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Polyester coating for Dye Sublimation

An ongoing discussion from 2000 through 2015 . . .


Q. I am looking for a supplier of a polyester resin that will accept dye sublimation ink.

This coating is brushed or sprayed onto a substrate such as glass, ceramic, wood, granite, etc and when heated in the range of 400-425 degrees it will dissolve enough to receive the dye sublimated inks.

I saw a previous post for The Color Factory in El Cajon, Calif. but am unable to locate them. Can anyone offer some ideas of who or where to look for this product? Thank you for your input.

Mark Scheibner
- Land O' Lakes, Florida


Q. I am wondering whether there is nobody in the whole of America to answer this question for which I am also looking. If I was in USA I will get down the material from the Vendors. But we are living just the opposite of yours, when the sun lights you; we go dark. We imported the material and by the time it reach them some distortion of material and we are too remote to access this technology.

However, thanks to my friend Sir Arthur Clark we all now enjoy the Cyber Trading as he invented the satellite communication a few decades ago who is living with us a few miles away. I did the trophies for him for International satellite communication awards for him from 1987; once NASA also won one. As a student of Stanford I Know how much they make our lives brighter without any reservations.

If Sir Clark also thought and safeguard the secrets, by this time you also could live in darkness. So friendly AMERICANS show your greatness in sharing knowledge. Lord Buddha said "..the more you teach the more you get for giving".. so don't worry you will not lose by teaching but gain. This principal is good for last 2500 years in Asia in comparison to 300 years of so called advanced civilization of yours ... No misunderstanding But educating the unknown is the intention. Thanks. Nanda (CEO)

flexports - Nugegoda, Srilanka

Sublimation Coating for hard materials

Sublimation Coating for cotton fabric


Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. -Matthew 7:7-8

The old letter 4402 is in an archive, so it is partially hidden from view. Don't be too hard on us, you first have to suppose that everyone who reads the letters at has knowledge of this particular technology. This is not the case. It may not be a simple matter of downloading a technical bulletin, and we still need to toil .

Regards, tom Secretary,

  p.s. does not sport a section devoted to free research and technology exchange. Of course, this takes time and money. Jobshops and others interested in finishing have supported and helped themselves by buying a directory listing at our pages. If you cannot take the time to answer letters, we provide a way for people to support our efforts and get good advertising too. The same sun rises and sets on both areas of the world, and we are both constrained by limited resources with limitless things to accomplish.

tom pullizzi monitor
Tom Pullizzi
Falls Township,


You don't need to blow out someone else's candle to let your own light shine ... (unknown)

Hi - Was there ever a response to this question? We too are looking for a manufacturer for the "coating" for sublimation product. (After a google search, your website came up - good to know about you!)


Peggy Zumbrunnen
- Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Ed. note: We are unsure of the current status of The Color Factory, but we now offer a link here to supplies on Amazon =>

(2004) -- this entry appended to this thread by editor in lieu of spawning a duplicative thread

Q. I am looking for a polyester liquid or spray that is clear and capable to handle heat to 400 degrees for 1 to 12 minutes once our sublimation process is applied to metal tin covers. Please let me know with any help you can supply.


Michael Citta
- BurrRidge, Illinois, USA

Rave hair spray
(Pkg of 6 cans)

June 13, 2011

A. Hey, don't go out and buy the expensive sublimation coatings. I've been doing months worth of research. You really aren't going to believe this but go purchase Rave 4X hairspray =>

...(yeah, I'm serious). I've successfully used it on porcelain tiles, wood and most recently a 100% cotton T-shirt. When I used the T-shirt I washed it three times in cold water (didn't use hot) and dried it. NO COLOR FADE. The reason I did this research is because it takes me a week to get the coating in and as a business just starting out I couldn't afford to have a lot of it in stock.

Angela Muir
- Leeds, Alabama USA

Ed. note: has several longer and more thorough discussions of sublimation coating. The best starting point is probably letter 46505, "Sublimation Coating Formula".

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