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Potentially Lethal Vapors!

by Ted Mooney <>

May 8, 1998

During a hot & stuffy assembly at St. James school in Bernards Township, NJ on May 5, a young woman who had been standing too long succumbed to "the vapors". As panicked children screamed of toxic fumes, "the vapors" felled a second girl. The school was evacuated as police, first aid squads, and hazmat units careened towards the scene, and ambulances sped 18 children away.

Fortunately no children died in a stampede and no serious traffic accidents occurred despite the numerous emergency units racing around with all stops out. We got really lucky!

But the next incident could turn tragic, and we must hold our elected officials, our media, and our schools culpable for the potentially lethal nature of today's attacks of "the vapors".

- - -

Every reader of history books and romantic novels knows that young women have suffered "the vapors" for generations to no serious consequence. With tight corsets no longer the fashion, "the vapors" should be a small problem these days. But instead they've become life threatening as our children are irresponsibly programmed into chemical paranoia.

A girl fainted, that's all, she fainted. Exhaustive studies determined that there were absolutely no dangerous fumes present. But when children see a simple incident of fainting, and immediately succumb to panic, convinced that they are being overtaken by toxic fumes, the situation is deadly. When chemical phobia has been been so pervasively programmed into them that 18 kids require hospitalization for their "symptoms", the ingredients are there for a deadly stampede or a death-dealing emergency vehicle crash.

- - -

Those school officials should be on the hot seat today -- the media should be publicizing the jeopardy they placed the children in through their fear mongering. They should be re-learning the traditional wisdom of "Chicken Little" and "The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf" -- they should not be back to panic-mongering, quietly programming our children to be anti-industry, damn the consequences.

They mindlessly bleat that "it's all about the children" -- but have they have allowed themselves to learn anything from the extreme peril their policy threw the children into? Sorry kids, demonizing industry is far more important than the safety of a few little brats.


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