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Feb. 21, 1998

Enough is Enough

by Ted Mooney

This month brought still more letters from universities, 'non-profit' (a-hem) groups and consultants, all working under grant to write compilations of waste minimization methods for the plating industry.

Nobody denies the importance of waste reduction. Still, in 1974 the plating industry was selected to be the first categorically regulated industry. For fully 24 years our people have been eating, drinking, and breathing waste reduction. And somebody thinks that platers are not on top of this issue yet? After this being our first, our only, priority for

24 years?!

Every other issue confronting plating shops has been relegated to the back burner for a quarter of a century now, while countless millions of tax dollars continue to be spent on hundreds upon hundreds of duplicative waste reduction reports for the plating industry--10 times as many reports as the most determined person could ever hope to speed-read. Yet there they are, still at it with our tax money.

Nothing would have been lost had funding for this been cut off at least a decade ago. And no one can even guess what fabulous gains and breakthroughs might have been made, had not virtually every person in this industry been forced single file under the yoke and into these tunnel-vision blinders for 24 years. Enough is enough.

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