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Our environment's deadliest enemy: Town Hall?

by Ted Mooney, P.E. <>

October 13, 1998

I don't parrot industry's party line, that we should lobby for and applaud looser environmental standards. To the contrary, the least we owe ourselves and our children is an open mind.

With open mind then, which choice promises a healthy environment, and constitutes sound social policy?

  1. To sprawl new factories over all available virgin land, while our towns and cities decay into patchwork quilts of glass-strewn vacant lots; or
  2. To keep our undeveloped lands natural, while rejuvenating our established areas with new industrial construction.

The notion I have to hold until disabused of it is that factories belong on established ground when practical--not on virgin land, of which too little already remains. But, as a professional engineer, under sworn oath to counsel my clients honestly, what are my obligations when it is demonstrated--time and again--that:

It appears that I have a sworn professional obligation to advise my clients to hunt down green fields and pave them over with asphalt and concrete--but I eagerly await word to the contrary from any city or town in America.

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