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Saturday, Jan. 3, 1998

Let's Hear It for the Girls

by Ted Mooney

Of all the old proverbs that they don't teach in school anymore, probably the first to go was: "If you would work for a man, then work for him". Reading the newspaper, I was only up to page 2 and was already sick at heart from hearing what the sports figures and movie stars had to say: their team stinks . . . the coach stinks . . . their movie stinks . . . the director stinks . . .

Then, on page 3, there is 80-year old Lena Horne who recently did a commercial for the Gap--and she has nothing but praise for them. And, a few pages later is a mini-interview with 80-year old June Allyson, spokesperson for, of all things, Depends--and proud as she could be about what she is doing and the company she is working for.

Let's hear it for the girls.

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