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Letters to the Editor

by Ted Mooney, P.E. <>

December 8, 1998

When was the last time you saw a "Letter to the Editor" printed in Plating & Surface Finishing, Metal Finishing, Products Finishing, or another journal serving our industry? Contrariwise, when was the last time you saw a newspaper that lacked a vibrant "Letters to the Editor" page? Or any magazine (I don't care if we're talking Time, People, Smithsonian, Road & Track or TV Guide ) that lacked controversial letters to the editor?
We do our fellow finishers and fellow citizens no favor by honoring some vow of silence. The mechanism by which we really vote on industry directions is by publicly expressing our opinions.
  Our industry desperately, desperately, needs publicly expressed opinion. So write a letter to the editor of any of our trade journals, or for publication at an industry website, or --please-- for publication right here.

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