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Chemical (Electroless) Nickel Plating
by G.G. Gawrilov


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More about this book:

A Review by Ted Mooney:

1979, hardcover, 189 pages.

A detailed review of electroless nickel plating, with 521 refs., many of German and Russian origin which become available to us English language readers, perhaps for the first time, through this book.

Covers both acid hypophosphate and alkaline hypophosphite solutions, hydrazine (briefly), and boron compounds with significant detail on chemical composition, properties of deposits, substrates, and detailed explanations of industrial uses. Includes treatment of composite plating and ternary alloys (Ni-Co-P and Ni-Co-B, for example).

Readers who wish to develop their own additive systems will find this volume indispensable.


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G.G. Gawrilov

Portcullis Press

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