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Proceedings of the American Electroplater's Society, 1960,
Los Angeles, California, USA

Title, author, page number

Greetings, Governor Edmund G. Brown, California, 3

Proclamation, Mayor Norris Poulson, Los Angeles, 4

National AES Officers, 6

AES in Its Fifty-First Year, 7

Presidents of the Society, 8

Living Honorary Members, 8

Annual Conventions of the Society, 8

AES's Living Past Presidents, 9

AES's Living Honorary Members, 10

First West Coast AES National Convention Passes in Review, 11

Branch Delegates Composing Supreme Society, 22

Boards and Committees, 24

Branch Directory, 28

AES Congratulates and Thanks, 33

Fulforth, Pinner Upgraded to AES Honorary Membership, 34

Dr. Charles L. Faust — Biographical Sketch, 34

Dr. Charles L. Faust Awarded AES's Highest Honor, 35

Seven AES Authors Honored, 36

Awards to Walter L. Pinner, Herberth E. Head and Howard McAleer, 37

Keynote Address, Paul F. Claser, 38

Index to Discussions, 226

Discussions, 228

Libraries, 257

Index, 258

The Second Annual "William Blum Lecture"—Faraday's Laws Applied to Cleaning by Dr. A. Kenneth Graham, 41

Applying Statistical Quality Control to Plating Processes by Robert W. Steinmetz, 45

Discussion, 228

Chemical Milling: Controlled Metal Removal with Chemicals by C. Conner Shepherd, 51

Discussion 229

Hazards in the Plating Room by Dr. Walter R. Meyer, 55

Discusslon, 231

Adhesion of Organic Enamels to Electrodeposited Nickel by Francis X. Carlin, 59

Discussion, 231

Solid Film Lubricants as Organic Finishes by Lowell C. Horwedel, 63

Discussion, 232

Magnesium Corrosion by E. I. Weed, 66

Discussion, 232

Recent Developments in Gold Electroplating by Barnet D. Ostrow and Fred 1. Nobel, 68

Discussion, 234

A Cyanide Bath for Heavy Gold Plating by James K. Gore and Robert Seegmiller, 74

Discussion, 235

Acid Gold Plating by Robert A. Ehrhardt, 78

Discussion, 236

Corrosion and Electrode Potential Studies of Nickel-Chromium Coatings by Arthur H. DuRose, 83

Discussion, 238

A Progress Report on Experiences in Improving the Corrosion Resistance of Automotive Parts by J. D. Thomas,

D. W. Hardesty and C. F. Nixon, 90

Discussion , 239

New Data on the Performance of Nickel and Chromium Plated Zinc Die Castings by W. H. Safranek, H. R. Miller, R. W. Hardy and Dr. C. L. Paust, 96

Discussion, 240

A Study of Variations in Certain Characteristics of Bright Nickel Deposits with Variations in Bath Temperature by R. J. Clauss, 105

Discussion, 240

The Metallurgical Aspects of Hydrogen Embrittlement in Metal Finishing by Dr. Harold J. Read, 110

Discussion, 241

On the Mechanism of Transport of Hydrogen Across a Solution-Metal Interface by Dr. Richard J. Barton, 116

Discussion, 242

The Behavior of Hydrogen in Iron and Steel by Maynard L. Hill, 124

Discussion, 242

Detection and Control of Chemisorbed Hydrogen During Electrolysis by Samuel C. Lawrence Jr, 135

Discussion, 243

Measurements Pertaining to Hydrogen Embrittlement by Dr. Cloyd A. Snavely, 138

Discussion, 244

A New Look at the Hydrogen Embrittlement of Cadmium Coated High Strength Steels by Norman M. Geyer G. William Lawless and Bennie Cohen, 143

Discussion, 244

Effectiveness of Metallic Undercoats in Minimizing Plating Embrittlement of Ultra High Strength Steel by Dr. Walter Beck and E. J. Jankowsky, 152

Discussion, 246

Control of Hydrogen Embrittlement by Plating from Cadmium Cyanide Baths Containing Nitrate by Dr. W. F. Hamilton and Myron Levine, 160

Discussion, 246

Magnetic Properties of Electrodeposited Cobalt Nickel Alloys by Dr. Victor Zentner, 166

Discussion, 247

Plating of Nickel, Cobalt, Iron and Cadmium from Sulfamate Solutions by Richard C. Barrett, 170

Discussion, 249

The Chemical Reduction of Nickel-Phosphorus Alloys from Pyrophosphate Solutions by Morton Schwartz, 176

Discussion, 249

Solution Transfer in Barrel Plating by Paul Glab, R. Scott Modjeska and Simon P. Gary, 184

Discussion, 251

Cleaning in the Electronics Industry by Dr. D. E. Koontz, Dr. D. O. Feder and Dr. C. O. Thomas, 188

Discussion, 252

Chromium Plating of Rifle Barrels by Robert J. Girard and Edward F. Koetsch Jr, 199

Discussion, 253

AES Research—Its Purpose and Accomplishments by J. D. Thomas, 207

Discussion, 255

Corrosion Protection with Decorative Chromium by Dr. E. J. Seyb, 209

Discussion, 255

Experience in the Operation and Performance of Dual Chromium Systems by W. E. Lovell, E. H. Shotwell and James Boyd, 215

Discussion, 255

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