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Rusted Pipe vs Fiberglass wrap patch


At the plant we have some pipes that supply cooling water to pumps. The exterior of the pipe has corrosion so bad from the outside in that it is impossible to clean these pipes to repair them. So if they go we have a plant shut down and turn around is not scheduled for another year. One quick fix is to wrap fiberglass that is designed for pipe leaks to gain the time we need. But fiberglass will not bond to rust... so I know there is a product that will turn the rust into a hard substance so we can wrap the fiber glass.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Troy nickels
Chevron - Fox Creek, Alberta, Canada



In your shoes I'd go to a 'resin' supplier (Atlac, Derakane or Hetron) who is probably not in your area but sure would be in Edmonton or Calgary. They might throw some better light than I on your problem.

Other than sandblasting, have you thought of not using a standard polyester or vinyester resin but an Epoxy? Try Shell !

These fibreglass 'materials' will shrink somewhat during the curing cycle but Epoxies will even cure (some, anyhow) under water, ie. when wet whereas the other resins will NOT. This may be an advantage is your rust is weeping.

But then epoxies cost more and are more difficult to wet out. Also, as you know, it is useless just using the resin, you need to have a wrap reinforcement, ideally cloth or woven roving, to achieve some structural strength.

I trust that when it comes to replacement time you will go to your own 'Company' ... Chevron-Phillips, represented by Prolite Systems Inc. [a supporting advertiser] in Maple Ridge, B.C. ... for their hdpe piping.


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Dear Troy,
I am assuming that the rusted pipe that supplies your cooling system is a 2" pipe. A company in Houston, Texas. called Snap Tite, manufactures wrap for pipes to slow down the rust corrosion. They specialize their product for the customer needs. I would look into a resin/catalyst mixture with a snap Tite finish.

Dixie Gene Fugit
- Amarillo, Texas


There is a company that makes a product called syntho glass. It is used in the commercial diving industry to repair pipe lines. it as an epoxy base thats applied then a fiberglass wrap over that. the pipe must first be cleaned before applying the product. it has been tested to high psis and works well. just look up syntho glass. great web site

Donny R. Carson
- Sumter, South Carolina

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