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    GOT AN iPOD / MP3-player?  

      LEARN METAL FINISHING! offers a series of audio files to allow you to keep up with industry events and educate yourself in metal finishing. You don't actually need an iPod or MP3 player -- the files work fine when played directly on your computer -- but the 'flavor' of the podcasts is aimed at providing a useful diversion for your commuting hours, road trips, and walks in the park.

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(If you are responsible for promoting an event, please send us a brief audio clip about it so it will be included in the next "Metal Finishing Industry Update" podcast. You do not need special equipment or software -- please see our "How to Record an Audio Clip" page). Alternately, we would be pleased to do a telephone interview with you.

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Tried it? Like it? Please proceed to "The Lost Art of Tin-Nickel Plating" for a really cool educational audio. Additional educational audio presentations will be available for purchase too.

Please let us have your questions & comments!

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