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ASM Metals Handbook. Vol. 5, Surface Cleaning, Finishing, and Coating

ISBN Pub. year Author Publisher
‍9993981532 1982 (Ninth Edition) American Society for Metals American Society for Metals

ASM Metals Handbook. Vol. 5, Surface Cleaning, Finishing, and Coating   vol5old toc A Review by Ted Mooney:

Ninth Edition is reviewed and illustrated. 715 oversizes pages.

This is one of our "must have" books, and covers at least two subjects to greater depth than other books we are familiar with, namely some of the science of how plating solutions work (for example, what generic chemicals function as nickel plating carriers, primary brighteners and secondary brighteners, and how they work), and cleaning and finishing of metals other than steel and aluminum, such as magnesium nickel alloys, and the refractory metals.

This work covers cleaning, mechanical prep, plating of most of the common plateable metals, electropolishing, and treatment of plating waste. Approximately 100 pages are devoted to metallic coating processes other than plating, including galvanizing, aluminizing, hot dip tinning, thermal spray coating, CVD, vacuum coating, sputtering, ion plating and ion implantation.

Non-metallic processes covered include phosphating, chromating, painting, enameling, and ceramic coating.

This edition is out of print and has been replaced by ASM Metals Handbook, vol. 5, Surface Engineering, but is available from some sources used.

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