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"Anodizing a second color into a laser etched pattern"

Current question:

December 29, 2021

Q. Did you figure out how to Two Tone an anodizing project? If you use the acid bath to do the first anodized color then use a laser to add a design. If you go for another Acid bath will it remove the first layer of anodizing?

LPH Hart
HOBBY - Phoenix Arizona

December 2021

A. Hi LPH. If you just want one color plus black, you can anodize and dye then laser mark. If you want two actual colors, with or without additional black laser marking, please see topic 48706 for some beautiful examples.

Luck & Regards,

pic of Ted Mooney
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey

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Q. I am currently building custom CNC wristwatches from 6061 Aluminum. The overall concept is to provide a watch band that is decorated with laser etchings or two tone anodizing without masking. I will be anodizing the case and metal band. However, I would like to laser mark the bands and then apply a different anodized color to the etched design.

Q. Is this possible? If the laser can mark down to bare metal, would another dyeing step fill those bare metal spots in with color?
I would appreciate any insight into twice anodized aluminum.

Kind regards,

Nate Hallee
hobbyist - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Artists Anodizing Aluminum: The Sulfuric Acid Process"
by David LaPlantz
from Abe Books

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A. "Artists Anodizing Aluminum: the Sulfuric Acid Process" by David LaPlantz is a very good book on that subject. Next webpage can be useful too- asuwlink.uwyo.edu/~metal/anodizing2.html
Hope it helps and good luck!

Goran Budija
- Zagreb, Croatia

Ed. note Sec. 2021: Sorry, that website is no longer available.


thumbs up sign I appreciate the reply Goran. I will take a look at the reference info provided. With any luck I will find what I am looking for as it pertains to laser marking and post anodize decorating.


Nate Hallee [returning]
hobbyist - Minneapolis, Minnesota


Q. Is it possible to laser mark bare (before anodizing) 6061 aluminum with either a dark or light colored marking and then anodize the surface around the laser marking? In other words, will the laser marked area be ghosted or different in tone when the whole part is finally anodized in color? Or will the acid bath remove traces of the laser marking?

As you can see I am searching for a way to achieve the effect pictured in this post.

Has anyone tried this before?

Thank you in advance,

Nate Hallee [returning]
hobbyist - Minneapolis, Minnesota

July 14, 2011

A. Hi
I know you can use a product called Ceramark which you spray or paint on the aluminum prior to laser engraving the aluminum. In simple terms the laser burns the Ceramark and creates a reaction in the surface of the aluminum. You can't scratch it off. This process only allows for black to be applied. This might show through a thin pale anodize colour if the anodize preparation doesn't remove it. I've just started looking into doing a similar process on product I'm developing.
Good luck

Marcus Bree
- Brisbane, Australia

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