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"Cyanide health problems"


I was wondering if anyone has had health side effects by using a cyanide-gold plating sollution, I have had dizzy spells and bowel problems.



Mr. Gordan:

Cyanide is generally considered an acute health problem (something that affects you immediately), rather than a chronic problem (something that would 'build up' over time). But this is something far too serious to just sit around and speculate about! If this is a workplace exposure, talk frankly with your employer. If you are not confident that you will get an honest and knowledgable reply from him/her, or you are uncomfortable doing that, then call an OSHA hotline.

If you are enduring this condition as the result of a hobby or part-time self-employment, perhaps you will agree with my oft-expressed opinion that plating is a lousy hobby, and you'll stop doing it.

Whether you are an employee or self-employed, if you are working with cyanide you need access to a self-contained breathing apparatus for emergencies, and you need a cyanide antidote kit on hand. Everything in order in that department?

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I am practicing as an OH&S Officer for the named organization. Casually going through a Dupont MSDS on cyanide I realised most of the symptons mentioned were in relation to changes in skin colour. This does not make it very easy to identify in dark skinned persons like myself and those directly involved with handling cyanide here in the plant. Are there any other symptons that make it very easy to tell if someone has had an over exposure. Thank you.

Michael Dedey


The most profound change in a person with cyanide poisoning is death, immediately followed by the inability to breath, a severe choking sensation in the throat, fainting, prostration, etc. In other words, it's too late by the time someone starts changing colours. Immediately forget the idea about testing cyanide poisoning by changes in skin color.

The OH&S Officer must see to it that HCN is NEVER generated. If it is generated, you must have venting, scrubbing, and chemical destruction handled in a properly designed treatment plant.

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