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OSPHO Health Hazards, SDS / MSDS. Where to Buy?


Q. I have used Ospho [affil link] on corral fences in the past, but am unable to find it in my area at this time. Do you have any suggestions?

Tommy Barnett
farm - Athens, Tennessee

Ed. note: Hi, Tommy. We've hotlinked your mention of the product to gallon jugs of it. Good luck.

A. Ospho is carried by ACE Hardware in my area; might be worth a try.

Butch Butler
- Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Q. I need to find a distributor for Ospho metal treatment in the Seattle, WA area.

Douglas C. Vaubel
steel boat owner - Seattle, Washington

Ed. note: If you have no luck, Douglas, here is Ospho [affil link] in 1-gallon jugs. Good luck.

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Ospho Rust Converter

on eBay or


(affil links)

Q. I have been conducting a review of the hazardous materials for our company. During this process I located a product called SKYCO Ospho. I have been trying to locate the company that produces the product in order to get a Material Safety Data Sheet. Thus far I have been unsuccessful

If you have info in this regard it would be helpful.


George Harris
glass company - Elizabeth City, North Carolina

A. This material has been discussed in the past. See thread #3480 in the archives for the excellent discussion and answers given then.

W. Carl Erickson
- Rome, New York

A. It is unfortunate that you have been unsuccessful in getting a copy of the MSDS sheet from the manufacturer. Companies are required by federal law to provide this information about their products. Maybe you should threaten to call OSHA to motivate them to help you. OSHA is the US regulatory agency in charge of enforcing this type of law.

You could also try to look for an MSDS on the internet. My favorite site to use is: This site provides free MSDS information. There are other sites as well and you might want to use a search engine like

tim neveau
Tim Neveau
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Ed. note Sept. 2020: The link which Tim offered has been broken for a long time, but updated answers are below.

A. The Skyco Ospho is from the SkyBryte Company

Kelly Maloney
- Dorchester, Massachusetts

Here it is.

Deb Gornik
- Palm Harbor, Florida

Ed. note Sept. 2020: Sorry, that link no longer works, but updated answers are below. is to the MSDS for Skyco ospho.

Steve Essex
Tampa, Florida
March 26, 2009

Ed. note Sept. 2020: Sorry, the updated link no longer works either, but further updates are below.

Jamie Dominguez
Beverly Processing Inc. - Hardeeville, South Carolina, USA
April 6, 2015

Ed. note Sept. 2020: Strike three! The update to the update no longer works, keep reading below :-)

March 23, 2016

Most recent revision for OSPHO SDS
It is from May 25, 2015

Stacye Sinn
- Memphis, Tennessee USA

Ed. note: Now we're talkin'  :-)

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Need Distributor of Ospho Primer

Q. I need a source (including manufacturer) for a metal primer, rust preventer called: Ospho [affil link].

John Sullivan
- Morganton, North Carolina

A. Hi, John. I believe the manufacturer is Skyco. We hotlinked your mention of the product to a spot on Amazon where you can buy it by the gallon. If you need even larger quantities, you can probably buy direct from the Amazon reseller after the first order. Good luck.


Ted Mooney,
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha - Pine Beach, New Jersey

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Health hazards of sanding/grinding Ospho?

Q. My stepdad is a welder. He was using Ospho [affil link]. My Mom was helping him by apparently sanding or grinding it off the metal it was sprayed on. As a result she is now very ill, this according to my stepdad. I'm not for sure if he telling me, my family, or the doctors the truth or not. The doctors can't say for sure what it is, or isn't that's causing the trouble. I'm hoping that you could tell me where I can find info on this chemical, and if you have heard of anyone else who has become ill using this product.

Kelley K [last name deleted for privacy by Editor]
- Robertsdale, Alabama

December 27, 2008

A. A link to the MSDS is at the bottom of this post; the major threat would appear to be lung damage from the acid if proper breathing protection wasn't used. Medically this translates into difficultly breathing and possible pneumonia.

Her illness may have an entirely different cause--the material and her illness could be coincidental, so make sure that her doctor checks for any illness, poisoning or such which has similar symptoms.

Contact the manufacturer or distributor for an MDS. This will list the chemicals involved and their potential effects.

You can also check with your poison control center.

"SKYCO OSPHO: a balanced formula of Phosphoric, Dichromate, Wetting Agents and Extenders . . . compounded exclusively by the Skybryte Company since 1947"

Questions Not Answered Here Call Factory Direct at: 216-771-1590

OSPHO is a balanced formula of Phosphoric acid, Sodium Dichromate, Surfactants, and Extenders.


Boiling Point 240 degrees F Specific Gravity. 1.22 + .04 Average % Nonvolatile = 37.6% + / -0.5%
Soluble in Water Color. Green Liquid Odor. Typical Acidic

Spills Neutralize with basic material, flush with plenty of water.

Respiratory Use adequate ventilation in confined areas, skin and eye protection should be used.

Fire Data No hazard

Decomposition Products Oxides of phosphorus

Health Hazards Irritant to eyes and mucous membranes. In case of external contact, flush with cool water. If swallowed, give 1 or 2 glasses of water or milk and call physician.

Reactivity Can react with various metals to generate hydrogen gas, which could form an explosive concentration in confined spaces. Use adequate ventilation.


Ospho Materials Safety Data Sheet

Google is your friend!

Charles M. Barnard
- Menomonie, Wisconsin

Ed. note Sept. 2020: This link no longer works, but the one offered by Stacye in 2016 still works:

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