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CED Paint conductivity is dropping/rising

A discussion started in 2006 but continuing through 2020


Q. If conductivity of CED bath is reduced up to 400 microsiemens and pH is 6.2 , then what happens in the coating? Then how can I increase conductivity?

My CED bath level is reduced daily after some processing of articles. How can we maintain bath level? (NVM % is within the limit)

Naresh Shudra
Rexnord - Mumbai, INDIA


A. At a pH of 6.2 you should have a paint kick-out!

Simply add the pH controller supplied by the paint supplier and your pH will fall within range and the conductivity will go up.

Your paint supplier should be able to help you on that.

Gurvin Singh
Coatec India
supporting advertiser
Mohali, Punjab, India
coatec india


thumbs up signThank you Mr. Gurvin, but my pH is within the limit.

Naresh Shudra [returning]
Rexnord - Mumbai, India


? What is the your resin character?

Dr Halim Polat
- Istanbul, Turkey

November 25, 2016

Q. Hi everybody.
I've experienced almost the same issue lately!
Although all CED bath parameters have been in the range as below, the conductivity of CED paint gradually decreased from 1600 to around 1000 value.

NV: 15%
pH: 6
MEQ: 38

Moreover, we couldn't find any UF drainage or bacteria attack!
Your response would be highly appreciated :)

M.M. Barfehi
- Tehran, Iran

November 29, 2016

A. Your MEQ & pH value are not in proportion. Please check again.

Avnash Vidhate
- Nashik, India

November 15, 2019

Q. My name is Thomas and I've been having problems with high conductivity in my PPG paint bath can you please tell me what I must do to get a lower conductivity level?

Thomas Hudson
- Anderson, Indiana

February 25, 2020

A. Send some ultrafilter permeate to drain and make up the volume with water. This may take several days to get back into range. Most importantly - find the source of the high conductivity. (i.e. drag in from pretreatment.)

Dan Mack
- Horicon, Wisconsin

February 28, 2020

? What is the pH of your paint in the tank ?

Avinash Vidhate
- Nashik, Mahatashtra, INDIA

October 1, 2020

Q. My CED bath conductivity is decreasing daily. How can I increase conductivity of CED Bath? Please give me a suggestion about this.

Archana Dhapse
- Pune, India

October 22, 2020

? What is your CED bath pH value ?

Baljeet Singh
- Ludhiana Punjab, India

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