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Introduce me to electrophoretic lacquer process please


I m from Pakistan and just want to know about the electrophoretic lacquer ... how to create the color on metals through using this new technology... I am also a professional but do not have the information about this technology. Please send me a vast email about this so I can be able to put the colors on the metals. I shall be very thankful to you this act of kindness and obliged.

Zia Khan Zai
jewellery - Sindh Hyderabad Pakistan

My chargeout rate is $150 (US) per hour. Minimum charge 2 hours. Payment up front. Still want a vast e-mail about electrophoretic lacquers?!

trevor crichton
Trevor Crichton
R&D practical scientist
Chesham, Bucks, UK

Trevor, that's not an act of kindness. He will not be thankful and obliged.

Guillermo Marrufo
Monterrey, NL, Mexico

Trevor wasn't serious. He was just making the point that it's simply impossible for anyone to offer 'vast' amounts of information, personalized, free of charge, in a one-way direction in the internet age because the demand for such is limitless.

My partner Tom Pullizzi made the same point back in 1995 with his ...
"Internet Price/Demand Curve: Infinite demand at zero cost / zero demand at infinitesimal cost".

However, if Mr. Zai sends a request to a supplier of electrophoretic lacquer systems, or a supplier of such sees his inquiry here, he might receive a brochure that could prove helpful.

Ted Mooney,
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha - Pine Beach, New Jersey


There are two methods to produce a range of coloured lacquer films:

In Tank Method

In this method the dye is incorporated into the working solution. The lacquer film is deposited in a similar way to clear lacquer deposition process.

Post Dip Method

In this method as the name suggests the clear lacquer film is literally dyed by dipping it in a post dip solution which contains the relavant dye.

Pros and Cons of the methods

The coloured film produced by the first method has the dye incorporated throughout the depth of the film so the continuity of the colour is maintained to the end of its life. However the colour film produced by the second method has the dye adsorbed on the surface and therefore its colour life is not proportional to the thickness of the film.

To produce different colours by the 'In Tank' method separate lacquer solution for each colour is required whereas for the 'Post Dip' method only one lacquer is used to produce clear lacquer film, which is subsequently dipped in different post dips for different colours.

I hope the above helps.

Surindar S Tulsi
- Guildford, Surrey, UK

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