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What to look for when buying used infrared curing system


We found an infrared curing line for powder coating. included 4 infrared banks and conveyor. Banks are approx. 36" long by 10" heigh each. The guys want $2,000 (US) for all. Is this a good price and what am I looking for to make sure these things give us the performance we need. I don't want to be "burned" because I paid too much. Is this guy offering me a Pentium 133 when I could be buying a P800 for the same price?

Thank you,

Tom Greifenkamp
Cincinnati Home Theatre - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


The thing to remember in buying used finishing equipment is that so few of each item of the right size and type are made that there is no "Blue Book" price. There simply is no "right price" for anything, it's all negotiable.

Some nicely refurbished equipment, sold by some darned good salesmen, sometimes commands 1/2 to 2/3 the price of new. Other times you are a poor bargainer indeed if you pay ten cents on the dollar for somebody else's albatross.

But it sounds like you are buying a Pentium 133 at a Pentium 133 price.

Ted Mooney, Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Pine Beach, New Jersey


OK, I don't feel bad about purchasing a used piece of equipment at reasonable prices, but when dealing with infrared heaters, what should I look for that typically fail.. i.e., heat up time, max temp, bad controls or circuitry, etc. All I know is, turn it on... if it gets hot it's good.

Thank you,

Tom Greifenkamp
Cincinnati Home Theatre, Home Theatre Design Solutions - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA



What type of Infrared are these units? Gas or Electric fired? What wave length are the units and what wave length is best for your coatings? These are the questions you should know the answer to before buying. If all the answers are favorable buy them it sounds like a good deal. If the equipment is still operating and it's not far away try some of your product on the line to see what it will do for you. Why is this guy selling it?

Scott Jones
- Winnipeg, Manitoba

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