GOT AN iPOD / MP3-player? 


There is no better time to interest prospective attendees in your event than to have them hear about it when they want something to listen to to relieve the boredom of a commute or road trip. So please make sure that a 30-sec to 60-sec audio clip about your event is included in our podcasts.


How to Record an Audio Clip for
the "
Metal Finishing Industry Update" Podcast
with no special equipment or software --

Find a computer that has a built-in microphone (most newer laptops do). Then from Windows simply pick --

Start > All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder

Recording the clip is not much harder than clicking the red "Record" button. When you choose "Save As", save it as a '.wav' file. Then include the file as an attachment in an
e-mail it to us

We'll introduce it, provide the background music, level the volume, etc., and put it on this site and on iTunes. People who have subscribed to the "Metal Finishing Industry Update" podcast won't need to do anything to get your file; it all happens automatically when they plug their iPod into their computer.

Please let us have your
questions & comments


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