referring to?

Jay wells
- Ohio Cleveland

February 24, 2019

Q. I have just purchased a Belmont barber chair from the 1950's -- it's pretty rough. I am not sure how to take the hydraulic lift apart to repair it. Can anyone please point me in any direction on how to do this? And is there any place other than eBay to find parts?

24359-24a   24359-24b   24359-24c

James long
FS Salon - Moore, Oklahoma

February 25, 2019

Q. I'm blowing my Paidar 504 apart right now and a lot of the nickel pieces are polishing up nicely. There are a few spots on the porcelain that are busted and Arthe cast iron is starting to rust. I live in Austin, TX and am looking to see if it is possible to fix or correct this or if I have to just live with it. I really don't want to paint or powder coat it. I'd prefer to keep it porcelain if possible. But I am unfamiliar with the porcelain process.

24359-25a   24359-25d   24359-25c   24359-25b

Secondly, I checked the oil level and it is about two inches below the pump arm shaft. So I think it's good on oil however it will not pump up. When you push the handle forward it does rise up for a second and then sinks right back down. It's almost like the seals (if there are seals) are bad or the relief valve is stuck open. Any ideas? Unrelated but it reclines and swivels perfectly and the brake works great.

This is my first chair restoration so any and all help is appreciated.

Rodney Clayton
- Austin, Texas USA

July 5, 2019

Q. I have a 1954 or 1952 Emil J. Paidar barber chair. The chair is in excellent condition. I took the seat off, then removed the handle from the pump shaft. just a pin that went through the shaft and handle unit. Then I took the outer housing off, and the casing that holds the pump shaft. I then cleaned it up, put it back together except for the seat, and now the handle will not move in any direction. It was simple to take off and put back together, just take off 7 bolts. Every thing came off as a whole unit. Nothing to take apart. Any help would be appreciated. Have not put any oil in it.

George Hall
- Monterey Tennessee

August 27, 2019

Q. I have an oak 1890's Koken Barber chair with four leg pedestal. The claw feet are solid brass. I am trying to restore as close to original as possible. I have not been able to find any other chair that looks like it.

- Pacific, Missouri

February 19, 2020

Q. Hello. My name is Ashley. I fix and service barber and styling chairs. I am looking for any help locating a upholstery kit for a vintage Koch 1958 barber chair. I have researched material and it can be done from raw, but so many chairs were made that I'm hoping to find a pre fabricated kit. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Ashley Williams
Hand Man - United states

Folks, we get WAY MORE questions than answers -- please try to answer one before posting one!
If people don't want to engage with their fellow hobbyists, but just post a question, there will be no answers, so it's all just silly :-)   Thanks!

May 29, 2020

Q. I purchased an old Koken Barber chair and am going to start restoring it. How can I tell if it was Nickel or Chrome plated? Or is it easier to take one of the parts, once I have it polished to a plater and they can tell me.

Don Weatherly
- Smyrna, Georgia

May 2020

A. Hi Don. Certainly not just chrome, and probably not just nickel. Most likely nickel-chrome plating. Please see our Intro to Chrome Plating for a full explanation.


pic of Ted Mooney
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey
Aloha -- an idea worth spreading

June 5, 2020

thumbs up sign Thanks for the reply. Once I get the chair disassembled, I will contact a couple of area companies on plating options. First, I was thinking that it was nickel plated and then changed my mind to chrome. And now it sounds like it is probably both!! grin

Don Weatherly
- Smyrna, Georgia

May 1, 2020

Q. Hey guys I am re-assembling a 1910-20's Theo a Koch barber chair and I forgot how I took apart the reclining assembly. I have pictures of parts and all that of the space but I just can't figure out which direction to put the pieces. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

24359-26a   24359-26b

Nathan McDonald
Barber - oneonta New York usa

August 30, 2020

Q. HELP! THE HYDRAULICS won't budge, so I can't get it apart. Also I need the brackets and calf rest. Anyone help?

Stogie Mavs
- Avondale, Arizona

1940s Belmont Barber Chair

October 13, 2020

Q. Looking for the metal base rings for a chair with a base diameter of 23". Also tips on cleaning up/painting porcelain.

James sin
- Nova Scotia

Metalx nickel stripper

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