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Tom Pullizzi <>

Our Letters page should be a required course for finishing professionals everywhere, both for teachers and for students in disciplines like chemistry, engineering, and the environment.

Simple! Just assign your student or employee a letter (by number) for them to answer.

NOW LET THEM ANSWER THE LETTER! No, I mean really answer one letter with research, references, and insight commensurate with their level of education (or even a year or two higher, isn't that the point?).

How do you check their homework?

Go to the Letters page yourself and look up the letter you assigned.

This is going to be big, really big. (Is Priceline going to sue me next? Find out in the next editorial!)

I want to tell you that I thought up this idea after trying to answer yet another letter. There is nothing like it, answering a real world problem for a real person, and having it hang out there for all the world to see. It focuses the mind.


p.s. Please tell the student to indicate that their answer is a work assignment, so we give special consideration to the answer.

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