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Trouble in Your Tank? Handbook for Solving Plating Problems

by Lawrence J. Durney

ISBN/ASIN Edition Pub. year Authors Publisher
‍B0006EMPLW 1983 Lawrence J. Durney AESF, Gardner Publications
2nd 1986 Lawrence J. Durney AESF, Gardner Publications
‍9991219641 1991 Lawrence J. Durney AESF, Gardner Publications
‍1569902003 1996 Lawrence J. Durney AESF, Gardner Publications

trouble in your tank  troublein your tank contents

A Review by Ted Mooney:
2nd ed., 1986, hardcover, 185 pages is illustrated and reviewed.
Larry Durney was one of the luminaries of the plating industry.
"Trouble in your tank?" is an attempt to educate the reader into an organized and efficient methodology towards solving plating problems, while simultaneously transmitting hundreds of little tips learned in a lifetime.
The book introduces Durney's "12 Rules", explaining by way of anecdotes the value of each individually, collectively, and employed in the right sequence.

Also included are "trouble tables" for each type of plating, and individual chapters on certain classic problems. The volume includes over a hundred "shop problems" illustrating the application of the rules.

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