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A discussion started in 2001 but continuing through 2019


Q. Respected Sir,

Q. I am an M.Tech student of IIT KAHARAGPUR (INDIA) doing project of NITRIDING OF SAE 52100 STEELS (BEARING STEEL) COMPOSITION- 1%C, 1.5%Cr, 0.1%Si.

So sir please send me some notes and how to establish the process.

Thanking you sir, waiting for your mail.

STEEL - Kharagpur, INDIA


Q. Dear friend,

I am doing M.Tech. (meta. engg.) at VNIT NAGPUR. At present I am working on project" CONTROL OF CARBIDE BANDING AND MORPHOLOGY IN BALL BEARING STEEL SAE 52100" at sunflag iron and steel co. ltd., bhandara. If you can give me info regarding purpose and effect of nitriding on 52100.

I will be very thankful to you your friend,

- Nagpur, India


A. NITRIDING OF BALL BEARING STEEL (SAE-52100) It is not recommended for ball bearing steel. The steels that have been recommended for nitriding are SAE-41 series, SAE-43 series, SAE-86, 87 series, SAE-9840, 28/30/32 Ni-Cr-Mo-V series, Nitralloy series M, 135, F2 H11, 12, 13, 10, 19, 21 W-base T-series and M-series steel. 0.6% and above Carbon is having enriched Carbide.

Carbonitriding a process where both Carbon & Nitrogen diffused into the exposed surfaces and thereby formed a compound layer followed by a diffused layer. 1% C steel since enriched with thick population of Carbide which will act as impervious layer resulted in poor diffusion of C & N. Any diffusion will create deformation / distortion in surfaces while N2 will penetrate into ferrite colonies where vol. fraction will create within the surface and thereby embrittlement will occur. Effective N2 diffusion occurs when Al content is 0.1% and above presence in steel. Ball bearing steel must have low Al content to finally control of Alumina inclusion in steel. In ferrite colonies the following compounds are formed Fe2N, Fe3N, Fe4N - epsilon phase whereas FeN exists in gamma & alpha phase. Ball bearing steel is having dual phase epsilon & gamma phase Carbide, therefore, not recommended for Nitriding

STEEL, BEARINGS - Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Q. I'm doing project on control of carbide banding & morphology in bearing steel. So please provide me some help in form of notes in this regard. Please tell me where it will be available.

Udaykumar. Jadhav
- Maharastra, Pune


A. Bearing steel can be nitrided, based on the application requirements. As such the nitriding in principle is to be done to nitralloys but since the bearing steel has 1.4 % of Cr, it forms nitrides also a layer of iron nitride, which increases the wear resistance to a very high extent, ex.- for two wheeler application a nitrided bearing gives 40 times greater life than non-nitrided bearings. Nitriding process is having an advantage because the nitrides are formed at considerably lower temperatures than the oxides so the steel can get nitrided easily, but to a certain depth based on the geometry of the workpiece. Bajaj Auto uses certain bearing types nitrided, you can contact them for further information.

B. Naik
- Mumbai, India

Nitriding project

February 24, 2019

Q. The company I contract for is looking into putting in a plant to nitride h13 mandrels. What would be costs of this project?

Stephen Morgan
- hereford [U.K.]

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