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A discussion started in 2002 but continuing through 2018


Hi all,
I stumbled onto this site looking into the entire teflon thing. I think I should clear some things up. I worked in the fuel cell industry, and we used liquid teflon for its hydrophilic properties. The one poster was correct that when teflon gets hot it can be toxic, but there is no way that can happen on a cars surface. The sintering temperature (the point where teflon melts and adheres to a surface) is 572 degrees f. Teflon in liquid form is a suspended particle and looks milky white.Teflon is actually a particle, and not a liquid.
Teflon can be suspended in a medium (in this case its a wax), to change the properties of the wax. Once the wax wears off, so does the teflon.
Teflon in carpets etc is applied when the cloth is manufactured. That too will wear off in time (scotchguard etc). When its applied to cloth, it is in a less hostile environment then a carpet or a chair.

Joe Klein
- Oceanside, New York


Just wanted you guys to know that I got my car coated with Teflon. Although the garage that did the job claimed all sorts of things, personally, I felt it made no difference to the way the car looked. (I expected a more polished look)

Whether or not my car was protected from acid rain etc. etc. I really don't know. My personal opinion is that Teflon coating is all hype.

By the way, Teflon coating will get washed off the moment you use soap and water on your car.

Jonathan Clark
- New York


So how do I get Teflon OFF my car. My car has recently had a Teflon "Paint Protection" applied.

After 6 weeks, I am not impressed at all and intend to go back to my favorite wax/sealant.

My question is this: How do I get the Teflon coating off my paint? The valet who applied it suggests that cutting, or white spirits are necessary. This seems quite harsh to me, will detergent do the trick?


Richard Price
Car nut - AK, New Zealand

Free subscription for qualified personnel:" alt="">


I have been in the Automobile service field for last 35 years. On Teflon coat of cars, I like to say that

Teflon coating is a valuable process to protect the new paint of a car. This protects the paints from scratching, acid action of vegetable leaves. Also during subsequent rubbing and polishing of cars, it will not remove base paints due to teflon coating. Life of Teflon coating is 2-3 years. This costs in India between Rs.3500- Rs. 6000/-(USD 7 -12)




Ajit - you mean USD 70 - 120 :-)

Ashwin Devanathan
- Chennai, TN, India


Gentlemen let me answer your questions with regards to PTFE, the answer is yes it does exist and I do currently use it on car and private aircraft, applied correctly and with the right precleaning preparation, I find this an outstanding product for new and used vehicles, I may also add that this product is very expensive, but I can assure you all that it does work, having applied it correctly I find that it removes all those unwanted car wash brush marks buy up to 80/90 percent, leaves your vehicle with a lasting deep shine.


Graham Clarkson
- Riemst, Belgium



My BMW 530i was Teflon coated by my BMW dealer.
I live in New Zealand and it cost me approx. $750 NZD
about $500 US?
It works very well, especially in rainy days, the water droplets on the surface look amazing.
It's shinier than normal finishes too.
But I'm not supposed to wash the car with soap.
Just running water and a sponge.
What annoys me is, I always get streaks when I wax it,
I don't know why though..

Kevin Kim
- Auckland, New Zealand


My 1993 Volvo exterior paint was treated with Teflon by the dealer when purchased new. It has been reapplied by the dealer every three years or so for about $100 (discounted good customer rate). The dark blue paint on my 13 year old car looks shiny and nearly brand new! It has never had wax, only washed and Teflon treated by the dealer.

Yes, they make a large profit margin on this, especially the initial application. However given the amount of sun in So California, I am amazed at the shine my car still has. It may look as good if it was waxed every two months for 13 years, but my other cars, which I was about twice a year, have not done nearly as well resisting sun damage.

Alan Severs
- San Diego, California


I got Teflon on my Innova for rs 4000/ . what they did was , applied the wax on car and then removed it . The cost was no more than 1000. rs . I would rather recommend my friends to buy Teflon coating and a roller and do their cars themselves and save nearly 300 % cost.

gh - Pathankot, India


Please confirm who has the right to use the word Teflon® & then again may I know the difference between sealant & Teflon. Where does the U.S. based company miracle finish stand in this arena. I would like to go for the Teflon coating on my vehicle & would like to be executed by [brand name removed by editor].

hospitality industry - New Delhi, India

Ed. note: Dupont holds the trademark to the word Teflon®, Shyaam. No one but they and the people they may license can claim to apply Teflon.


Regarding the Teflon coating for cars..I purchased a Black Lexus GS 300 AWD recently. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about car care. I opted for the Teflon coating because black cars are difficult to keep clean, scratches show and that spider webbing. I too was skeptical and thought it was a gimmick. Bottom line.. It works. Water beads like no wax I have used, and there are no water spots. If I let it drip dry. I would only recommend this for dark color cars which are new. The teflon will not repair existing damage. Also, the instructions say never to wax your car.

Earnest Farley
- Raleigh, North Carolina, USA


I purchased a 2005 Black Mustang coupe a year ago. I had something called [brand name removed by editor] applied, which was one of the teflon products. They came to my house and did both my wife's new Jeep Liberty and my car in less than 1.5 hours. The cost was $400 per vehicle. I really was not too interested in if it worked well or not, it came with a guarantee from the dealer that no stain would be permanent inside the car for a period of 5 years. They stated that if anything did permanently stain an interior surface, they would do anything including replacement of the surface to fix it. On the exterior paint they guaranteed against chemical etching or staining.

The water in my area is very harsh. The chemicals will etch glass and build up over time. The same thing happens with paint. I keep my cars in good repair and take care of them. Even with washing and waxing the problem persisted. Local auto parts store even stock very fine polish kits to remove the local water spots from glass.

I found this site having just traded my Mustang in on a new Toyota truck. I was trying to find another place that would apply the product to this vehicle. I am doing this because my Mustang sat in the driveway where it was subjected to daily overspray of the sprinklers and I had zero problems, not even the hint of buildup or etching.
I am parking my new truck on the street until I can get this applied.

I don't know the science behind it, or if it in fact has the teflon in a form that makes a difference. I have no interest in any company that sells, or markets these products. I work in local government in an unrelated area. If it helps anyone pondering the same purchase, I can tell you that it worked amazingly well on the black finish of my car, in an area of known past problems due to the water. It was still was still working well at the one year mark.

John Moering
- Elk Grove, California, USA


Dear Friends,

I don't Think there is need for Teflon coating for a car/automobile in India because. At present Clear coat used in the All automotive industries are mar resistance , scratch resistance ,are tested for all condition like UV, water,heat& cold cycle.
B.Tech. Paint

Automotive company - Pune, India


I have read the above remarks and I am looking for protection from the sun. I just bought a new Honda Pilot which is DARK gray. I am concerned about the paint breaking down. I have to park my car on the street. This means it will be under constant sun. Does the Dupont Teflon Car wax protect against the UV rays?

Smilee Richards
new car owner - Cloverdale, California, USA


I have had my car polished with teflon and it is superb. As one person previously said that sand grains occurred on his paint work this only lasts for the first 2 washes approximately after that the super shine gleams every time. I would recommend it to anyone and I'm even thinking of trying to start a business doing this myself

Kevin John Cross
- Inverness, United Kingdom


I read through initial posts and then got tired or reading... but 1 thing has been very clear people wanted to know about what's the compound for the stuff used in the workshops.

this might be a revelation to most of you guys
* Teflon cannot be just coated by hand. it has a very high melted point so even if someone claims teflon it will only have very minute traces.
* In India the so called teflon coating is offered by every motor workshop for bike its $5.5 for car its $22.2 don't rub your eyes if you are paying $200 in USA
* The compound name is [brand name removed by editor] which is available in India only through a closed dealer network for $1 per sachet in which entire car can be coated.
* The secret of the superb polish is actually the buffing wheel attached to low torque drill machine (equipment cost $67)

That's how these motor workshops make the money. Even the scores of bottles which claim having carnuba wax in big letters... its only minute traces of it in the product.


Dharmanath Fatarpekar
- Mumbai, India



To my knowledge :

1. there is no way a dealer can just put on a coating of Teflon on a car without having an expensive automated paint facility.

2. Teflon as referred by the dealer is generally a product/brand name rather than actually referring to Teflon® material. So you get a standard wax coating of .

3. How long this is good for is anybody's guess as I am sure the dealer will give you no guarantees of the effectiveness of the coat in terms of protection.

4. Spending $100 - $500 (depending on your location) will be cheap if you get a scratch resistant guarantee from the person offering the services.

Conclusion: Just wax monthly and keep the vehicle clean. The amount will be better spent on these things rather than a one time "Teflon" coat.

Gurdeep Harika
- Chandigarh, India


My brother just bought a 2006 GMC Sierra 3500 crew cab pick up truck in Butler, PA. He just got the truck back from the dealer who applied a teflon sealant or coating to the paint which is supposed to protect the paint for 7 years. He was told that he would not have to wax the vehicle for seven years.
I checked out the finish on the car and it is extremely smooth and glossy and the paint feels like it has just been waxed. I don't know how they applied the finish or how much it cost.

Jon Krause
- East Brady, Pennsylvania, USA


I just had [brand name removed by editor] put on my new Mustang. This stuff is very nice. It looks so much better than the paint protection film we had on our last car.

Amy Wasileski
- Missoula, Montana, USA



I would like to know about the difference between Car Teflon coating and Car waxing.
Will a Car Wax provide the smoothness to the paint and protect from scratches.
Is it advisable to Wax a car after a teflon coat.

Denis Kattithara
- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


NEVER "WAX" your vehicle after having Teflon Sealant applied to it. ALL waxes and MOST polishes have a fine abrasive (even those intended for Clearcoat paint) in them. This abrasive is intended to remove the remains of the previous coat of "WAX". The abrasive WILL ALSO REMOVE THE TEFLON!

William J. Olasz
- Trenton, Michigan USA


Dear readers.
I have been working on cars since 1978, I worked on Porsche/Audi vehicles at dealers until 1991, and from 1991 to the present on Mercedes-Benz motor cars, at new car dealership also. I have seen come and go all sorts of "super paint shields", first it was silicone based, then Teflon. Neither do anything to shield your paint.
The only paint protector and conditioner is carnuba wax.
Dupont and other manufacturers offer carnuba wax, but it is labor intensive to apply. It also has to be applied twice a year for long term preservation.
The weather here in the summer months averages +100*f, and winter months hover around 32*f, 0 C*, the only paint protection that works has been carnuba wax.

Phillip Sevadjian
- Fresno, California, U.S.A.


Hi all, lets put a end to this debate if teflon for car is good or not?

Ok I got myself a brand new mahindra bolero about a week ago, in addition to this I had been driving a maruti zen one yellow driven for 10 years and a second moon beam silver for about 6 months
both second hand cars

Teflon is not required for your car, let me repeat teflon is not required for your car. In India teflon coating is just a con job, I have the mahindra dealers offering to do teflon at rs 6000/- and the guy who has a contract from Honda to do teflon coating on their cars to do the same job on a Sunday when he is off from Honda at rs 700/-

Most cars from leading manufactures these days are coated with a good quality paint, unlike in the past. my new car even has a warranty on the paint if it fades, etc. and hey at the end of it all your car has to run and get old we can't always keep it spanking new protecting it like our mobile phones with plastic cover etc!.ok clearly I state again teflon coating in India is only a con job,...not required for your car. what your car requires is a good washing with water on weekends and a dry wipe on other days if you are parked under a stild in a building.

ok cheers,

Richard Mascarenhas
- Mumbai, India

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