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Get lost, low-life!

by Ted Mooney <>

October 6, 1998

I ran out to a local 7-11 for milk and O.J. last night. On the door of the milk cooler is this large hand-printed sign: "We do NOT offer low-fat milk for coffee -- If you open one, you will be charged!"

Apparently, like other 7-11's and most quick stop places, they sell coffee to go. And apparently, you can damn sure NOT have low-fat milk in it.

My personal preference is Half & Half in my coffee, but I have no interest in whether they offer Half & Half, because I have no intention of ever seeking coffee there (or returning for any reason).

I'm sure that the operators of the store got annoyed over the aggravation of a customer nervily opening a quart of milk; so they took offense and--instead of fixing the problem for a quarter by providing a half-pint of low fat milk for those customers who prefer it--they put up this sign, a manifestation of open hostility almost equivalent to driving their customers away with a baseball bat.

Do we all fall into the same trap? Make sure that you firm doesn't! And if we do, please let us know instead of shopping elsewhere. Thanks.

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