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Refining of Palladium and making its salt, p.2

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A discussion started in 2003 but continuing through 2019

June 21, 2014

Q. Hello sir, myself Vivek. Sir, if we add sodium formate in aqua regia on hot plate, palladium is precipitated or not? Sir please help me.

vivek vig
shri krishna metal refining - jagadhri haryana

June 24, 2014

A. You'll have to eliminate the nitric acid from the Pd aqua regia solution before precipitating the red Pd salt with sodium chlorate. This is usually done by evaporating the solution to a syrup, then adding a small amount of HCl. This is repeated until all the nitric acid has been removed, usually 3 times. While evaporating, use low heat towards the end or the solution will splatter.

Chris Owen
- Nevada, Missouri, USA

June 25, 2014

A. Vivek,

I apologize. I thought you said sodium chlorate instead of sodium formate. Using sodium chlorate is the most common way of dropping Pd. I haven't used sodium formate, but I would think you would still have to remove the nitric first. I may be wrong.

Chris Owen
- Nevada, Missouri, USA

July 18, 2015

A. Dear vivek Vig,
Palladium dissolves in nitric acid, no need of aqua regia.

bhupesh mulik
cac admixtures - mumbai,india

August 17, 2014

Q. Anyone tell me that how can I separate palladium from liquid? And what chemical I use?

Muhammad Yaseen
- karachi,sindh,pakistan

October 5, 2014

A. Use dimethyl glyoxime or hypophospurus acid for palladium precipitation.

bhupesh mulik
mumbai, maharashtra, india

October 7, 2014

Q. I have metal mixture of palladium silver and copper. How to recover these metals separately? Please guide me.

mehtab ali
- ahmedabad, gujarat, india

October 2014

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? Hi Mehtab. Can you please try your best to phrase your question in terms of the answers already provided? I don't know much about that subject, but it looks like you are re-asking a question that has already been repeatedly answered in pretty good detail more than half a dozen times already. Please try to tell us what you are not understanding. Thanks.


Ted Mooney, Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. - Pine Beach, New Jersey
Striving to live Aloha

November 23, 2014

A. Hi mehtab.
You have a metal mixture of palladium (Pd), copper (Cu) & silver (Ag). All these dissolve in nitric acid, so dissolve it in nitric acid and then recover it from liquid giving preference to which metal is more in your mixture.

bhupesh mulik
- mumbai,india

June 10, 2015

Q. I have a colloid solution red in colour with platinum nanoparticles in it at 40%. I want to get the platinum out; I need an answer in laymans terms -- some say it's not complicated, others say its dangerous. Help is needed please.

shaun claremont
- croydon, surrey, england

July 18, 2015

A. Dear shaun,
If possible, you first concentrate your red colour solution nearly half in quantity by volume. Check the pH, add slowly saturated solution of ammonium chloride in it. You will get yellow precipitate of platinum sponge.

bhupesh mulik
cac admixtures - mumbai,india

July 23, 2015

Q. Hi, thanks. When you say concentrate I assume you mean heat it up so some of it boils away -- how do I find the pH of what's left? This yellow sponge. Do I then heat this up and turn it into a platinum ingot

shaun claremont [returning]
- croydon, surrey, england

July 26, 2015

A. Dear Shaun,
You have a solution which contains Pt. You heat this solution nearly half meaning if you have 4 liter solution, concentrate by boiling & make up to 2 liters. Then using ph paper sheet you check whether pH is acidic or not. Then add ammonium chloride in it to get yellow precipitate of platinum sponge.

bhupesh mulik
cac admixture - mumbai,india

July 27, 2015

Q. Hi bhupesh, thanks. Great. Now I have a platinum sponge can I put this in a crucible and melt it into a button?

shaun claremont [returning]
- Bletchingley, surrey, england

July 31, 2015

A. Dear shaun,
Put all the yellow ppt in porcelain crucible; burn it at around 850 to 900 °C. It becomes like a gray ash. Then melt that gray powder in ceramic crucible at around 1850-1900 °C; you will get pure platinum.

bhupesh mulik
cac admixture - mumbai,india

August 10, 2015

thumbs up sign Hi bhupesh,
Thanks for all your help; now going to try -- let's see what happens.

Shaun Claremont [returning]
- Bletchingley, surrey, england

Making Palladium Chloride

Palladium chloride

June 18, 2015

Hi. Please anyone tell me how I can prepare palladium chloride from palladium metal for catalyst. 99.99% purity.

shruti patel
business - rajkot, gujrat, india

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July 13, 2016

Q. I have platinum soil mixed with copper dust; I'd like to know what method or acids must I use to separate these two?

joseph Ramphomane
- Johannesburg, South Africa

April 1, 2018

Q. I was having some amount of palladium on carbon 10% powder and I wanted to take palladium out of carbon powder so I made aqua Regia solution with HCl and HNO3 at ratio of 3:1 and put the palladium carbon powder in my aqua Regia solution and boiled it for 30 mins and more and after filtration I got very dark brown or dark red solution and I tried to precipitate palladium with the help of sodium metabisulphite, but it doesn't work and my solution is still in same color and it's been 2 days I have kept it in a borosil beaker.
So please anyone experience person who can suggest me that how can I precipitate palladium out of my aqua Regia solution with which other types of chemicals and how?
Please anyone help me, your kind suggestions will be appreciated by my side.

Thanks and regards

Imran Choudhary
Choudhary Traders - Mumbai, India

July 31, 2018

A. Hi Imran,
I have an answer to your questions. You can use DMG or H3PO4 to precipitate palladium.

Bhupesh Mulik
CAC admixtures - Mumbai,india

January 7, 2019

Q. Hi my name is Mark; I'm a small miner in Arizona and have achieved a separation of palladium and have converted it to palladium oxide at 1800 °F and now I'm trying to smelt in my induction furnace but cannot achieve above 400 °F with the oxide. The induction furnace will achieve 3800 °F according to manufacturer. I've seen the process done on youtube but they don't show how they started the melting process, just kept adding more oxide into the melt. Does anyone have knowledge of why the furnace is not harmonized for the oxide?

Mark Spradling
- Gilbert Arizona USA

February 8, 2019

A. Hi, mark,
for melting palladium sponge you have to add a small amount of palladium metal before melting process, then slowly add your palladium sponge.

Bhupesh Chandrakant Mulik
CAC admixtures - Mumbai,india

June 3, 2019

Q. Dear Sirs,
I have palladium-nickel alloy rejects from which we wish to reclaim the palladium with chemical precipitation. Could you kindly advise. Thank you.

Kelvin Ching
- Bangkok, Thailand

June 6, 2019

Q. I have PT-PD alloy of prop. 925-75. To recover both metals I am doing aqua regia and then concentrating with HCl to remove nitric, then adding ammonium chloride to precipitate platinum sponge. Then calcining the sponge and melting.
The final metal consists 0.25% PD.
what can I do to remove this content at initial stage?

Armaan Joshi
- Mumbai,Maharashtra , India

June 19, 2019

A. Hi armaan,
How did you detect 0.25% Pd still remains? Which assay did you do?
Pd ppt using DMG complex formation.

Bhupesh Chandrakant Mulik
CAC admixtures - MUMBAI,india

June 28, 2019

Q. Hi Bhupesh,
I do XRF to check the same.
I doubt if ammonium chloride is precipitating some palladium or XRF is interpreting something false.
From my PT-PD mix dust I have to refine 3 times to get pure PT because every time I get a small proportion of PD in refined PT.

Armaan Joshi [returning]
- Mumbai,Maharashtra, India

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