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Big IS Bad

Ted Mooney <> Brick, NJ

July 15, 1999

You've noticed that there are 101 "Careers" websites. Since we carry help-wanted & situation-wanted listings here, we're constantly solicited by those sites to join them via exchange of links, entering our listings in their search engines, carrying ads for resumé enhancement services, etc.

Typical of these solicitations is one we received two weeks ago, "[We] is a service company that helps Fortune 500 companies maximize the benefits of online recruiting. One of our services allows recruiters to post their jobs to a number of Internet sites. We would like to include your site [etc.]"

We, with input from job seekers over the years, had already formed the opinion that such linkups would not improve our site nor help our readers, so we politely explained our position.

So last night we receive the word-for-word same solicitation from the same marketer at the same site. How can they be sensitive to the needs of people seeking jobs when they completely ignore a direct statement from us whom they have personally solicited?

I conjured up an imagined conversation with this person: "Yes, Mr. Mooney, it's true that we don't listen, but we make it up in volume! We will bring you dozens...hundreds....THOUSANDS of people who won't listen."


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