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"Zn electroplating student project"


Excellent web site. I am helping my daughters with an electroplating experiment. I plan to use your Zinc to copper method described in the FAQ. My oldest is in Honors Chemistry and I would like to have her predict the theoretical yield and do an error calculation, controlling time as the variable. Is there a way (or more appropriately a reference) where we could calculate a yield based on current and time? Are the amounts of Zn plated onto the penny measurable by an analytical balance? Could better Zn concentration be obtained by using a stronger concentration of acetic acid? I thank you for your help.

Marc Williams
- La Crosse, WI


Now you're talking--a student who actually wants to do some science, not just play with chemicals. The answer is "Faraday's Law". One Faraday (96,4857 coulombs or ampere-seconds) will deposit one gram equivalent weight of the metal if the plating operates at 100 percent efficiency (releases no hydrogen in lieu of metal).

There is no reason why the weight could not be measured with an analytical balance, although she would have to plate for a long time to get the thickness high enough for accuracy.

I don't know of any tables that tell you what concentrations of zinc can be dissolved in various concentrations of acetic acid, although I certainly expect that you are right that stronger acidic acid will dissolve more zinc.

Ted Mooney, finishing.com
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey


dear sir,

I am doing a project work in electroplating. my compound is Zn Se Te. Last week I begin the deposition process.

As you already said the concentration of Zn should be more compared with noble Se and Te. Because noble metals deposit faster. expecting your reply

yours faithfully,

- karakkudi,tamil nadu, India

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