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Plated copper properties


I have a problem. My company electroplates a 75um layer of copper over copper. I have been monitoring the hardness of the top layer by using a pyramid diamond test.(Vickers) However, this does not really tell me what's going on with the micro-structure of the plated layer.

I really need good ductility to be able to accomplish our goal. Does anyone know of a way to non-destructively measure this? How about a surface resistivity gage? Conductance gage? Ohm meter? Help!

Hugh Mac


Hey Hugh, It is tough to know how much the metal will stretch without stretching it. You can run a test piece along with the parts as a representation of the lot. Make the test part as close to the parts as you can (size, thickness, shape, etc.). Watching the organic levels in the bath will help to control the ductility. Regards, Fred Mueller, CEF

Fred Mueller, CEF
- Royersford, Pennsylvania

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