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Corrosion resistant coatings under Seawater and temperature exposure conditions


I am looking for an alternate chrome coating or any thin coating on top of chrome that could resist corrosion in the sea water environment + temperature between 200-300° centigrade.

I need point of contact for this information.

maroof qurashi
dept of navy - crane indiana


A coating referred to as diamond-like nanocomposite thinfilms can resist corrosion of components working under sea water. It can withstand temperatures up to 400° C. It is a thinfilm coating having high microhardness,low coefficient of friction,and low stress.

The thinfilm is wear resistant and self lubricating and the contact angle with water is very high. So for the application under consideration the material may work depending upon what part it is actually coating. The life of the part depends upon its use and certainly the environment.

Surajit Chatterjee -
Calcutta, India



I have a great deal of experience with the use of TDC (Thin Dense Chrome) in some very hostile and corrosive environments. I'd be pleased to share this info.

Leslie Lenetsky


Leslie, we appreciate your offer to help. Please remember that hundreds of people read this pages, have seen Maroof's inquiry and, hopefully, have had their curiosity peaked. Please try to offer some additional technical info for public consumption. Thanks!

Ted Mooney,
Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Pine Beach, New Jersey


You did not state why you need chrome. Chrome is good for friction and wear but generally poor for corrosion protection because of its galvanic position and its tendency to microcrack. You can improve corrosion resistance by nickel plating under the chrome (better yet copper/nickel in the duplex approach...similar to the best steel auto bumpers ever made.

If the chrome is decorative consider modifying your esthetic point of view. If for corrosion resistance of steel, consider zinc-rich paint with a topcoat. If friction/lube consider dry lubes.

C.A. Smith
- Nashville, Tennessee


I'm looking for a sprayed applied coating product that can coat a stainless steel metal working under sea water and can stand a temperature over 200 °C.

Lucio Olaez
- Brampton, Ontario, Canada

April 20, 2011

I suggest to try a three layer coating like FBE as primer, an adhesive and a top coat of polyethylene.
Check this kind of coating in the CAN CZ S 245.21.06

Sergio Delgado
- Santiago - Chile

February 2, 2012

Hi all,
My application is slightly different. I need to protect an electrochemical sensor from seawater while allowing it to sit in seawater for extended periods. The sensor consists of a silicon die which is mounted on a PCB. Specifically it is the epoxy which seals the gap between the die and the PCB and protects the wire bonds which is of interest. The epoxy currently being used is standard for the micro electronics industry. I can't imagine many electrical components are made to be put directly in seawater so I imagine the epoxy is not as resistant to it as it could be. My devices work but only for a limited period of time, after which the signal breaks down and the sensor become useless. If anyone could suggest an alternative epoxy which is water proof or a coating which could be brushed on and baked dry I would be very grateful.

Conor Lyons
- Cork, Ireland

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