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"Sodium Carbonate in Sodium Hypochlorite"


I am doing a project about sodium hypochlorite as the term for finishing my bachelor degree education in my university.

I have several questions below:
1. How could sodium carbonate (washing soda) [affil. link to info/product on Amazon] form in sodium hypochlorite
2. Could sodium carbonate stabilized the sodium hypochlorite solution? If it could, how it works? and how much the sodium carbonate concentration allowed?

I am waiting for your answers.

Best regards,

Revan A.

Revan Afza
College student - Riau, Indonesia


I could be wrong, but I seem to remember from my early industrial chemistry classes that commercial hypochlorite is made using sodium hydroxide and chlorine gas. Sodium carbonate is present in the sodium hydroxide as a byproduct so it ends up in the hypochlorite solution. Max limits are up to you and your supplier. I'd start looking on the net for sodium hypochlorite manufacturing processes and go from there.


Trent Kaufman
Trent Kaufman
   electroplater - Galva, Illinois



I was searching for Sodium Hypochlorite in Indonesia and found your site.

As mentioned before you couldsearch for manufacturing or the product Sodium Hypochlorite and you'll probably end up with heaps.

Here is a link you could check up on.


- Perth, Australia


Sodium carbonate is often formed as an impurity in sodium hydroxide solutions. It is made by the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere dissolving in the caustic soda and forming sodium carbonate. It is usually seen as a white powder on the neck of the containers. I have never heard of it being used to stabilise hypochlorite, but if it does, it could be because it helps to keep the pH on the alkaline side, thereby reducing the propensity of the hypochlorite to release chlorine gas due to a shift in pH towards acidity. I wouldn't use sodium carbonate as the main stabiliser for hypochlorite, as I cannot see it being very effective in the long term.

trevor crichton
Trevor Crichton
R&D practical scientist
Chesham, Bucks, UK


A water solution of sodium hypochlorite will decompose sodium carbonate slowly under atmospheric pressure. If the O- radical and CO2 leave the vessel reaction shifts to the right and sodium chloride is formed. In a tightly closed flask the reaction will slightly proceed and only and increase of pressure will be observed.

Jorge Velásquez
- Medellín, Colombia

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