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Grinding HVOF coatings

thumbs up sign Hello Everyone! I was just checking diamond wheel for grinding WC coatings, and I got a lot of stuff from internet but this conversation is going on from 18 years, I thought it would be nice to join you and say Hello! :-)

Abhishek Tiwari
August 13, 2022

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Q. We want to cylindrical grind thermally sprayed HVOF coatings(chromium carbide and tungsten carbide). In a second case the coating is to be flush ground with metallic uncoated steel(SS 316 or hardened EN24)

If anybody can suggest suitable grinding wheel, tips, techniques. Expert and experienced advice will be highly appreciated.

vikram dogra
Vikram Dogra
Irusha India - Chandigarh, India

A. Conventional grinder equipped with large diameter, narrow diamond wheel will cut carbides as butter. Otherwise if you use standard wheels, you will be wasting valuable time, wheel and the machine will suffer a lot to cut through it.

Guillermo Marrufo
Monterrey, NL, Mexico

A. Of course carbide is very hard and you need diamond to cut it.
I'm HVOF experienced operator, I would like to know more about your question to help you

Hamid H
- Bezier, France
March 2, 2008

Q. We are providing services of HVOF coating of tungsten carbide & chrome oxide; we are facing vibration and rough surface during grinding. Can anyone recommend the best grinding or polishing wheel to get the roughness of the surface below Ra 2.

Muhammad Karam
Abahsain Group - Alkhobar Saudi Arabia
March 4, 2018

Ed. note: Gentle readers -- Feel free to suggest types of grinding or polishing wheels -- but not brands or sources ( huh? why?)

A. When we grind TCC we use special diamond edged cutters. We are fortunate that a company around the corner from us makes these up especially for us, but I'm sure similar products exist in the market.

Oliver Gwynne
B&B precision - Huddersfield, west yorkshire, UK

sidebar notes

thumbs up sign I guess the duration from the time the thread started till now (14 years)..calls for an award...RIGHT TED !!

vikram dogra
Vikram Dogra
Irusha India - Chandigarh, India
May 1, 2018

thumbs up sign Hi Vikram. I'm not sure offhand whether your response on your own thread 14 years later is the widest ranging time period or not, but thanks for sticking with us through thick and thin :-)

Something I'd love to see would be for one of the elementary school students who posted a science project question in the early days to return and tell us they've earned their doctorate :-)


pic of Ted Mooney
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Striving to live Aloha - Pine Beach, New Jersey
May 2018

Q. Thanks for the reply OLIVER.
Could you give ref of this company manufacturing DIAMOND EDGED CUTTERS for you, or their website so that I could understand the product better.
Thanks in advance

vikram dogra
Vikram Dogra
Irusha India - Chandigarh, India
July 13, 2018

Ed. note: Sorry, this RFQ is old & outdated, so contact info is no longer available. However, if you feel that something technical should be said in reply, please post it; no public commercial suggestions please ( huh? why?)

Q. What about using "Belt Grinding"? I have heard that using belt grinding can cut the grinding times by at least 50% and will not burn the substrate. We are in the aerospace industry and this is one of our main concerns of grinding.


John Bevil
- Montreal, Quebec, Canada
August 31, 2018

simultaneous replies

A. The answer to your question depends on a number of factors. Heat is the main problem with belt sanding. Also if your RMS is over 35 then you may want to consider some belt grinding.

tony kenton
AF Kenton
retired business owner - Hatboro, Pennsylvania

A. While hard chrome is usually ground with an aluminum-oxide or silicon-carbide grinding wheel, the hardness of HVOF coatings requires that they be ground with a diamond wheel. As a result, the grinding machine requires higher static and dynamic stiffness.

The diamond wheel itself requires a higher threshold force to make it work. Belt grinding won't fit the bill.

Oliver Gwynne
- Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK


vikram dogra
Vikram Dogra
Irusha India - Chandigarh, India

A. Diamond belt grinding (for HVOF coatings) has been around for many years.

Stephen Booth
shop employee - Singapore
February 12, 2022

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