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1.  Forums

Whether your interest is painting, plating, powder coating, anodizing, bluing, galvanizing, or any finish, our forum connects the luminaries of the finishing world for camaraderie and to advance the art ... while offering students, artists, hobbyists, and enthusiasts the opportunity to get their questions answered, or share their own tips.

And we work hard to keep the forum free of spam and bickering, for a truly friendly, fun, educational atmosphere.

Public Q&A Forum    
Won't you join in for a few minutes? You've probably never seen a site like this, and we're pretty sure you'll like it!

We also have 60,000 older but active forum topics, plus historical topics from our electronic BBS, predating the Internet, and going back to 1989.

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2. FAQs

From school science projects to restoring worn silverplate, some questions are perennial . . .


Electroplating: How It Works  -   Anodizing of Aluminum  -   Chrome Plating  -   Rhodium Plating & White Gold Jewelry  

Silver Plating at Home  -  Student Science Project:  What Cleans Pennies Best  -  other FAQs

3.  Directories of Products & Services


These advertisers offer the jobshop finishing services that the readers require; and the products and services that finishing shops are looking for.

Jobshops Capital Equip. & Install'nChemicals & ConsumablesConsult'g, Train'g, SoftwareEnvironmental ComplianceTesting Svcs. & Devices

Countless billions of $$ of our modern world rusts away each year.

Corrosion can be stopped by anodizing, electroplating, galvanizing, and powder coating

It's not just the money: it's the environmental consequences, loss of functionality, injuries, ugliness, and heirlooms lost.

Finishing is key to a sustainable future

Low friction for energy efficiency; low resistance to reduce waste of power & enable complex electronics. Resistance to microbial contamination which spreads disease; high wear resistance; cleanability and aesthetic appearance ...

Finishing is about creating a surface/skin with the properties you need

4.  Reference


Need good metal finishing reference books cheap? . . .
Our Used Metal Finishing Reference Books are available through Amazon

Strongly Recommended Books & Journals
A list of world-class Metal Finishing Libraries

On-line library articles

5. Podcasts


The Lost Art of Tin-Nickel Plating
-- a retrospective, courtesy of Lou Morin (dec.)

More podcasts and audio files

6.  Organizations serving the industry

7.  News - September 2017

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