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Solder Leveling

Contributed by Paul Stransky, Paul Stransky Associates

Some references

The IPC has a committee on soldering, and may also have published info on future trends, etc., re. solder leveling.

Solder Handbook, Howard Manko

Printed Circuit Handbook, Clyde Coombs, McGraw Hill

Printed Circuit Fabrication Magazine 1980 - 1994

Title (Page) Issue

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Troubleshooting the IR Fusing Process, by Mike Palazzola (20) Aug. 81

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Vapor Phase for the fluxless fusion of tin/lead electroplated PCBs, by Harold Hyman (41) Sep. 81

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A User's Viewpoint of Vapor-phase Fusing, by Russ B. Foley (18) Oct. 82

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A Fresh Approach to Process Characterization, by Mark Williamson and Mike Moore, (72) Feb. 92

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Automated HotAir leveling, by Mark Simmons (30) Jul. 94

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