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Electrodeposition of Alloys

by Abner Brenner

ISBN Pub. year Authors Publisher
‍0121312011 1963 (reprinted 1991) Abner Brenner Academic Press


A Review by Ted Mooney:

1963, hardcover, 2 volumes, 713 pages & 656 pages. Reprinted 1991*

The one and only encyclopedia of alloy plating ever compiled, it was the work of 15 years.

Unlike many other electroplating books, these are true reference books: examining in fine detail almost every report or piece of data regarding the plating of most imaginable alloys.

* The volumes illustrated at left, while having fine covers, are actually reprints--and apparently based on photocopy machine technology rather than a printing press. In other words many pages are somewhat faint and grey-ish, with letters washed out. They are fully legible, but hard on the eyes, and work to read.

In my case this was further aggravated by some of the pages being bound out of order, but I don't know if all copies or just my copy is bound out of order.

Do yourself the favor of buying a used original copy if you can find one in preference to the 1991 reprint.

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