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Jan. 27, 1998

Ford F-150: Cool!

by Ted Mooney

The days of the 1958 Buick Roadmaster and Oldmobile 98 are long gone, and it's a rare car that has substantial brightwork on it anymore. It's been ages since we platers could look at a vehicle without cringing slightly.

The new Ford F-150 doesn't look a darn thing like an F-150 truck anymore; it's all rounded, with the "Euro look", just like all the cars. But after you get used to it, you have to admit that it is a neat and distinctive look. Part of it is the damndest chrome bumpers you've ever seen: with the eye-catching surface being a deeply recessed horizontal one. Ouch, that looks hard. But to the layman, they just look really, really, cool.

To the plating shops that have to plate these things, hear-hear, thanks from your fellows in this industry for making us proud!

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