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Practical Electroplating Handbook

by N.V. Parthasaradhy

ISBN Pub. year Author Publisher
‍0133808661 1989 N.V. Parthasaradhy Prentice-Hall

Practical Electroplating Handbook by N.V. Parthasaradhy

A Review by Ted Mooney:

1989, hardcover, 444 pages.

First, the bad: Most of the illustrations are courtesy of Canning and are ancient, giving the volume a very dated look, although this is belied by current text. And the introductory chapter on "Ions: Simple and Complex" is one of the most awkward and impenetrable presentations of basic chemistry I've ever read. But all of this represents only about 15 pages of a fine 444-page book.

Now the good: This truly is a Practical Electroplating Handbook. The author notes a shortcoming of other texts: "If a finisher desires to have a particular metal or alloy electrodeposited on a specific metallic substrate, he or she has to make quite an effort to locate detailed descriptions in the books that are now available". And don't we all recognize the truth of this! This book offers almost 200 such sequences.

Chapters include: Principles of Electroplating; Preparation of the Work Surface; Process Sequence for Electroplating on Various Substrates; Electroplating Practice for Metals and Alloys; Electroforming; Fault Analysis; Process Control; Specifications and Testing; Stripping; Barrel Processing and Barrel Plating; Electroplating on Plastics and Electroless Plating; Immersion Plating; Electroplating Equipment; Water Supplies; Effluent Treatment; and Safety.

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