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Alkaline Anodizing Titanium per AMS 2488

Q. Question to titanium community about AMS 2488 test.
Does the 2488D or 2488E test require lubricant applied on anodized surface prior to submitting parts to the testing facility?

Anna Berkovich
Russamer Lab
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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March 2, 2023

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Q. We want to anodize Ti-6Al-4V in alkali solution as per AMS 2488 type 2 having pH 12. Kindly give details regarding voltage, current density, time and details of pre/post treatments required. Any help in regard will be appreciated.

S. Sreenivasan
- Bangalore, India

A. Hi, Sreenivasan. I'm afraid that this may be one of those unusual cases where, despite the fact that there is an AMS spec for the process, the details of the process are known by only a handful of companies and held as trade secret. Sorry, but I don't think anyone is going to print a proven process for AMS 2488. Unless you retain a consultant who is experienced in it, I think that all you can do is obey the requirements of the spec, and figure out the rest through trial and error. Good luck.

Ted Mooney,
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha - Pine Beach, New Jersey

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Q. Does anyone have any experience with anodizing titanium i.a.w. AMS 2488? I would appreciate suggestions on things like current density, end voltage, process-time and a suitable electrolyte. The standard is not exactly informative on these aspects. Also, I don't understand how a coating (type 2) can be semi-conductive when processed to zero amperage?

Happy holidays.

Lars Jensen
jobshop - Valby, Copenhagen, Denmark

? Hello, Lars. Could you please tell us the parameters you are using and in what way the results are unsatisfactory? Then hopefully it will receive a comment or two from the readers. Thanks!

Ted Mooney,
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha - Pine Beach, New Jersey

Q. Well, so far we haven't tried anything really. But we have had a few inquiries so we want to start experimenting.

Lars Jensen [returning]
- Valby, Copenhagen, Denmark

A. The below is to the best of my understanding. The specification for AMS 2488 was written with the assistance of a company called Tiodize. They were the first to offer a commercial process in 1966. The specification is vague in solution and operating conditions. The testing requirements have been stringent. On the last revision (D) They dropped the need to test for compatibility with rocket fuel (Hydrazine) However they still call out for wear testing with dry film lubes. The test is not too conventional and there are a limited number of these old machines around, plus the test is expensive. However the dry film lubes have changed through the years, to eliminate solvents and graphite. So I do not know IF the spec can be met with current material. (Hope someone will tell me I'm wrong). Our application is for medical use so I don't give a hoot about the dry film lube. To the best of my information there are only five place in the US offering this coating, my shop being one of them.

Jon Quirt
- Minneapolis, Minnesota

Q. How thick is this anodizing on the AMS 2488 surface?

Rodney Salm
Quality Control / Aerospace - SLC. Utah USA
August 27, 2008

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