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Want to make gold salts


Hi, please I want to know where can I get information about making gold salts by myself.

Thanks for your time.


Jamyl D'Angelo
- Lima, Peru


I am sure somebody might be able to help you out if you be a little more specific about the kind of gold salt you are interested in. There is potassium gold cyanide, gold sulfite etc. etc. and we need to know your exact requirements in order to help you.

Ajit Menon
Rapid City, South Dakota


Ok .

I'm looking for Potassium gold cyanide salts.

If someone could tell me where do I can find information in how to make them I will be pleased. Thanks Jamyl

Jamyl D'Angelo
- Lima Peru


Dear friends,

I have gold in its disintegrated form, in the form of a nugget along with some white powder. Can any one tell me how to integrate it. It was found in an excavation.


Shravan Kumar Tatari
- Hyderabad, AP, India


I too am very interested in finding the site about the production of gold potassium cyanide. Can someone please tell as well.

- Malaysia


The chemistry is the easy part. Implementing it as a safe process yielding pure potassium gold cyanide (PGC) is a bit more difficult. It is best to buy the PGC rather than making your own.

If you are still determined at becoming a major distributor of the material for your part of the world, I'll provide a start. Buy gold bullion. Digest it in aqua regia. As you evaporate the solution, nitrous oxide (poisonous) would evolve and some excess HCl would also be released. You may not need to dry completely. You can now bubble hydrogen cyanide (poisonous) into the liquor. The hydrogen cyanide reacted with the gold chloride to form gold cyanide (AuCN) which precipitates out as a yellowish brown powder. Also formed is cyanogen chloride (another poison). ClCN is a gas. The gold cyanide can now be transformed into PGC in KCN. Like I said, easier said then done. Don't try it until you have planned all safety and waste treatment/disposal considerations.

Good luck.

Ian Yee
- Austin, Texas


Found a better method in another post. Still not hazard free but simpler.

Ian Yee
- Austin, Texas

August 15, 2010

I would like to know how to prepare the 24 ct electroplating solutions using different chemicals, and their method of usage .

- Mysore , karanatak , india

August 15, 2010

Hi, Nagesh.

There is a book, Gold Plating Technology, by Frank Reid and William Goldie that explains gold electroplating, but most of the popular plating texts listed on our "must-have" booklist will have a chapter or two on gold plating to get you started.

The great majority of shops purchase their gold plating solutions rather than trying to make them, and considering how expensive gold is to mis-plate, you may find it significantly less expensive to buy proprietary plating solutions rather than lose a lot of gold to failed plating experiments. Best of luck.


Ted Mooney,
Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Pine Beach, New Jersey

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