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Performance of various pickling solution for rusty mild steel

Q. Sir, please assist me on the different types of pickling solutions available for the pickling of rusty mild steel, Method of pickling,and chemical compositions. I am student carrying out research on this topic.
thank you .

Jones Kell
student - Califonia, USA


Q. Sir, I am Jones Kell . I have sent my request with letter no 35318. please assist me

Jones Kell [returning]
- Califonia, USA


Q. SIR, this request will assist me conveniently on my project work-Performances of various pickling solutions on rusty mild steel. Thank you for your kind assistance.

Jones Kell [returning]
STUDENT - California, USA

Ed. note: Hundreds of people have read your request but no one has chosen to respond, Jone. You might want to look at the nature of your question--perhaps those readers think that you should go to a library for research of that type.


A. As my supervisor constantly tells me that research is search, re-search and re-search.
Ted was kind. You are literally asking people to do the bulk of the library work for you. That is what books are for. A paper with "comments" from unknowns would be laughed out of class. You need citations from verifiable sources.
Now then, there is rust, blush rust, deep rust, really deep rust and etc. You need to quantify what you are trying to do. Is there mill scale? are there other soils to contend with. What is the size, surface finish and cleanliness of the sample now and what is the final results required? The list of needed information goes on and on, and yes, it does make a big difference.
A pickled surface is very active and will re rust rapidly, sometimes before you can blow a large part dry.

James Watts
- Navarre, Florida


sQ. Sir, pickling solutions for rusty mild steel.

Jones kell [returning]
student - California USA


Q. Sir, no matter how brief your assistance may be, I really want a starting point.Let me put it this way-type of rust,quantity of rust, Pickling solutions and the corresponding compositions including mode of applications,and precautions.the solutions may be for complete or partial removal.that is the performance. I am grateful for your response and assistance. Thank you.

Jones Kell [returning]
student - California USA


A. Various chemicals of differing concentrations will remove rust from mild steel. HCl @room temperature and 25% conc. H2SO4 @ 50 °C and 15% conc.Both for 10 - 15 mins. There are alkaline solutions which will achieve a similar effect. NaOH @ 50 °C and 120 g/l. There are numerous other chemicals, times, concentrations which need to be considered.
As mentioned by other contributors the information you are asking for is readily available and and if you're as persistent in your library research as you are in this forum you should find all the information you require relatively quickly.

John martin
- cardiff


A. What do you think will work? What have you tried?

We get very good results using a commercial alkaline deruster, which operates at 180 °F. I neither know nor care about the exact chemistry, as the company I buy it from makes the formulation and considers it proprietary.

lee gearhart
Lee Gearhart
metallurgist - E. Aurora, New York

6th request

Q. Sir,I am very grateful with respect to your response concerning my work. It is actually an undergraduate project work .I have searched many text but could not find a useful information, please recommend any available text.if there are more information please assist. Thank you.

Jones Kell [returning]
- California USA

Ed. note: Our "must have booklist" mentions several texts, all of which, although they may not tabulate the information in exactly the format you seek for your report, do explain acids and metals.

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