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May 2, 2010

THANK YOU SO MUCH ~ I just have to thank you. If it wasn't for your product not only would this day have been ruined completely, my husband and I would have had to shell out over $1000 on two new bathroom sinks! My bathroom sink had been backing up, and the regular drain cleaning products were not working. So he went to the hardware store and got some industrial strength drain cleaner. It worked. But it also ruined the stainless steel sinks ! At least we thought it did after trying EVERYTHING to fix it. Finally I came across a post where someone had recommended trying your product. With nothing else to lose, my husband decided to give it a chance. (Thank God he did, because last time I saw him he was walking toward the bathroom with an ORBITAL SANDER! I caught him right in time, even though I think your product might have even fixed that problem, had he not stopped.) Anyway, he went and picked up your product from right down the street! Within mins of getting home and using it, he came to me with the biggest smile! "It WORKED!" he said! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Now we can enjoy a wonderful night!

Darla Parvizyar
Beverly Hills, California line logo
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