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Feb. 25, 1998

To pray is to work

by Tom Pullizzi

To pray is to work.

Oops, I reversed it, but isn't that what has happened with all of these grants to make yet another compilation of waste reduction methods? Prayer, when recited with the mind in idle, is hopelessly easy, almost as easy as those prayer wheels which rotate by the force of the wind in the hills of Tibet.

Like most of the grants for "research" by the AESF, the results of the work are predetermined because the work has already been done by a private "profit" (capitalist swine!) group.

These "non-profit" organizations have some pretty nice salaries for the people who get and deliver grant material. I have been in business for myself, these past 4 years, and the distinction between profit and nonprofit organizations is getting pretty blurry.

Let's face it, compilation is the work of poor graduate students, not the work of the best paid leaders of a vibrant industry. Since the best paid people in the finishing industry are being paid by grants to compile, I believe the industry to be in decline. I better go pray.

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